Token: ATT

Powered by a peer to peer network for real time participation, analysis and instant winning cash out, Airtoto very much could be be leader and role model for skill based lottery games and other respective Blockchain solutions.

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-12-15
End date: 2019-01-12

ICO dates
Start date: 2019-01-13
End date: 2019-03-14

Registrated in: Hong Kong

Platform: Ethereum


airtoto categories
Betting/Gambling Casino & Gambling
airtoto token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries USA
Soft cap 300000
Hard cap 10000000
Tokens for sale 210000000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 0.20$
Price in PreICO 0.10$
Minimal investment 10$
Acceppting BTC,ETH
Bonus in ICO Pre ICO (20%) Pre ICO Last (15%) ICO (10%) Bonus ICO (5%)

Lotteries have time and again collectively proved to be our best friends in oddest of  times. While some may argue about the odds of winning and the foul play by organizers, but one cannot deny the timely and successful policy implementation and welfare programs that  lottery revenue make possible especially during natural disasters or emergencies.

Lottery Industry has too gone through the IT Makeover but it has lost its old charm in the process. Unlike the traditional lottery games,  the lure of skill based games has increased in the last few years. A good reason for this is the middle and high income groups staying at arms length from lotteries.

‘Aitoto’ is the world’s first truly fair blockchain based lottery. The DLT enables a peer to peer global network to oversee participation, fund distribution, winners announcement and transfer of prize money in a secure, transparent and anonymous way.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for  Autonomy and Transparency.

Fully Licensed Blockchain Lottery in the Asian Subcontinent.

Ethereum Blockchain powered Lottery Games (4D, 6D).

ATT Airtoto will distribute ATT Tokens in a 80:20 ratio.

Participating in the Lottery is easy. At the heart is the ATT crypto wallet and its lifeline is the ATT Token. The ATT ICO will be a golden opportunity for token buyers to not just be participants but gain right to dividends on profits as-well. The 3- stage ICO process begins on 8th December, 2018 and ends on  8th April, 2019. The initial Token price will be pegged at $0.10 USD.

Participants can buy tickets via dedicated online physical terminals or via the ATT App. One can buy tickets with FIAT Currencies too via the ATT Wallet. ‘airtoto ’ will stick to traditions when it comes to winner’s announcement. A draw will be held and all proceedings will be telecast live. Last but not least, Airtoto Ethereum smart contracts will ensure fair play, Limit on Hot Numbers as well as real time analysis of Winnings and Bets.

Prize distributions would be done using smart contracts powered by AI Algorithm. In addition to this, the airtoto also opens door for technology exchange in financial developing nation as well as ensures an unwavering support for timely implantation of government policies and schemes.

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airtoto Roadmap

Q4 Nov. 2017
Ideation to Drawing Board Discussions On Lottery Game The Cowrie Idea is born Concept Development Based on Blockchain Technology. Presenting Idea to Potential Team Members. White Paper Preparation Followed By Meetings With Early Investors, Advisors.
Q2 Apr. 2018
Initiating Application Process for Lottery Games.
Q2 Jun 2018
Core Team Formation. Meetings With On-board Advisors And Programmers. Working On project Strategy And Improvements.
Q3 Aug 2018
Company Registration In Hong Kong
Q4 Dec 2018
Start of Pre-ICO. Concurrent Follow Up Meetings With Investors And Marketing Team To Strategise And Evaluate Marketing Strategy And Revenue Models.
Q1 Jan 2019
Evaluate Project Pace and Build Next Line of Strategy. ICO Second Stage Starts. ATT ICO Token Price Increased to $0.15 USD. Refresh Marketing Campaign To Reach Out To New Investors And ICO Enthusiasts.
Q1 Mar 2019
Final ICO Stage starts. ATT ICO token price increases to $0.20
Q2 April 2019
End of The Final ICO Stage. Token Distribution Starts. Tokens Distributed To All ICO Investors. Burning All Extra Tokens to 80:20 Distribution Ratio.
Q2 June 2019
Launching a Minimum Viable Product. Over The Air Delivery to Investors.Also Increasing Marketing Activities for Potential New Customers.
Q4 Dec 2019
Global Product Launch. Greater Impetus On Marketing Campaigns Targeted For The Global Audience.
Dr. Ramkumar
Team Member Dr. Ramkumar Founder, CEO, Doctor of philosophy (PhD) (H.C)

 Dr. Asela Surinda Abeysundera
Team Member Dr. Asela Surinda Abeysundera Crypto Hedge Fund Trader

 Kenneth Wong
Team Member Kenneth Wong Crypto-analyst

 Maciej Micek
Team Member Maciej Micek CTO

 Joseph M P
Team Member Joseph M P Chief Marketing Officer

 Chow Chuen Ying
Team Member Chow Chuen Ying Accounting

 Alberto de Luca
Advisor Alberto de Luca Crypto analyst and cto Intellensense

 Joseph Anton Albert Indrajit
Advisor Joseph Anton Albert Indrajit Indrajit (Political Consultant

Advisor MSS KALAI SELVAN Financial Consultant