Tosdis Finance
Tosdis Finance
Token: DIS

The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution (TosDis) powered with Liquid Staking

PreICO dates
Start date: 2021-01-13
End date: 2021-01-20

ICO dates
Start date: 2021-01-13
End date: 2021-01-20

Registrated in: Undefined

Platform: Ethereum


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TosDis is a decentralized savings protocol that offers a variety of white label DeFi products. TosDis offers an Efficient and systematic environment for the world of DeFi. TosDis is what its name is, "The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution''. We Align with this Image and aim to provide a range of products under one roof. These include Staking-as-aService, Liquid Staking, Yield farming-as-a-Service, Peer to peer lending and borrowing platform, and an advanced, featureful, lowest fee DEX using the liquid staking mechanism.

TosDis Liquid staking Protocol is designed to secure and power DeFi Ecosystem by
utilizing any digital asset's inherent value at stake, such as POS Coins. TosDis Protocol helps provide liquidity to staked assets through staking derivatives allowing participants to utilize their staked assets in the world of DeFi to trade, lend, or borrow in a trust-less manner.
TosDis aims to provide these decentralized solutions and build a company culture that values these principles of decentralization. Building a strong and tightly knit community will be one of our main goals from the moment we launch the platform. We see other platforms lacking in this regard and not regarding the community feedback into account during the development phase and the product's working. Our governance model proves these values. We aim to put users first and allow our community to help shape the future of TosDis. TosDis range of decentralized products makes TosDis the complete savings DeFi protocol in the market.
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