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Blockchain Credit Risk Management Platform

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Start date: 2018-06-16
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Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Soft cap 3,500,000 USD
Hard cap 17,500,000 USD
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Price 1 ARMT = 1 USD
Acceppting ETH, BTC
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1. Credit risk management market
2. Problem
3. Solution
4. Platform structure
5. Benefits for market players
6. Tokenomics
7. Business model
8. Roadmap
9. ICO campaign
10. Token sale
11. Team core

Throughout our life, we constantly use loans in order to assist ourselves with accomplishing
major life goals. We seek additional funds to purchase desired goods, cars, real estate,
pursue higher education or start our own business.
However, prior to receiving money, each potential borrower undergoes a credit
assessment procedure. With the help of the credit assessment, the lender makes a
decision - to issue a loan or to reject the application.
All over the world, lenders spend astronomical amounts of money on credit risk
management, and each year these amounts grow constantly. The reason for this growth is
a constant degradation in the quality of borrowers, increase in market competition, and
pressure issued on lenders by regulators.
To survive in such a confined market, lenders are forced to increase their budget on
credit risk management. Subsequently, these expenses result in a loss of profit
for lenders.
As a result of these emerging issues, we have created a concept of ablockchain-pl...

Reputation that can be trusted
ANTAVIRA blockchain credit risk management platform is a new project of SCORISTA.
SCORISTA is the world's first credit assessment service for non-bank lenders that provides
instant credit decisions: 'approved' or 'denied' with a detailed explanation in each case within
seconds. SCORISTA combines machine-learning technology with professional scoring that
guarantees a 93% forecast accuracy of the credit assessment.
We help lenders to increase revenue by 40% in just 3-6 months with a money-back guarantee.
SCORISTA is the only company offering its clients money-back guarantee on credit risk
management market. This means that we are responsible for the business performance of our
clients with our own money. This is the reason why
SCORISTA became a new standard of credit
risk management in Russia.

Reputation that can be trusted
Credit decisions produced
Currently, there are 30 professional risk managers, data analysts, mathematicians, software
engineers and business managers with an average of 10+ years of experience in the industry that
are part of the SCORISTA team.
That's why we know all the problems of credit risk management market players. And that's
why we know how to solve those problems.
Due to this unique experience, SCORISTA and its technology have numerously become award
winners of prestigious FinTech awards and are constantly invited as guest speakers at the
largest events in the credit risk management industry.
Innotribe Challenge, 2017
Startup of the year, 2017
InnoVex, 2017
Sibos, 2017
Golden Ruble Award, 2017
Tech Tour, 2017
Bank Review, 2017

1. Credit risk management market
Endless global expenditure
The global retail lending market is constantly growing. According to the consulting company -
, the total volume of issued retail loans in 2015 was $42.2 trillion. Compared to 2011,
the market demonstrated growth of 3.3% per year.
To issue that amount of money lenders spend about $3 trillion for borrower assessments and
credit risk management. The growth of credit risk management market surpasses the growth
of the lending market by 10 times and is growing by 30% each year.
The credit risk management market includes the following players:
- a party that issues loans to borrowers. The main client of the credit risk
management market.
Risk manager
- a party that creates credit scoring models for lenders in order to
review borrower assessments and make decisions on approving or denying loan
Credit analyst
- a party that allows the lender to see the current bu...

2. Problem
The industry is waiting
from the overall profit in a lending business
is the credit risk management expenses
There are several reasons for this:
Due to the consistent decrease in the quality of the borrowers, it is required to constantly
increase the effectiveness of credit assessments to improve forecast accuracy.
This leads to an expansion of the credit risk management department and further expenses on
purchasing additional data on borrowers.
Both of these factors mean a significant increase in operating costs for lenders.
Despite all these expenses, lenders cannot insure a high quality of their employees' work, and are
forced to continue with solely bearing all of the financial risks.
It is difficult for a lender to find suitable specialists.
In order to check the competence of a data scientist candidate - risk manage, mathematician,
credit analyst, or data miner, the lender has to wait for a long period of time, which can lead to
disappointing consequences a...

3. Solution
The way to change the industry
There are two approaches of improving the credit risk management services: scaling and
disruption. The first solution entails to an increase in operating costs and quantity of
employees. The second approach requires a fundamental change in the principles of credit
risk management. We have chosen the second option.
ANTAVIRA blockchain credit risk management platform is a project that is designed to
completely change the industry and is based on three key principles:
Lenders should be able to receive reimbursements
for their losses at the expense of risk managers who
made the wrong decision while assessing a
particular borrower.
Each member must guarantee the quality of
provided services, and in return, receive an
assurance of payment for the completed work.
All market participants should have the same
opportunities to conduct business and be provided
with the protection of their intellectual rights.
Blockchain and ...

4. Platform structure
For the professionals by the professionals
The structure of the ANTAVIRA platform consists of the following elements:
Participants on the platform.
The basis and main asset of the platform. People and
businesses that offer and buy each other's services.
Calculate transactions and ensure the functionality of the platform with through
the processing power.
Smart contracts.
Technology that allows for automation in all transactions between
participants: Starting from the cost and assigned dates to the terms of additional
payments or refunds.
There are two types of ANTAVIRA smart contracts:
A purchase of a data for credit
scoring by a risk manager from a
data provider
A purchase of loan portfolio
analysis by a lender from a
credit analyst
Step-by-step payments from the
lender as t...