Token: AIR

More affordable and accessible mobile internet

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-09-19
End date: 2017-10-19

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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AirToken categories
Internet Communication
AirToken token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 15,000,000 USD
Hard cap 21,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 1,050,000,000
Price 0.02 USD
Acceppting ETH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. The Problem
3.1. User Scenarios
4. The Solution
5. Target Market
6. AirFox Wireless
6.1. Technology
7. Dead Mobile Capital
8. Company
8.1. Management Team
8.2. Investors
8.3. Advisors
9. AirFox Pillars of Mobile Access
10. Business Landscape
10.1. Prepaid Market & Internet Affordability
10.2. The underbanked and unbanked
10.3. Mobile Economy Accessibility
11. AirToken Platform
11.1. Android Applications
11.1.1. AirFox Browser
11.2. AirToken Spotting
11.3. Telco & Advertiser Integrations
11.4. Reward System
11.5. AirToken Protocols
12. Product Roadmap
13. AIR Mechanics
13.1. Internal AIR Ledger
13.2. AirTokens in an Ethereum Account to the AirFox Internal AIR Ledger
13.3. AIR Exchange Rate
13.4. AIR Market Flow
13.5. AirFox Server Architecture
14. Competitors
15. Telco incentives and bulk dat...

AirToken (AIR) - The Token for Mobile access

1.8 billion people operate in a $10 trillion underground economy

2 billion people unbanked

4 billion people have yet to receive internet access due to mobile affordability

80% of the world is on a prepaid phone using on average 500MB of data / month

Billions more underserved by their local banks, telcos, and governments
AirFox’s vision is to make the mobile internet more affordable and accessible and the biggest
limitation for our customers is access to capital. AirFox is positioned to expand access to mobile
data, benefitting advertisers, users, and carriers, using the blockchain. AirFox uses advertising
and peer-to-peer token spots on the blockchain to unlock unrealized access to mobile data
through a new cryptocurrency - The AirToken (“AIR”). AIR technology harnesses the
decentralized power of the Ethereum blockchain using a digital ledger of the user’s mobile
phone data as well as ad...

AirFox Browser
- Browse, Buy, Save & Earn

The AirFox Browser blocks outside advertising and trackers that traditionally
consume over 50% of a user’s data plan. Once Android users download the
AirFox Browser, they gain fast internet access and can use their mobile data more

Users can opt-in to non-incentivized (i.e. they aren’t rewarded for clicking them,
only observing them) ads from AirFox and those will appear in the browser
periodically. Users earn AIR by opting in to AirFox ads.

Users can opt to view advertisements and complete offers (e.g. complete
surveys, install apps, watch videos, purchase goods, etc) to earn AIR. The
amount of AIR each offer is worth is displayed to the user before accepting the

Ads are periodically displayed on a user’s smartphone after certain events; for
example, a call is ended or the phone is unlocked.

Users can also purchase AIR directly within...

AIR will be sold at a discount to early buyers at a rate sliding from 65 AIR : 1.00 USD
equivalent in ETH down to 50 : 1.00 USD equivalent in ETH, finishing at the 1.05 billion minted
AIR mark.
The “Bonus Tranches” will discount AIR, which increases the number of AIR for 1.00 USD
equivalent in ETH, according to the following formula:
Tranche 1: $0 to $2 million, 65 AIR per 1.00 USD equivalent in ETH
Tranche 2: $2 million to $4 million, 60 AIR per 1.00 USD equivalent in ETH
Tranche 3: $4 million to $8 million, 55 AIR per 1.00 USD equivalent in ETH
Standard Tranche: $8 million to $15 million, 50 AIR per 1.00 USD equivalent in ETH (no
Following the $15 million mark, a 24 hour period will begin where an additional $6 million, up
to $21 million USD equivalent in ETH, total will be raised, or until 1.5 billion (1,500,000,000)
AIR is minted, whichever comes first.
If at any time, 1,500,000,000 AIR is minted, the token creation event will close. The number of
available AIR to purch...

AIR for mobile data recharges across prepaid carriers around the world, and eventually
physical and digital products, across publishers and advertisers.
: AirFox will programmatically buy airtime and data in bulk from carriers.
Carriers want to maximize spectrum and data usage from subscribers in order to
maximize revenue. AirFox will purchase data at a discount in bulk across carriers. Users
will be able to redeem their AIR into their carrier’s pre-paid account to use for other
services outside of mobile data. The carrier benefits from these extra micro-transactions
that did not exist before as well as bulk data purchases.
Advertisers will have higher ROI, fewer intermediaries, better data
targeting, less fraud and low-income user access. Advertisers and developers will be able
to target and reach the unbanked prepaid subscriber. Advertisers and programmatic
networks can also choose to directly sponsor all or a segment of users with AIR for

a month.
Not only is mobile data expensive, but also the mobile ecosystem itself is an extra
invisible burden on the affordability of the internet. A user buying 500MB of data may only get
250MB of true access. To put this matter into perspective, a monthly prepaid data allocation of
500 MB will get someone only 8 minutes of web use a day and it will cost double what people in
developing countries spend on healthcare. AirFox aims to increase the affordability and
accessibility of the mobile internet through advertising and peer-to-peer spotting of AIR, while
also cleaning up the waste of trackers, advertisers and apps in order to maximize data plans.
Accessibility to the mobile digital economy is another problem, if the user can afford data he/she
may not be able to afford the brand, product or application shown by an advertiser or organically
searched via his web browsing. Since most of these users are underbanked or underserved by the
banks, they are left without a means to transact in their smart-phon...

Indian immigrant in the U.S. sending AIR back to India

Rohit is an Indian immigrant in the United States constantly sending money back
home for his family. Remittance and exchange fees are often expensive. With AirFox,
sending AIR back home becomes easier and cheaper. Rohit can send AIR that he has
purchased, earned, or has been spotted to anyone in the world with a prepaid phone or
with an AirFox account simply by inputting their phone number, all without the high
remittance fees.

Unbanked user in Mexico

Juan Pablo is a hard working blue collar worker in a factory. He operates in an extra-
legal economy - cash only. His employer pays him in cash and banks prefer not to
serve high-risk customers like Juan Pablo, it is just too expensive. Juan Pablo does
not mind since the fees are just too high to justify being a banked customer.
However, being unbanked precludes him from many capital benefits including access
to leverage and interest rates. It...

AirFox will replace the current mobile ecosystem (applications, sites, advertisers and data
purchases) with a more efficient new decentralized AirFox mobile ecosystem that is created
around AIR, a decentralized blockchain technology, that enables instant more efficient
communication and transactions between the wireless carriers, publishers, advertisers and mobile
users. We believe this system is more efficient for the rest of the world: those who can’t afford
the luxuries of a smart-phone and the power of its mobile economy. We want to enable anyone
(users, carriers, advertisers and publishers) in the mobile ecosystem to have the ability to provide
or receive AirToken spots, which will be used for mobile data recharges at first but will then
soon expand to the wider ecosystem of transactions in the mobile web and application
space. The users we are targeting do not have bank accounts or are underserved by banks. These
users, however, do have a pre-paid account with a local wireless carrier, and although

AirToken Roadmap

Phase 1
The first phase will enable users to earn free AirTokens via advertising for mobile recharges across 500 wireless carriers. Users can earn AirTokens via the Android AirFox Browser and the Recharge App.
Phase 2 - Q1 2018
The second phase is enabling qualified users to redeem micro-loans of AirTokens by collaterizing their prepaid account balance and using our AirFox internal user scoring algorithm. We will also expand the use of AirTokens for items outside of mobile recharges.

Users will be able to redeem micro-loans of AirTokens for physical and digital products across our ecosystem.
Phase 3 - Q3 2018
The third phase is extending the use of AirTokens and our advertising / microloan blockchain system outside of our own applications and across a direct network of publishers and advertisers.

Publishers and advertisers can reward their users with AirTokens via advertising "moments" and use our micro-loans system to provide capital for in-app purchases. This will be provided via an API and SDK that publishers can integrate into their applications and websites.
Victor Santos
Victor Santos Co-Founder, CEO

Sara Choi
Sara Choi Co-Founder

Emanuel Moecklin
Emanuel Moecklin Chief Software Architect

Christine To
Christine To Director of Business Operations

Tiago Passinato
Tiago Passinato Principal Software Engineer

Jennifer Lum
Advisors Jennifer Lum Co-Founder @ Forge.Ai and Co-Founder @ Adelphic Mobile

Semyon Dukach
Advisors Semyon Dukach Managing Partner @ One Way Ventures

Warren Katz
Advisors Warren Katz President @ Neurala

Amy Spurling
Advisors Amy Spurling Ex- COO & CFO @ Jana

Wan Li Zhu
Advisors Wan Li Zhu Principal @ Fairhaven VC

Steven Lee
Advisors Steven Lee Previously CTO @ Tremor Video and Co-Founder ScanScout

Ben Perry
Advisors Ben Perry SVP of Monetization @ MocoSpace

Dennis Petersen
Advisors Dennis Petersen Technical Blockchain Expert @ FunFare

Dennis Petersen
Dennis Petersen
Technical Blockchain Expert @ FunFare
Blockchain expert
Steven Lee
Steven Lee
Previously CTO @ Tremor Video and Co-Founder ScanScout
Lead iOS Engineer
Smart Contract & Blockchain Expert
Smart Contract & Blockchain Expert
Planning Team Leader
Planning Team Leader
James Seibel
James Seibel
Victor Santos
Victor Santos
Co-Founder, CEO
CEO & Co-founder, Airfox