Token: ASET

Asset Backed Crypto Currency

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-01
End date: 2018-05-09

Registrated in: England

Platform: Ehtereum
Type: ERC20


Assetereum categories
Cryptocurrency Energy Real estate
Assetereum token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 10,000,000 ASET
Hard cap 150,000,000 ASET
Tokens for sale 150,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 2263 ASET = 1 ETH
Acceppting ETH, BTC
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Investment Areas
How It Works
Real Estate
Online Shopping (myDiscountShop)
Energy Brokering (Utilico Energy)
Cryptocurrency Mining
Cryptocurrency Trading
Social Enterprise Projects
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Our ASET Token Event
Bounty/Bonus Tokens
Token Sale
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ICO Bonus Tokens
Token Allocation
Use of Proceeds
Management Team
Advisory Team
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One of the main concerns raised around the world is whether cryptocurrencies have intrinsic or
real values. Some people believe that it may even have a zero value.
Assetereum is a unique new asset backed cryptocurrency combining blockchain technology with
a multiple range of physical asset investments. Assetereum is the new benchmark for cryptocur-
rency coins. We have specifically targeted markets that either complement our token or provide
an avenue to promote its use in traditional commerce.
With so many cryptocurrencies its virtually impossible for an investor to choose the right plat-
form that will not only give them the growth of their crypto coin but also help secure their in-
vestment with physical assets. This is where Assetereum is different. Not only do we provide the
above, we also provide ongoing income streams from these assets.
To establish Assetereum as the preferred digital tok...

Diverse Investments Strategy
Our main areas of investment are:
Real Estate
Online Shopping
Energy Brokering
Cryptocurrency Mining
Cryptocurrency Trading
Social Enterprise Projects
We have brought together a team of industry experts in each area to ensure your investment
remains in safe hands. By investing 95% of our ICO funds back into fund generating assets we
not only retain an intrinsic value for our tokens, we also provide potential income streams from
each area for our token holders.
As each income stream runs as an autonomous subsidiary, the risks of one investment area
affecting the others is virtually removed.
As we develop each area of the business our main focus will be to work with suppliers willing to
endorse and promote the use of our token and eventually accept our token for full payment of
their services. The next page shows a diagram explaining how this all works.
Our plan is to build the revenue stream from ...

How it Works
ICO Crowd
Funding Sale
Retained Assets
Income Streams
Real Estate Fund
Rental Income, Purchase
and Sale of Properties
Includes Retained Profits For Growth
Profits on retail sales
Utilico Energy
Profits from Commercial
Energy Brokering
Crypto Mining Fund
Profits from
Includes Retained Profits For Growth
Crypto Trading Fund
Profits from daily crypto
Includes Retained Profits For Growth
Social Enterprise Fund
Profits from the enterprise
Includes Retained Profits For Growth
Generated Income

Real Estate Fund
Real estate is probably the industry that has produced the most millionaires over time. But a lot of people have also lost money
too by not having a full understanding of the market.
We have put together an experienced team of Real Estate professionals to manage and build our fund. Our professional approach
to real estate investment management will focus both short and long term returns to build the assets of the business and income.
Our plan is to integrate the experience and resources of the internal team and external market to maximize investment results.
All investments will be thoroughly screened before and after investment to assess their potential. We understand real estate as a
financial asset, and will apply techniques to analyse risk, and to identify and take advantage of market mispricing.
Investment strategies will be monitored annually and reviewed as market conditions evolve in each geographical area.
The core business of Assetereum will be to focus on the acquisit...

Online Shopping (myDiscountShop)
The myDiscountShop concept was born in late 2016 when a group of experienced entrepreneurs got together with
an idea of setting up a global discount site that has all the benefits of online shopping rolled into one.
Online shoppers are mainly looking for one or more of the following:

Price comparisons from many suppliers

Discount Codes

Loyalty Reward Schemes
myDiscountShop contains all three elements which makes it unique in the marketplace.
Another opportunity is in the area of fundraising. Many organisations with existing member bases are now looking
to use the loyalty of their members to raise funds for them. Examples of these are Football Clubs, Cricket Clubs,
Church Groups, etc. Virtually any organisation with a member base are potential customers.
myDiscountShop has spent the last 12 months developing its fully automated online platform that facilitates all of

Online Shopping (myDiscountShop)
With initial testing the business has secured over 40,000 customers with very limited marketing and also secured
multiple deals with organisations to set up white label fundraising sites. These projects give access to millions of
consumers in just the UK alone but the same concept will apply to any country.
The company has now linked with many major brands to sell their products online and these relationships are set
to expand and increase the product list.
The company is now ready to explode onto the UK and then international scene and we feel the time is right for
Assetereum to acquire the company. This will give the required investment to market and build the business
around the world. The founders of Assetereum are some of the main shareholders in myDiscountShop so the tran-
sition is a natural progression into the cryptocurrency world.
Not only can we take the business to the next level, we can also start to negotiate with suppliers to allow our <...

Energy Brokering (Utilico Energy)
The energy brokering market is both lucrative and mainstream. After all, everyone uses energy.
Utilico Energy has built up a reputation as one of the UK

s leading commercial energy brokering agency with direct
deals with all major suppliers. They can facilitate gas and electricity contracts for all types of business from small
right up to large corporates.
As the market is changing and moving further towards renewables so the company has adapted to ensure its
customers are provided new technology. They provide a full range of products to meet their customers needs.
Utilico works closely with myDiscountShop using their domestic energy switching platform to appeal to both com-
mercial and domestic customers.
The company is now ready to expand in the UK and then international scene and we feel the time is right for As-
setereum to acquire the company. This will provide the required investment to market and build the business
around t...

Assetereum Roadmap

01st Mar 2018
ICO Token Sale Begins.

09th May 2018
ICO Token Sale Completes.

10th May 2018
Acquisition of my Discount Shop.

17th May 2018
Acquisition of Utilico Energy.

01st June 2018
Property fund begins trading.

14th June 2018

Crypto mining begins.

21st June 2018
Crypto Trading Begins.

1st July 2018
Assetereum Exchange Opens.

14th July 2018
ASET listing in global exchanges.
Andreas Papaiacovou
Andreas Papaiacovou CEO - Founder

Ababil Sher
Ababil Sher Marketing Director - Founder

Christopher Pedge
Christopher Pedge CTO - Founder

Manjeet Singh
Manjeet Singh Consulting Operations Director

Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson International Ambassador

Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor Energy Consultant

Jason Francis
Jason Francis Social media Marketing

Trevor Roberts
Trevor Roberts Insurance Specialist

Gerwyn Bryan
Gerwyn Bryan Real Estate Specialist

Harshil Sanghavi
Harshil Sanghavi Expert Blockchain and ICO consultant

Harshil Sanghavi
Harshil Sanghavi
Expert Blockchain and ICO consultant
Blockchain Architect