Amazonians Green Coin
Amazonians Green Coin
Token: AMA

Welcome to The First Ever Green ICO

PreICO dates
Start date: 2019-12-01
End date: 2020-01-31

ICO dates
Start date: 2020-02-01
End date: 2020-04-30

Registrated in: Switzerland

Platform: Ethereum
Type: Utility


Amazonians Green Coin categories
Smart Contract
Amazonians Green Coin token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 20000000
Hard cap 480000000
Tokens for sale 62,480,000,000
Price 1 AMA = 0.0077 USD
Acceppting BTC,CHF,ETH,GBP
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Amazonians Green Coin Roadmap

Creation of EBCF.
EBCF is created to be the world leading enterprise in the creation & management of private reserves of sustainable development with 2 million Acres of private properties in its pipeline.
EBCF application to create its first reserves.
EBCF applies to the Amazonas State Government for the creation of 4 different “Amazon Rio” private reserves, totalling 50.000 acres and benefiting 15 communities with more than 3 000 people.

EBCF Private Reserve management plan registration.
EBCF registers its Amazon Rio Private Reserve management plan within the Amazonas State Environmental Secretary.
EBCF co-founds Amazonian Alliance.
EBCF co-founds Amazonian Alliance in partnership with Citizen Group, a respected pro-social global marketing communications agency, in order to create unique private/public partnerships and bring much needed support to Amazonia and sustainable development among riverside communities.
February 2019
EBCF Amazon Protection Switzerland.
EBCF launches EBCF Amazon Protection Switzerland S.A. with the aim to enlarge its sales of non-timber products into the European market and bring on board new investors and advisors.
March 2019
Amazon Protection Foundation.
EBCF creates the first Amazon Protection Foundation which is a purpose driven nonprofit organisation designed to fight Global Warming, Climate Change, Poverty and Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.
June 2019
Amazonian Green Asset SA is created in Geneva to serve as operating company and support the launch of the Amazonian Coin.
November 2019
Amazonians Green Coin private sale.
December 2019 to January 2020
Amazonians Green Coin pre-ICO.
February to April 2020
Amazonians Green Coin ICO.
May 2020
Acquisition of new conservation units
Deployment of EBCF business plan starting with the purchase of 15’000 hectares of land to extend EBCF biodiversity protection plan
Jerome Heelein
Jerome Heelein Swiss Administrator, Acting CTO

Edmilson Castilla
Edmilson Castilla Economic Projects Management

Fernando Barrionuevo
Fernando Barrionuevo Founder And Legal Director

Ricardo Barrionuevo
Ricardo Barrionuevo PR Department

Alex Cripchuck
Alex Cripchuck International Business Advisor

Goi Mello
Goi Mello International Business Advisor

Wanderson Castilho
Wanderson Castilho Cybersecurity Advisor

Lucas Montanini
Lucas Montanini IT Advisor

Guy Saxton
Guy Saxton UK Business Development

Heberton Henrique Dimas
Heberton Henrique Dimas Social/Environment/Climate Projects Manager

Bruno Brazil De Souza
Bruno Brazil De Souza REDD+ Projects Auditor

Francisco Higuchi
Francisco Higuchi REDD+ Projects Advisor And Scientific Department

Vinicius Sguarezi
Vinicius Sguarezi Communication/Filming Department

Carlinhos Brow
Carlinhos Brow Brand Ambassador

Jonathan Martins
Jonathan Martins Financial Advisor

Diego Martins
Diego Martins Communication/Filming Department

Luca Franco
Luca Franco Eco-Resort Advisor

Fabien Gillioz
Fabien Gillioz Swiss Legal Advisor

Rohan Munasinghe
Rohan Munasinghe Scientific Department (University Of Moratuwa - Sri Lanka)

Alexandre De Boccard
Alexandre De Boccard Swiss Legal Advisor