Biohal Token
Biohal Token
Token: PROX

Biohal is a decentralized preventive medicine platform that extensively uses liquid biopsy authentication protocol to detect Cancer and Alzheimer's at early stages.

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-09-18
End date: 2018-10-15

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-11-15
End date: 2019-11-30

Registrated in: Malta

Platform: Ethereum


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Biohal Token token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries Korea
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 550,000,000
Tokens for sale 550,000,000
Price 1 PON = 0.10 USD
Price in PreICO 1 PON = 0.06 USD
Acceppting BTC,ETH,XRP
Bonus in ICO Pre-ICO : 30%, Pre-Sale : 20%, 1st Crowd Sale : 15%, 2nd Crowd Sale : 10%
Biohal's mission is to create a universally available preventive medicine platform that runs on blockchain with liquid biopsy protocol. By joining hands with PROTEO, the first liquid biopsy research partner, Biohal can detect cancer and alzheimer's at early stages. With minimally invasive markers, Biohal's test accuracy remains at 99%.
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Message from the CEO
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Executive Summary
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Components of BIOHAL Open Network
BIOHAL AI (to secure compatibility of the data)
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BIOHAL Health Records
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BIOHAL Insurance records
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BIOHAL Medical institution records
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BIOHAL QIP (Quality Indicator/Improvement Project) records
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BIOHAL Traffic records
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Super early cancer risk screening tests
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Approach for Problem-Solving
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Solution for Transportation
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Articles of PROTEO
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Pre-ICO and ICO
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Finances and Business

Message from the CEO
We have risen to take action to eliminate the expression, “It’ s too late,” from the medical
world. We are about to make a radical change in order to make a world where patients and
their families are never driven to despair by this expression.
Human beings have been challenging to face and overcome diseases. The history of
humankind can be said to be the history of the battle against diseases.
We are about to dramatically decrease the mortality rate by disseminating a very early
detection method for deadly diseases throughout the world.
We have developed and implemented the world’ s first “PROTEO
” technology which detects
diseases at the extremely early stage with just one drop of blood for practical use. Our
purpose is to win this battle of human beings against diseases by building an ecosystem
based on this “PROTEO
“Cancer” is a disease that greatly changes the life of patients and t...

Executive Summary
We seek to make this safe early screening test utilizing liquid biopsies widely available by
building an ecosystem using blockchains centered on the very early cancer detection system,
World wide Early Screening
International Shipping
The “PROTEO®” very early cancer detection system has already been promoted as a risk
screening test in medical organizations in participating clinics and hospitals in Japan.
The BIOHAL Platform provides optimal treatment to patients, appropriate diagnostic
assistance to physicians, efficient management to hospitals, and business opportunities to
pharmaceutical companies and others by safely sharing the data on test results and medical
data owned by patients, physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and medical device
The BIOHAL Platform will bring many changes.
Using the BIOHAL Platform will greatly ...

Benefits for Consumer /
The benefits for people who undergo physical
exams are to take advantage of a liquid
biopsy, which is able to detect diseases at a
remarkably early stage, at a reasonable price
and to have this very early screening test with
less invasive, less time-consuming, and no
geographic restrictions. For those who
undergo very early risk screening tests
regularly, advantages such as reduction in
medical expense and preferred insurance rate
can be provided by partnership.
The test results can be viewed from an app.
All data including not only cancer screening
data but also diagnostic data after the
discovery of the disease as well as after
surgeries are stored on the BIOHAL
Blockchains and can be used for diagnoses
and postoperative care.
Since data are owned by individuals and can
be browsed on the app, it reduces the risk of
misdiagnoses by presenting the data
including the patient’ s past medica...

Benefits for
It is possible to reduce expense by utilizing
a group purchasing and sharing the use of
pharmaceutical drugs to eliminate loss or
A group purchasing and stocks can be
optimized by managing stocks of
pharmaceutical drugs and hospital supplies
with the BIOHAL Blockchains. Excess
drugs will be shared among participating
hospitals to accommodate each other’ s
needs by utilizing empty spaces of delivery
trucks of pharmaceutical companies or
suppliers after delivery, and its mutual
accommodation network is managed by
the BIOHAL Blockchains automatically.
Payment adjustments will be made at the
time of the group purchasing for the
pharmaceutical drugs transferred between
Furthermore, if a cancer is detected by the
cancer screening test, a booking for
hospitalization of the patient is
automatically preformed, and in case of
seeking a second opinion, the patient will

Components of BIOHAL Open Network
Traffic records
Medical ins�tu�on
Insurance records
BioHAL blockchain
(Quality Indicator/
Improvement Project)
Health records
BIOHAL AI (to secure
compatibility of the data)
A seamless cycle of value within the
cryptocurrency ecosystem will be realized
by integrating various DApps created
according to each region and providing
automatic conversion of tokens in the
backend because the standard for health
records for each country and region are
BIOHAL Health Records
Data on amount of exercise collected from
IOT devices owned by users, test data, and
data related to meals and beverages are
stored on the BIOHAL Blockchains.

Data of fitness trackers

Individually recorded data
Function to notify patien...

Project) Records
The Maryland Hospital Association, a
regional hospital organization, has begun
“QIP (Quality Indicator Project)” and has
been collecting and evaluating quality data
from its member medical institutions since
1985. Participating medical institutions in
the evaluation program of the Maryland
Hospital Association include more than
2,000 facilities from across the US and
overseas. There is also an evaluation
program of hospital function using the
Quality Indicator by accredited institutions.
There is The Joint Commission as an
example. The Joint Commission is an
independent, not-for-profit organization
founded in the 1950s by American Medical
Association (AMA) and others. It has been
regarded as an accrediting body in health
care evaluating health care organizations by
Medicare and Medicaid, and it has been
evaluating and accrediting health care
organizations t...

Super early cacer risk screening tests
Background of
Test Development
Early detection with a more accurate
method and early treatment are the most
effective for “cancer” that is one of the top
terminal illnesses in the world.
Especially, it is very difficult to predict what
kind of course the disease condition of a
metastatic cancer will take.
In the current cancer examination, even the
latest PET scan has difficulty in detecting
lesions of several millimeters. Since it only
provides visual information, a biopsy must
be performed, which puts a heavy burden
on patients with prolonged time and cost.
Further, existing blood tests (tumor marker
tests), which have been widely spread as
simple tests, have low organ specificity and
have not been able to identify cancer
primary sites yet.
Although diagnostic endoscopy for the
digestive system is suitable for gastric
Yuki Hasegawa
CEO and Founder Yuki Hasegawa

Dr. Kensho Yorozu
CTO/Medical Technical advisor Dr. Kensho Yorozu

Yuki Hasegawa
Yuki Hasegawa
CEO & Founder