Asure Network
Asure Network
Token: ASR

First scalable decentralized social security network

PreICO dates
Start date: 2019-08-01
End date: 2019-08-15

ICO dates
Start date: 2019-12-01
End date: 2019-12-31

Registrated in: Switzerland

Platform: Ethereum



Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange.
Ends in 268 days 3 hours
Goal: 17,000,000 USD
Price: 1 HART = 0.059 USD


Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world!
Ends in 237 days 3 hours
Goal: 17,500,000 USD
Price: 1 DOM = 0.25 EUR
Asure Network categories
Cryptocurrency Infrastructure
Asure Network token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries American Samoa,Belarus,Botswana,Burundi,Congo,Puerto Rico,USA,British Virgin Islands,Virgin Islands (U.S.)
Soft cap 1000000
Hard cap 40000000
Tokens for sale 45000000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1.00
Price in PreICO 0.50
Minimal investment 0.5 ETH
Acceppting ETH
Bonus in ICO Phase 1: 1st week: -50% Phase 1: 2nd week: -25% Phase 2: 1st week: -15% Phase 2: after 1st week: 0%
Project Introduction
Asure Network is a layer 2 scaling network that enables fast, easy and secure transactions for not only payment transactions,
 but also generalized smart contract. Founded by German insurance and technology experts, the network enables everyone to quickly build,
 operate, and use highly scalable business applications through innovations in multi-chain scaling techniques and incentive-aligned
 crypto economics mechanism designs.

What Problems Does Asure Network Solve?
We are developing Asure Network as an infrastructure for social security systems of the future. 
Our goal is to provide access to 4.1 billion people worldwide who have no access to social security systems today.
 The existing social security systems are based on centralized databases, intransparent processes, fraud, corruption,
 labor-intensive processes and lack of trust in systems are the challenges we solve with the help of blockchain and thus
 we create a global inclusion in the social security market, just as Bitcoin allows for inclusion in the financial market.
Asure Network is a public blockchain that enables you to run complex business applications such as social insurance systems. By using a multi-chain architecture, individual applications are distributed and scaled using sub-chains, resulting in high transaction throughput.
The integrity, traceability, and transparency of the blockchain technology can create a high level of confidence in the accuracy and fairness of the implemented business processes. This is in direct conflict with the protection of user-related data and privacy standards such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Integrating zero-knowledge-proofs and decentralized identities give Asure Network the ability to resolve this conflict.
In the future, there will be many specialized blockchains for various applications. Asure Network uses bridging technologies to connect to other blockchains and allows the use of business processes across block boundaries. Ethereum is the first blockchain to be connected to the Asure Network.

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Asure Network Roadmap

Paul Mizel, Fabian Raetz, and Gamal Schmuck founded a new company to face new challenges and work on ideas that make the world a better place. With their expertise in the insurance industry, they felt the need for a new type of insurance based on the principles of DAO. Since then they are working on their vision which became Asure.
Jun. 2018 - Prototype I
Developed prototype of the German pension system.
Dec. 2018 - Prototype II
Developed prototype of a decentralized pension system.
Jan. 2019 - Research decentraliced pension
We propose the development of a decentralized, globally available pension system using the redistribution scheme and to use a public blockchain infrastructure to operate it.
Apr. 2019 - Develop Asure Network and testnet
Developed first reference implementation of the Asure Network using the blockchain framework Substrate and provide a public testnet. The network is reviewable by the community.
Aug. 2019 - TGE PreSale
Please find all details regarding our public TGE PreSale in our TGE paper.
Dec. 2019 - TGE MainSale
Please find all details regarding our public TGE MainSale in our TGE paper.
Asure Network 1.0 will operate as an independent chain at the very beginning, supporting Nominated Proof-of-Stake (NPoS), WASM based SmartContracts, and a token bridge to bridge the ASR ERC20 Token on Ethereum to the native protocol token of Asure Network.
Asure Network 2.0 will connect with Polkadot and transform into a para-chain and multi-chain, which will increase the scalability and security of the Asure Network even further. Also, it allows the interaction with other para-chains that host functionalities like decentralized exchanges and more.
Paul Mizel
Team member Paul Mizel CEO

Fabian Raetz
Team member Fabian Raetz CTO

Gamal Schmuck
Team member Gamal Schmuck CFO

Andrey Kuchaev
Team member Andrey Kuchaev Community Manager

Emanuel Kuceradis
Advisor Emanuel Kuceradis Technology Advisor

Alexander Böhner
Advisor Alexander Böhner Blockchain Advisor

Michael Lurz
Advisor Michael Lurz Insurance Advisor

Dennis Rittinghaus
Advisor Dennis Rittinghaus Business Advisor

Alexander Böhner
Alexander Böhner
Blockchain Advisor
Insurance Advisor
Andrey Kuchaev
Andrey Kuchaev
Community Manager
Community Manager
Dennis Rittinghaus
Dennis Rittinghaus
Business Advisor
Business Advisor
Emanuel Kuceradis
Emanuel Kuceradis
Technology Advisor
Technology Advisor
Fabian Raetz
Fabian Raetz
Founder & CTO
Gamal Schmuck
Gamal Schmuck
Founder & CFO
Michael Lurz
Michael Lurz
Insurance Advisor
Insurance Advisor
Paul Mizel
Paul Mizel
Founder & CEO