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Melior AI is an Artificial Intelligence research

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-10-08
End date: 2018-11-08

Registrated in: Ireland

Platform: Ethereum


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Artificial Intelligence
MeliorAI token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries China,Cuba,Korea,Singapore,USA
Soft cap 5M USD
Hard cap 20M USD
Price 0.120 USD
Bonus in ICO 1st-2nd hours $0.090 (Discount 25.00%) 3rd-24th hours $0.095 (Discount 20.83%) 1-5 Days $0.100 (Discount 16.66%) 6-10 Days $0.110 (Discount 8.33 %) 11-30 Days $0.120 (Discount 0%)
Melior AI is an Artificial Intelligence research, development and solutions provider with a family of competitive e-commerce products created with its own proprietary Machine Learning and Deep Learning models in order to deliver the benefits of AI affordably to businesses of all sizes across the world.
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Table of Contents
Executive Summary�������������������������������������������������������������������������������5
Why Melior Is Raising Money���������������������������������������������������������������8

Potential purchasers of our MEL tokens (as referred to in this White Paper) must
carefully consider and evaluate all risks and uncertainties associated with Melior
AI and its business, the company’s operations, the token sale, MEL tokens and
all information presented in this White Paper and in any technical documents, on
all Melior AI associated websites and social media presences (the Associated
Documents). In considering and evaluating the risks and uncertainties you should
specifically consider that you could lose all or part of the value of any MEL tokens
that you acquire.
This White Paper and the Associated Documents contain certain forward-looking
statements, estimates and projections with respect to the anticipated future
performance of Melior AI. Such statements, estimates and projections have
been prepared by the management of Melior AI and involve significant elements
of subjective judgment and analysis, which may or may not be correct.
Such statements, estimate...

contact your local authorities, your lawyer or a professional advisor for further
Please note:
You are not eligible to buy MEL tokens if you are a citizen,
resident, or green card holder of the United States of America, a citizen or
resident of the Republic of Singapore or of the People’s Republic of China, a
citizen or resident of the People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea, or a
citizen or resident of the Republic of Cuba.

Executive Summary
Melior AI is a research, development and solutions provider company. We are
already generating revenue and our family of competitive e-commerce products
and vibrant research and development pipeline will see the company achieve its
vision to ‘Democratise Artificial Intelligence’.
We have already developed our own Machine Learning, Neural Network and Deep
Learning models.
Our extensive research has focused on (reusable and multi-purpose) Natural
Language and Image Understanding.
We are committed to continuous research and development, learning, expansion
and growth. Our future focus will include Voice Recognition and Autonomous
Agents. We will continue to generate products that benefit many industries
including the Internet of Things, Education & Training, Healthcare, Finance,
Commerce and Marketing & Analytics.
To achieve our goals and our vision to Democratise Artificial Intelligence we are
launching this token sale to raise a minimum of US$5,000,...

Our products provide innovative solutions to a number of problems including-
The cost of access to AI and the need to have a lot of pre-existing
data to train AI
Our Solution:
Melior has created its own sophisticated neural networks for
computer vision and image and natural language processing to develop
models for domains with minimal amount of data available. Melior has a wide
range of affordable chatbots
The growth in e-commerce is driving the need for customer service
operations which are not easily scalable
Our Solution:
Melior’s chatbots make it possible for companies to scale their
customer support operations to match their customers demands
Many customers search for the same information online but websites
can be hard to navigate and don’t answer the customer questions. Customer
support often not available outside certain hours
Our Solution:
Max - our interactive chatbot never sleeps, is available 2...

Up to 55.75% of MEL tokens (223 million) will be issued in the crowdsale and
any that are not sold during this process will be added to the community fund.
There will be a minimum individual purchase of 1000 MEL tokens. There will
be no maximum individual purchase.
Participants will have to complete a KYC and AML process and register their
wallet addresses for whitelisting before taking part in the crowdsale process.
Participants will also need to register an ERC20 compatible wallet to receive
MEL tokens in the crowdsale.
Participants can only take part in the token sale once they have passed KYC
and their wallets have been whitelisted. They will be informed of their status
in the members’ section of our token sale website:
US, Cuban, Chinese, North Korean and Singaporean residents are prohibited
in taking part in this crowdsale.

All Enterprise customers using any Melior products will have 10% of their fiat
payments allocated to a token buy-back scheme. The token buy-back will take
place via public exchanges which will mean that Melior will always be a customer
for it’s own tokens.
The tokens purchased by Melior will then be taken out of circulation so the net
result will be that 10% of all Melior revenue will be used to reduce the amount of
tokens in issue and thus increase the value of the remaining tokens. The more
customers that Melior attract, the more tokens get taken out of circulation and
the more valuable the remaining tokens are.
In addition to this, all of Melior’s Pay-As-You-Go services will be required to
purchase $250 of Melior tokens in an allocated wallet in order to make their
service function. PAYG customers will make their $250 payment in fiat currency
and Melior will purchase the tokens on their behalf on public exchanges. The
function of the deposit is to ensure that the more PAYG customers M...

Why Melior Is Raising Money
Melior’s research has developed exceptional core AI tools via intricate training,
data usage, transfer learning and knowledge sharing to create models that
respond in a more authentic way leading to a better user experience.
Unlike many companies raising money via token sales, Melior already has two
sophisticated working products that have been robustly tested, are generating
revenue for the company today, and are ready to sell to market. MILA (a Virtual
Customer Service Assistant for e-commerce) and MAX (a Frequently Asked
Questions Bot) are AI powered chatbots targeted at the e-commerce sector,
which is worth US$1.4 trillion per annum in the ten biggest markets alone (PWC).
Melior is not raising its soft cap to develop a product, but rather to commercialise
and productise its already working tools. The money raised will be used for
marketing, to establish a sales team and to expand into new territories. Any
money raised in excess of the soft cap figure will in...
Monique COO & Co-Founder

Jose Marcos
Jose Marcos CTO & CO-Founder

Martin CEO & CO-Founder