Token: AMB

Trusted Quality of Food & Medicine

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-09-22
End date: 2017-10-22

Registrated in: Switzerland

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Ambrosus Roadmap

September-October 2017
Token Generation Event
October 2017
Release of Alpha-version of Supply Chain Management Protocol; Release of Proof-of-Concept for sensing system, edge and central gateways.
November 2017
Release of Alpha-version of the quality-driven decentralised marketplace for food and commodities. Final architecture and development of customized data center and tailor-made API. Selection and testing of encryption methods.
December 2017
Release of an Alpha-version of decentralised commodities trading platform; Initiation of 5 R&D programs.
January 2018
Opening of a Center of Excellence in Lausanne for quality assessment of goods: analytics, sensing, monitoring, digitalization, tracking, tagging and tracing within supply chains.

Launch of a dedicated Digital Commodity Quality Research Lab for hardware development. Set-up of a Research Node for supply chain management platform to enhance the level of digitalization and automatization in supply chains.

Identifying key stakeholders to interact with.
February 2018
Launch of Alpha-version of large-scale decentralised storage solution for supply chain sensors. Manufacturing and testing of the gateways. Validation of the data center and test of data analytic modules.
March 2018
Launch of a public Beta version of marketplace, exchange platform and product checker software integrated into Ethereum blockchain. Release of a full suite of APIs for legacy sensors and IoT. Launch of developer tools suite. Development of oracelized modules for inter-operability of API with SAP and Gs1 software. Release of first-generation food tracers.
April 2018
Launch of digital cooperative software for Ambrosus protocol, allowing farmers and food producers to create blockchain-entities for direct sale and pool financial resources.
May 2018
Launch of matchmaking platform to connect buy/sell agreements to logistics companies executing the orders.
June 2018
Release of the first generation sensor systems for Ambrosus (sensors, tags and tracers) combined with self-healing (mesh) network functionality. Launch of a catalogue on IoT sensors, analytical devices, non-invasive/on-site stationary and mobile sensing systems, peripherals (smart printers and other systems) inter-operating with Ambrosus technology.
Summer 2018
Accreditation of the lab and validation of the sensing systems.

Release of Proof of Concept and prototypes of biosensors and smart packaging with tamper proof solutions having exclusive Ambrosus compatibility.
Autumn 2018
Launch of corporate solutions and enterprise software solutions. Launch of fully-functional main network with full integration of storage and wallets. Release of framework with multi-chain operability of Ambrosus, allowing it to operate with Bitcoin, Ripple and Hyperledger blockchains. Release of second-generation food tags and tracers. Early incorporation of AI into sensors. Launch of alpha-version biosensors, testing and validation.

Opening of the USA and Asia Hubs for Operations.
Winter 2018
Launch of working group on blockchain-based norms & standards for supply chains of food, pharmaceuticals and commodities.

Launch of farmer outreach initiatives with the following financing options: Farmers’ fund; Launch of supporting services for food producers to board marketplace directly.

First review on the Center of Excellence. Re-alignment and future perspective; Organizing audits every 6 months.
Spring 2019
Launch of Smart sensor systems having edge computing capabilities?—?first generation (sensors that retain artificial intelligence capacity without being connected, i.e. making decisions at the edge); integration of sidechains / offchain transactions; Full interoperability with multiple blockchains
Spring 2019
Launch of the first Generation of Nanosensors and Biosensors; Smart Packaging; Launch of Amber-compatible hardware solutions.
Summer 2019
Release of Ambrosus Protocol 2.0, with updated functionality vis-à-vis artificial intelligence technology and IoT devices.
Autumn 2019
Release of Second Generation sensors that are fully integrated into smart-packaging; Complete digitalization of products. Validation with Ambrosus Protocol 2.0.
Winter 2019
Release of exchange platform with full trading platform functionalities (obtaining the necessary licensing and permissions from authorities), facilitating the launch of a full-fledged decentralised exchange and cryptocurrency trading platform.
Spring 2020
Release of the first large-scale fully-automated supply chain solution, governed by Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, sensor systems and artificial intelligence. Full Quality Control and Management of financial and commercial relationships between different parties, including payment settlement mechanisms.
Summer-Autumn 2020
Scaling-Up of the platform, integration in various industries, including Food, Natural Resources and Medical Products. Autonomous, intelligent, self-governing supply chains.
Prof Jean-Paul Sandoz
Prof Jean-Paul Sandoz Lead Engineer

Marek Kirejczyk
Marek Kirejczyk Lead Blockchain Developer

Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts Lead Blockchain Developer

Konrad Szalwinski
Konrad Szalwinski Lead Frontend Developer

Prof Esther Amstad
Prof Esther Amstad Head of Science

Katerina Ianishevska
Katerina Ianishevska Community Manager

Dr Gavin Wood
Ambrosus Helpers Dr Gavin Wood Technical Advisor (Core Architecture)

Dr Jutta Steiner
Ambrosus Helpers Dr Jutta Steiner Technical Advisor (Supply Chains)

Dr Vlad Trifa
Ambrosus Helpers Dr Vlad Trifa Technical Advisor (Hardware)

Prof Malcolm J W Povey
Ambrosus Helpers Prof Malcolm J W Povey Scientific Advisor (Food Reassurance)

David Drake
Ambrosus Helpers David Drake Strategic Advisor

Jehan Chu
Ambrosus Helpers Jehan Chu Strategic Advisor

Jaron Lukasiewicz
Ambrosus Helpers Jaron Lukasiewicz Strategic Advisor

Dhanesh Kothari
Ambrosus Helpers Dhanesh Kothari Mentor

Dr Fabiola Dionisi
Ambrosus Helpers Dr Fabiola Dionisi Scientific Advisor (Quality Control)

Prof Sandro Carrara
Ambrosus Helpers Prof Sandro Carrara Scientific Advisor (Biosensors)

David Wachsman
Ambrosus Helpers David Wachsman Public Relations Advisor

Tom Lyons
Ambrosus Helpers Tom Lyons Communications Advisor

David Wachsman
David Wachsman
Public Relations Advisor
Technical Advisor
PR Advisor
Communication Advisor, Founder & CEO Wachsman PR
Communication Advisor, Founder & CEO Wachsman PR
Dhanesh Kothari
Dhanesh Kothari
Jaron Lukasiewicz
Jaron Lukasiewicz
Strategic Advisor
Former CEO of Coinsetter (sold to Kraken)
Former CEO of Coinsetter (sold to Kraken)
CEO @ Autonomos Capital and Coinsetter Coinsetter
Jehan Chu
Jehan Chu
Strategic Advisor
Strategy Advisory
Chief Strategy Officer
David Drake
David Drake
Strategic Advisor
Chairman of LDJ Capital
Managing Partner at LDJ LP Fund Investments
Founder - LDJ Capital Inc
Key Advisor
ICO Adviser
Chairman of LDJ Capital, LDJ Real Estate Group, Drake Hospitality Group
Founder & Chairman at LDJ Capital. Board Advisor. Leading figure within Cryptocurrency.
Chairman of LDJ Capital
BlockChain Advisor
Chairman at LDJ Capital, Board Advisor at Ambrosus and LAToken
Chairman LDJ Capital
Financial Advisor
Advisor & Director on the Advisory Board
Chairman LDJ Capital
Chairman at LDJ Capital
Founder and Chairman, LDJ Capital
Founder and Chairman, LDJ Capital
David Drake is the Chairman of LDJ Capital
Chairman at LDJ Cayman Fund Ltd.
Investor Relations/Senior Advisor
Board Advisor
Founder and Chairman, LDJ Capital Inc. (New York)
Chairman At LDJ Capital
Board Advisor
#1 Crypto Expert on ICObench
Chief STRATEGY officer
Advisor, New York, USA
Founder and Chairman, LDJ Capital
Chairman of LDJ Capital, Victoria Partners, LDJ Real Estate Group, Drake Hospitality Group and the Soho Loft Group.
Managing Partner
Marek Kirejczyk
Marek Kirejczyk
Lead Blockchain Developer