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The Future of Healthcare Supported by AI

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-12
End date: 2018-05-10

Registrated in: Netherlands

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Artificial Intelligence Big Data Health Platform Smart Contract
Aimedis token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA, China, Singapore
Hard cap 600,000,000 AIM
Tokens for sale 300,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 AIM = 0.12 USD
Minimal investment 0.1 ETH
Acceppting ETH
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Table of contents
Legal disclaimer
The need for safe, affordable & effective Care
Challenges Created by Increased Life Expectancy
Advanced Electronic Health Technology Infrastructure Can Help
Medical tourism & the blockchain
Aimedisafe and Online Pharmacy
Video Library & shared content
AIMSocial – decentralized & incentivised medical social networking
Artificial Intelligence Supported Therapy, Diagnosis and Research
Remote Health Care
Environment and global issues
The legacy product – Aimedis V 1.0
Aimedis V 1.0 screenshots
The roadmap
Aimedis Token (AIM) – ICO structure & distribution
Aimedis Token (AIM) – token distribution & use of revenue

Legal disclaimer
Potential purchasers of our AIM tokens (as referred to in this Whitepaper) must carefully
consider and evaluate all risks and uncertainties associated with Aimedis, Aimedix (AIM) and its
subsidiary business, the companies’ operations, the ICO, the AIM tokens and all information
presented in this whitepaper and the Aimedis business plan, the technical documents and all
information provided on all Aimedis associated websites and social media presences.
In case any of these uncertainties, risks or problems develop into actual events, the companies,
the business operations, the financial state of the companies, effect and results of Aimedis
operations and material provided with Aimedis and Aimedix could be materially and adversely
affected. In case of one of these events you might lose part or all of the value of the acquired AIM
This white paper and its contained information shall not be considered legal, financial, business,
tax or investment advice concerning Aimedis, Aime...

Aimedis is a Netherlands-based company providing an innovative next-generation healthcare
solution designed to connect patients to healthcare services and providers like doctors, hospitals
and scientific research facilities. While competitors exist in this space, Aimedis is the only
operational platform to integrate latest blockchain technology alongside artificial intelligence (AI).
Aimedis is the only existing medical ecosystem combining professional healthcare knowledge with
the swarm intelligence of patient communities.
The Aimedis team has been working on multiple ehealth projects since 2009 including a solution
for the pharmaceutical industry, but started its initial version of a working platform, codenamed
“TheHealthNet”, focusing on the patient – doctor connection and data exchange in 2012.
The system was tested successfully in the clinical environment, forming the foundation for the
development of Aimedis. Our experiences during this pilot time, combined with over 12 years of <...

Challenges Created by Increased Life Expectancy
As an estimated 3 to 5 Billion individuals in emerging countries without healthcare begin to acquire
online access for the first time, electronic health technology becomes more critical than ever.
Providers, facilities, and agencies will need to both support the needs of these new consumers and
focus on cost reduction and increasing efficiency.
Advanced Electronic Health Technology Infrastructure Can
The implementation of electronic health technology infrastructure will be a great opportunity in
any part of the world where health care resources are scarce. While this technology will bring
much-needed relief to growing nations, it can also be used to improve patient care in developed
countries as well.
Technology can be employed to reduce emergency-room overcrowding by providing internet-
based advice and triage services, especially during out-of-office hours, weekends and holidays. It
will also be used to offer remote care for patients who...

The Aimedis ecosystem in an overview
Ideally situated in the heart of Europe, Aimedis has a vast network of doctors and supporters who
will help establish Aimedis as a key player in the healthcare environment, delivering services to a
growing community of empowered patients. Aimedis is offering international coding of diagnoses
and medication correspondent to WHO-standards. Our unique solution includes seamless
integration into the existing health IT environment and support for medical standards like HIPAA
compliance, IHE compatibility, ISO certification and HL7/FHIR connections.
The Aimedis platform offers a complete eHealth ecosystem consisting of several and expandable
modules. The entire platform is based on our AIMChain blockchain secured data structure which
secures all parts and information that is shared and accessed in Aimedis. The ecosystem will use
artificial intelligence in several ways (see
Artificial Intelligence Supported Therapy, Diagnosis
and Research).
The Aimedis ecosyst...

an AI backed big data evaluation, AI supported pharmaceutical treatments, a medical tourism
platform and a social platform secured by our proprietary AIMChain blockchain to give patients
security, 100% transparency and trust by securing each and every single transaction. This finally
gives patients not a dead data silo but a fully trustworthy solution to bring their healthcare to a
new level and make them the owner and director of their private medical data.
Medical tourism & the blockchain
Medical tourism is emerging all around the globe, with countries like Turkey, India, Thailand and
even European nations competing to offer a wide range of specialized medical treatments. These
offerings are ideal for patients who want quality and cost-effective medical care.
This trend towards medical tourism is driven by an increasing access to high-quality care and
services in low-cost countries or lack of availability and affordability of treatments in a patient's
homeland. How is Aimedis strategically positione...

Video Library & shared content
The unique Aimedis video library will provide medical content for patients, therapists and doctors
for enhanced training and follow up treatment purposes. This extensive content library is designed
to be both educational and therapeutic.
In addition to training and educating both providers and patients, medical therapy videos can be
used in patient care. In neurology, videos of patients who lost motoric functions while in acute
stationary treatment are captured and then used to help patients continue exercises when they
return home. These videos are also used to offer real psychological support; patients are often
encouraged by seeing documented evidence of their progress. Aimedis also makes it easy for
patients and care providers to produce, upload and share content, which is incentivized, so
patients and caregivers can generate their own content and get rewarded for it.
AIMSocial – decentralized & incentivised medical social
AIMSocial is ...

AIMSocial – redefining your perspective on healthcare
The unique source of information containing academic medicine and the knowledge of patients
will help expanding the view professionals have on patients. Yet the basis of professional
suggestions in health care are generally based on scientifically defined protocols and the
experience of medical professionals while the input of patients’ experiences still can´t be included
adequately and integrated into therapy protocols. Our platform will allow to easily overview the
experiences on specific medical strategies from a view of perceived value reflected by groups of
patients and combine them with the classical parameters and recommendations. Artificial
intelligence will, based on the results and parameters, generate completely new insights and will
change certain ways of treatments dramatically.
A good example is the treatment of chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. There are certain
standard protocols to treat the disease including medicatio...

Aimedis Roadmap

2016 Q3
Start of development Aimedis 1.0.
2017 Q3 & Q4
Launch of Aimedis 1.0 in closed environment.
2017 Q4
Getting Certified ISO 9001 & ISO 27001.
Start of European cooperations SRH hospital group 1.
2018 Q1
ICO white paper release presale in March.
2018 Q2
ICO in April.
iOS & Android Apps.
2018 Q3
Start of Asian cooperation program.
2018 Q4
Launch of Aimedis 2.0.
2019 Q2
Incetivised patient AIMSocial platform.
2019 Q3
AIMedisafe secure pharma label.
2019 Q4
AIMedisafe backed online drugstore.
2020 Q1
Release of Aimedis 3.0 with AI backed diagnosis & therapy program.
Michael J. Kaldasch
Michael J. Kaldasch CEO, MD & founder

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Ben El Idrissi COO, MD & founder

Stefan F. Krieg
Stefan F. Krieg Physicist - HPC, deep learning & AI

Lin Wan
Lin Wan Head of IT & development

Amer Mufti
Amer Mufti Head of Silicon Valley office - lead blockchain development

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Michael J. Kaldasch
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