Ethx Coin
Ethx Coin
Token: Ethx is a blockchain-powered solution that aims to make it easier for masses to access and adapt the blockchain technology and solutions conveniently and use them for their personal and professional growth.

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-07-01
End date: 2018-07-07

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-07-01
End date: 2018-07-31

Registrated in: UK

Platform: Ethereum


Ethx Coin token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 0
Hard cap 40000000
Tokens for sale 40000000
Token distribution in ICO
Price in PreICO 0.0005 ETH
Minimal investment 0.2 ETH
Acceppting BTC,ETH,LTC
Bonus in ICO 20% Discount on coin purchase during Pre-ICO

Ethx offers a blockchain powered exchange as well as incremental enterprise solutions based on SSL Parameters. SSL which stands for Security, Scalability and Liquidity remains a concern for major crypto-exchanges and other blockchain based solutions. Ethx gives an all-in-one turnkey solution to all the limitations that plague the current Ethereum Blockchain environment.

The Ethx CryptoCurrency Exchange: Great Feats have their footprints in small beginnings. started as a dedicated Ethereum exchange last year. Within a short span of 8 months, Ethx has attracted Over 10 million USD in Transactions Volume. It also now boasts of Over 1 million USD Currently Held Asset. We believe that it is time for Ethx to enter its metamorphosis period. will provide a full-fledged exchange that will support major cryptocurrencies as well as facilitate real-time and scalable transactions. Users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies via credit card, debit card and wire transfers. Additionally, our cPos and physical card-based solutions integrated with the Ethx wallet will solve currents hindrances faced by merchants while transitioning from traditional payment networks to blockchain networks. Security is paramount and Ethx ensures zero-breachpoint decentralised network. Furthermore, wallets will account for only 3% of the asset, rest amounts rest safely in Tier 4 cold storage. The past eight months KPI report is a testimony to customer/client trust on and strives to outdo its own standard in upcoming months. A dedicated 24*7 support further highlights our commitment to the greater cause.

Major beneficiaries of the Ethx blockchain solution are the small-to-large enterprises. Our Ethx DataBlock security solution will decentralize all conventional data storage models. The blockChain is finding wide-scale acceptance and application in macro sectors. However, SMEs remain untouched, we bring the prowess of Blockchain to such enterprises. Using the Ethx decentralised Enterprise platforms users can share part of the computing power of their devices. These resources are bundled as one for enterprises who want to opt for services like data hosting. Enterprise can even create and host blockchain based apps on this Ethereum Network, Contributions will not go unappreciated. For every resource the user contributes, payments against the resources shared will be made in cryptocurrencies. Some key features of Enterprise Solution include:

  • Improved speed (up to 60%)

  • Pay as per usage request from each node

  • Automated backups

Enterprises stand to save millions of dollars on research and deployment by opting for our transparent, secure and scalable Blockchain Solution for the masses.

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Random whitepaper excerpts

1. Introduction
1.1 Journey so Far
1.2 KPIs of last 8 months
1.3 Moving forward
2. Problem Statement
3. The Solution
4. Features
4.1 Global Cryptocurrency Exchange
4.2 Enterprise Solutions
4.2.1 Ethx DataBlock
4.2.2 Ethx Ninja
4.3 Merchant Solution
4.4 Additional Features
5. Roadmap
6. Ethx Coin
7. Supported Cryptocurrencies
8. Device Coverage
9. Token Economics
10. Token Allocation
10.1 Team
10.2 Advisors
10.3 Market Development
10.4 Bounty
10.5 Reserve
10.6 Community Token Sale
11. Fund Allocation
11.1 Product Innovation
11.2 Operations
11.3 Market Development
11.4 Legal
11.5 Liquidity
11.6 Reserve
12. Revenue Model
13. Team
14. Challenges
14.1 Security
14.2 Competition
14.3 Legality
15. Legal & Disclaimer

1. Introduction
1.1 Journey So Far
Ethx started its journey, 8 months ago as one of the frst Ethereum exchange in India.
Our motto for launching was simple, we wanted to create a user-friendly ex-
change, which was fast, secure and also served as a wallet. For the last 8 months, ethx
was in a closed beta and registrations were only possible by invitation. Even then, ethx
was able to acquire and retain tens of thousands of customers without spending a penny
on marketing. In this short period, users have done transactions worth tens of millions of
dollars and have trusted ethx with assets worth millions of dollars.
Ethx is now opening the gates for the world by launching
1.2 KPIs of the Last 8 months
In the last eight months, ethx has moved from being an ethereum exchange to a multi-
coin exchange. Here are some of the statistics for last eight months.
Registered Users: Over 35,000
Users waiting Invitation: Over 100,000
Transactions Volume: Over 10 million USD

1.3 Moving Forward
After a massive success of our beta, we are ready to open up the exchange for the world.
As you move forth, reading this paper, you will come to realize that we have a host of
features which would be incrementally added to the platform in order to make sure that
blockchain, in itself does not remain a far of, an esoteric concept rather is something
that everybody can take advantage of. Starting of with a global cryptocurrency ex-
change and moving forth with a host of merchant services, which would increase the
adoption of cryptocurrency.
We are working on building a scalable infrastructure solution, which we intend to ofer
to enterprises as a turnkey blockchain solution. This would enable small to large enter-
prises to quickly deploy blockchain-based applications without having to worry about se-
curity or scalability.
To make the purchase of goods and services even more convenient, our team is working
on a cPos (Crypto Point of Sale System) and physical card-based syste...

Most cryptocurrency exchanges were made keeping advanced users in mind,
hence when someone charts their path in this side of the world, they are daunted
by the jargon.
Poor Technical Architecture is what we see, nowadays, when it comes to ex-
changes and merchant services associated with cryptocurrency. They are put to-
gether on an ad-hoc way and it shows. The truth is that they need to work from
the ground up. The current ethx platform is made to scale, our system can handle
millions of transactions every minute and can scale up automatically, to handle
the surge.
Security has been one of the key reasons why exchanges lose client trust and fail.
At ethx, we deploy multiple levels of security and encryption at both infrastruc-
ture and web-level. To ensure safety of clients assets, only 3% of the assets are
held in hot-wallet, rest are automatically moved to cold storage which is man-
aged by redundant servers in a Tier 4 data-center.
The l...

4. Features
4.1 Global Cryptocurrency Exchange
There is a strong need for a global cryptocurrency to fat exchange which is serviceable
in the maximum number of countries around the globe. is essentially already do-
ing that in India and we are working on adding new countries every day to our testing
platform. We want to bring in ease in the minds of the users who are utilizing cryptocur-
rency to be able to use as means of exchange and trade, rather than just looking at a
cumbersome investment asset.
A global exchange and a secure wallet for the instant trade, buy, sell and storage of cryp-
tocurrency. Users would be able to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies using their
debit or credit cards and wire transfers.
Exchanges have either a very bulky and complex interface which wards of non-traders
or are just messy in terms of fat to cryptocurrency conversions.
We are working on simplifying the way one can exchange their cryptocurrency to fat
and vice versa. Even though season...

4.2.1 Ethx DataBlock
We intend to revolutionize the way companies use and store data. Using Ethx DataBlock
enterprises would be able to deploy their data and apps on blockchain with the click of a
Users would be able to contribute a part of their computing power from their mobiles,
laptops, servers etc to a central network and enterprises would be able to host their
data and applications on this network.
For every resource that the user contributes, they would be rewarded in crypto-curren-
Instead of using computing power to solve complex mathematical equations(Proof-of-
work), we intend to achieve true decentralization with blockchain by the peer-to-peer
hosting of data and apps.
There are several advantages of using Ethx DataBlock
1. Improved speed(up to 60%)
2. True High Availability Model
3. Distributed Computing
4. Horizontal and Vertical Scaling
5. Pay as per usage request from each node
6. Automated backups
7. N+5 redundancies

4.2.2 Ethx Ninja
Ethx Ninja is a security suite for enterprises that would enable them to fnd and fx secu-
rity vulnerabilities on their websites and applications.
This would be a plug-and-play platform agnostic solution, which would be able to report
vulnerabilities across infrastructure, web, and apps.
To sum up
Will scale horizontally after the consumer ecosystem is sound.
A quick and easy way for enterprises to host their data in the blockchain.
A decentralized computing platform.
Enterprise security suite.
4.3 Merchant Services
As the sole idea behind is to make blockchain accessible to the masses, post pro-
viding them with an easy storage/wallet for their cryptocurrency and a platform wherein
they can easily convert, sell and buy various virtual currencies. We move now onto mer-
chant services.
Users would be conveniently able to pay with their favorite cryptocurrencies for goods
and services by scanning a QR cod...

To ensure complete transparency, all the transactions on ethx would be recorded in a
publicly accessible blockchain. This shall serve as a common blockchain(one-blockchain)
for all currencies.
To sum up:
A hardware solution to support our merchants.
A card for the end users to pay easily using cryptocurrency.
Recording all transactions of ethx on the blockchain
5. Roadmap
Key Dates:
June 2018
- Launch of Global Crypto-currency Wallet
- 30
June 2018
– Whitelisting for Pre-ICO
- 7
July 2018
– Pre-ICO
August 2018
– Launch of Global Cryptocurrency exchange
August 2018
– Launch of Ethx DataBlock and Ethx Ninja
October 2018
– Launch of Merchant Services
January 2019
– Launch of cPos