AgaCoin It is the ICO that will change the way to donate in NGOs

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-11-13
End date: 2018-12-31

ICO dates
Start date: 2019-01-01
End date: 2019-04-30

Registrated in: Peru

Platform: ERC20


Agacoin categories
Blockchain Platform Charity Cryptocurrency Internet Jobs/Marketplace Payments/Wallets Platform Smart Contract Software
Agacoin token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 7 500 000
Hard cap 12 600 000
Tokens for sale 30000000
Token distribution in ICO
ICO 40%, Bounty Program 10%, Team AGA 10%, Advisor & Early Backers 5%, Aid Coin Company 20%, AGA Lab 15%
ICO 40%, Bounty Program 10%, Team AGA 10%, Advisor & Early Backers 5%, Aid Coin Company 20%, AGA Lab 15%
Price 0.50
Price in PreICO 0.25
Minimal investment 20
AgaCoin is a project initiated by the company World Business Marketing, which aims to expand knowledge about cryptocurrencies in non-profit organizations: Provide knowledge about cryptocurrencies to the public of voluntary contributors to NGOs. Encourage the public to invest in cryptocurrencies. In addition, our goal is to improve and encourage the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies among charities. We intend to achieve great financial returns for our investors, the AgaCoin token holders and the participating merchants, while offering amazing value offers to the community and donors. AgaCoin's vision is to promote knowledge about cryptocurrencies of how NGOs channel the money they received from donors. We plan to achieve this by educating and increasing the knowledge of the general population about the benefits and security of blockchain technology and the adoption of digital currencies.
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Random whitepaper excerpts

worldwide, but the international press highlights the clumsiness, great inefficiencies, corruption and
misuse of funds, causing donors to avoid funding good projects for lack of results and transparency, in
which according to Essential Research 35% of American citizens have little or no confidence in
charities, repeating the same pattern in Europe.
Social organizations are not transparent enough about the impact they have and as a result of this
insufficiency they lose confidence, in addition to focusing their resources inefficiently and being
under massive pressure they do not invest in human talent and correct infrastructure, making the
problem considerably worse and to the point of not generating a real impact.
Donors are demanding accountability and more charity, so the nonprofit sector must seek more
transparency and accountability. Many methodologies are now being used to provide transparency to
donors, including those that are currently in use:
a. Auotinformes: Through websites and annual reports, ...

Opportunities for
an NGO
Weaknesses in the
Threats from the
- Stable finances
- Formation of a good community with a high
communication and response
- Favorable distribution of resources
- Support from the media and media organizations
defense and charity.
- Low quality of human talent
- Lack of management and monitoring of important
processes such as so are the processes of:
Evaluation, identification, formulation and
- Poor implementation and administration
- Deficient system of operation in organizations that
do not lucrative.
- Unsustainability due to lack of good
- Having the wrong targets or a weak impact.
Knowing the opportunities we have to develop gives us the window to manage and carry out the
different projects that need AGAX and AGAW to meet the needs of our clients.
Weaknesses and be able to take advantage of the opportunities that the nonprofit sector has to o...

AGA has the potential to transform the industry; intelligent blockchain-driven contracts and the
adoption of cryptocurrencies provide transparency, enable efficiency and reduce costs considerably.
The following points show what AGA Coin can do for charities:
- Lower costs: With traditional donations, money goes through various intermediaries, such as
government agencies and financial institutions, and fees (which can average up to 3%) are charged
from credit or debit cards, and in many other cases international transfers have excessive fees that can
be substantial amounts of money. Donations at AGA Coin are executed directly, arriving instantly and
at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.
- Efficiency: thanks to the Ledger technology, donors can track how their cryptocurrency is being
used by the various charities through AGA Coin donations. Another factor to consider is that no
records can be deleted from the block chain, which provides accountability and the ability to track the
exact flow of any...

the recipients of donations. However, when presented with a new technology that does not require
them to invest in the development and implementation of new technologies, nonprofit organizations
can easily access the tremendous benefits that blockchain technology provides.
The benefits of applying Ledger technology to the non-profit sector are numerous as noted above.
Donors will have more confidence in the sector and will therefore be more willing to donate.
To encourage transparency and traceability in the non-profit sector, we have designed AGA Coin, an
ERC20 token that aims to become the preferred method of transparent donation through blockcasting.
- Verification of the identity of the recipients and information about the blockchain of the use of their
- Tracking the administrative costs of nonprofit organizations.
- Ensure that the money for specific projects actually reaches those specific projects.
- Comparison of the effectiveness of one euro spent on a charity versus a different charity. ...

by charities and donors will restore confidence in the capacity of donors and increase the efficiency
and fundraising of non-profit organizations.
AGA Ecosystem
The AGA ecosystem is made up of three components that make the ecosystem a closed circuit that
aims to make donors and nonprofit organizations have a unique experience.
AGA Coin
AGA Coin is the ERC20 token that aims to
become the preferred method for
donate in a transparent way through the
blockchain platform by Ethereum
-AGA X is a platform that generates a
Ecosystem between donor and donor.
non-profit organizations, giving way to
the following benefits:
- Registration and verification of identity of
nonprofit organizations so that the donors feel
organizations that from the management to the
team that will be responsible for it.
he drives
- Donors may donate to
charity of your choice and
can turn your money into AGA Coins
- With AGA X you can tr...

And by allocating resources publicly and
transparent to provide an index of confidence
greater than the organizations, the benefits of this
platform are:
- Emphasis on the processes that require more
- Transparency between workers within the same
organization without for profit.
- Improved management capacity
Sale of Tokens
AGA Coin Tokens to be issued on up to 100 million AGA Coin tokens
Maximum Supply
100,000,00 AGA
1 AGA = 1 U$S
Minimum capitalization
4,000 ETH
Hard Cap (including minimum capitalization)
14,333 ETH
. Token Distribution
Bounty Program
Team AGA
Advisor & Early Backers
Aid Coin Company
Hever Aguilar R.
I am an expert in marketing and advertising with digital marketing specialization, blockchain. Hever Aguilar R.