Token: BAS

Blockchain as a Service for Identification

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-01
End date: 2018-04-30

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


BaaSid categories
Artificial Intelligence Big Data Business services Cryptocurrency Infrastructure Platform
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BaaSid token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA, Singapore
Soft cap 2,000 ETH
Hard cap 10,500 ETH
Tokens for sale 3,500,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1ETH = 150,000 BAS
Minimal investment 0.1 ETH
Acceppting ETH
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Definition of terminology
For a clear explanation and understanding of the 'BaaSid' project, this white paper will place a priority on
using descriptions that use both correlating words and unfamiliar words.
'Blockchain as a Service' is a concept that means enabling many unspecified internet
suppliers to easily borrow blockchain based technology and infrastructure. (Example) SaaS :
Software as a Service
As one BaaS project, this project means various login, personal identification, and other
certification services developed on a public network.
BaaS + ID(Identification)
'BaaSid' refers to the unit of cryptocurrency all internet service providers and users
(participants) provide, use or exchange with one another that originates through the service.
The abbreviation for Certification of Public Network, which is a public network
infrastructure where an internet service
database or a third ...

1. Background of


- What is 'BaaSid

- Decentralization
- Why 'BaaSid

- Split & Distribution Engine
- Split ID
- Combination Engine Descrambling and Verification Stage
- One Pass: an all-in-in sophisticated verification
- BaaS Certification API Service
- 'DB
of BaaSid Participants
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2. Introduction
- Limitations of and problems with blockchain
- Borrowing the DB of BaaS based participants
- Split & Distribute Data
- Verification that is user-centered based on the Certification
Certification of Public Network (COPN)
- Split Block and Crypto exchange Block
- Proof of integrity for Split & Distribute data
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3. BaaS (Blockchain as a Ser...

6. Vision of


- Standard of BaaS
- Internet Service Market
- Big Data Service


- Use and Circulation of BAS Token
7. Team & Partners
- Global Board Members
- Develop & Marketing
- Advisor
- Global Business Partners
8. Roadmap
- BAS Token issuance
- Token sales (1
- 2
- ICO Sales
- Use of the raised funds
- Official Channel of 'BaaSid

- Public trading of BAS tokens
- Ongoing Optimization
- Legal Announcement
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1. Background of 'BaaSid'
1.1 What is 'BaaSid'?
In this white paper, BaaS is the abbreviation for Blockchain as a Service, which is a
concept where a blockchain infrastructure is borrowed partially, or in its entirety, for the
development of internet services related to exisiting web services, app services, and
blockchain services (cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.).
In this BaaS infrastructure,


will offer certificate services to the internet service
provider from an unspecified number from a P2P based split and divided powerful, yet
safe database that is based on a public network.
Also, it is intended to replace a third party certification authority, or payment gateway (PG)
with a shortened procedure that is safer and more convenient.
All the unspecified OSP providers on the internet have partially borrowed existing SasS,
IaaS, PaaS or ASP services to use according to their business goals.
In the new world of the blockchain, via the concept of BaaS,...

1. Background of 'BaaSid'
1.2 Decentralization?
The most central goal of blockchain from a technological standpoint lies in the technology
that offers tight security and perpetuality for participants' property using a public ledger to
block any forgery or falsifications by hackers.
In all internet services, various forms of personal information is saved and used on the
database servers of many online service providers (OSP), third party certification
authorities, and user devices. Based on this, many important activities take place over the
internet, uninterrupted such as login, various verifications, shopping, and financial
payments among others.
Even in blockchain services that are oriented towards decentralization, this shows the
limits that already exist in other types of centralization.
Service side
Blockchain side
Third Parties
DB Server

1.3 Decentralization!
In the 'BaaSid,' via 'one-time instant access' that utilizes a certification of public
network, participants and providers alike can attain quicker verification with tighter
security and greater ease.
In particular, sensitive personal information including, name, phone number, email
address, ID, password, credit car numbers, biometric information, etc. is split, after which
it is split into data fragments unique to the hundreds and thousands of nodes, which are
then distributed and saved different from one another, enabling verification, login and
other functions to be peformed in the absense of a source of such personal information.
Crypto Exchange
Split Block-A
Split Block -B
Stock Market
Split Block-B
Split Block-K
Block - C
Blockchain side
[Split Block]
999~9,999 members
Split ID(Data)
Split Block-S
Crypto Exchange <...

The 'BaaSid one-time instant verification' is a method where an internet service provider
develops and maintains another centralized database, or undergoes a 'third party
certification authority' or in the absense of a source to compare, based on the Certification
of Public Network of 'BaaSid,' an unspecified number of participants are verified.
This is the total opposite method that has been employed so far on the internet which was
composed of an individual certification structure for everyone. Yet, the goal of 'BaaSid' is
to create a link between blockchain and non-blockchain methods, perform verification in
the absense of a source, and to achieve complete decentralization through a public network
consisting entirely of participants (users or nodes) without the necessity of an authenticated
certificate from a third party certification authority.
1.4 Why 'BaaSid'?
The philosophy behind the blockchain dreams of world that is free from the centralization
of existing vested interests such as governm...

Even among services that are not based on the blockchain, when it comes to various
internet based services, regardless if blockchain technology is being applied or not for:
login information (ID & PW), new registration for services (entering personal information),
virtual currency wallet (development of a DB through personal information registration)
shopping payments (registration and exposure of credit card numbers and other sensitive
information) IT corporations or institutions face a wide range of threats and challenges
from the severe storage and leakage of personal information at all stages of internet
And a more serious problem is that one's personal information can be leaked anytime,
anywhere, anyhow with the individual unaware about how this information is being abused,
and even if the individual becomes aware, by that time it is too late.
1.5 Split & Distribution Engine
Text data
Birth day
E-mail address
Phone number
ID number

BaaSid Roadmap

2018 / 1~2Q
Pre-sale & ICO.
2018 / 2Q
Verification and validation.
BAS listing.
Commencement of official Listing at cryptocurrency exchange.

2018 / 3Q
Encryption and decryption of personal information.

Split Engine (Split ID).
Fragment distribution engine for encrypted personal information.
Distribute Engine (Allocation).
Distribution engine of the encrypted split ID.

2018 / 4Q
Combination Engine (FIDO API).
Combination engine of the encrypted split ID.
Verification and validation (MainNet).
Instant Access Engine (OTP).
OTP for one-time instant access.

2019 / 1Q
Instant Access API (for Provider).
IA-API provided to the internet provider (Instant Access API).

2019 / 2Q
Hyper Confirm API.
A verification API that replaces the providers, third party certification authority and payment gateway (PG) and offers verification for participants and providers.

2019 / 4Q
BaaS User Target Marketing Service (Big Data Service).
Niiyama Takeshi
Niiyama Takeshi Security Expert more than 17 years Ph.D in 2016 Technology and Innovative Management (TIM) from Doshisha University M.S.E in 2006 Information Security from Carnegie Mellon University Assistant CISO of

Otaka Jun
Otaka Jun Chairman of PRO Group In charge of Network design at NTT HITACHI Nuclear Power, MITSUBISHI Nuclear Power, TOSHIBA Nuclear Power Plant Design Development of 3D-CAD System for Tokyo Gas application dr

Vincent Tai
Vincent Tai Director, SRV Trading Pte. Ltd. Derivatives Trading Director, China Evernice Investment Pte. Ltd. Director, Derivatives Trading, DBS Vickers Securities Pte. Ltd. Assistant Vice President, ABN AMRO

James Huang
James Huang CEO of Leadhope Inc. CEO of Taiwan Index Inc. (TWSE) AT&T(USA) Technical Assistant center manager, AT&T(ChengDu) Technical manager Taiwan Mobile Company senior Director of project department Chong

Atsushi Inoue
Atsushi Inoue PhD in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Cincinnati (USA) Professor of Information Technologies and Business Analytics, Eastern Washington University (USA) Professor of Information Ass

Joshua C.S. Lo
Joshua C.S. Lo MSEE, JD Independent Director, Redwood Group Ltd. (Taipei Exchange) Independent Director, Shinkong Life Insurance, (TWSE)

Ronald H. Chen
Ronald H. Chen MBA, JD Director of T-Star Telecomm Corp. Supervisor of the Board, CSun Manufacturing LTD. Independent Director of Advancision Corp.,Cayman

Kim Jongbeom
Kim Jongbeom MBA from Yonsei Univ. in Korea CEO of JNDS Vice President(CFO) of OCON(Animation Company) Director of Venturelife(Investor, PEF) Director of Internetiz(Venture Start-up Incubator) PR and Public b

Adam Geri
Adam Geri Vice President of Hcash Foundation / Founding member of the Hcash Foun dation. Specialist in business management and business development Gaining collaborations between governments “I am looking forw

Andrew Wasylewicz
Andrew Wasylewicz Business Development Manager at Hcash / Business Development Manager at Hcash. Masters of Applied Science and has a background in strategic roles within the insurance and superannuation industries. H

LeRoy Zen Lau
LeRoy Zen Lau Director, DMG & Partners Securities Pte Ltd. Director, RHB Securities Singapore Pte Ltd. Capital raising experience for Listed companies and bringing companies to IPO as a Senior Dealing Director.

Nicholas Ng S.L.
Nicholas Ng S.L. Chairman, Leadhope Philippines Inc CEO, Neosonics Network Director, BioWave Korea / Global Business Development

Jin An
Jin An CTO/Co-founder of Cyflyer Inc. USA General Manager of Imua Management USA Director of Metro Pacific Inc. General Manager of Taeryoung Development University of Manoa, Computer science

Moon Inshic
Moon Inshic Vice president of Aimhigh global (KOSDAQ) KBIPA(Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association) Chairman of international cooperation committee COO of ENTcash / Advisor of Aston CEO of Korea Netw

May Kim
May Kim CEO of Certon Co.,Ltd Chairman of BoD, dear Lab., LTD Director of KBIPA (Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association) CEO of Aston Project

Joseph Hung
Joseph Hung CEO, InterServ International Inc. (TSE ) Chairman and CEO, Game Storm Co. Ltd. VP and GM of Telecom, Gold sky Digital Co. Ltd. VP of Strategic Development, Clarent Telecom Director of IT, Pacific Bro

Takashi Kosuga
Takashi Kosuga Director of PRO (App producer) Operating officer of IMAGICA group Web service producer of CCC group Virtual reality system planner of JFE group Space development engineer of TOSHIBA group

Takafumi Osada
Takafumi Osada Manager of Business Partners, Inc Japan Country Manager of DNO-Group Sales Director of Billing System Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mothers)

Kang Jihoon
Kang Jihoon Ericsson Digital Service consultant Ericsson DCS(Data Integrity Assurance as a Service) IoT Cloud & Feature as a Service Softbank Commerce Korea Cloud consultant & BDM HP / Citrix / Data Domain co

Jang Misun
Jang Misun Head of Blockchain Business Team, PRO MBC C&I (Content & Infrastructure) Special Producer of contents busi ness team production Ewha Womans University Graduate School of Policy Science / Master's de

Kumakiri Yasutomo
Advisors Kumakiri Yasutomo Vice President(COO) of Creators Guild.Co,ltd(Impress Group) CEO of Creators Guild.Co,ltd(NipponGroup) Director of Electronics publication Director of Web Planning & Production Manager of Advertisin

Harrison MOON
Advisors Harrison MOON PH.D / MBA from Yonsei Univ. in Korea Bachelor of Architecture from S.N.U. (Seoul National Univ.) in Korea President of Pharos Asset Co., Ltd. Fund manager in Consus Asset Management Company. Vice

Tetsuya Saito
Advisors Tetsuya Saito Ph.D. / State University of New York at Buffalo in USA Associate Professor of College of Economics, Nihon University Master of Economics(Kobe University) Bachelor of Business Administration(Kwansei

Jhun, Hajin
Advisors Jhun, Hajin Chairman of the KBA self-regulatory committee (Korea Blockchain Association) CEO of Siti Plan, Inc. Chairman of S-Life Forum PhD. of Real Estate Studies

In charge of strategy supervising adviser