Token: BKL

Blockchain technologies for Baikal water mining

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-12
End date: 2018-03-19

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Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 10,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 1,100,000
Price 1 BKL = 40 USD
Acceppting ETH, BTC
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Table of contents:
Executive summary
Blockchain of BAIKALIKA
Water supply
Project development
Details of the Public BKL Tokens sale
Economics and Prospects of the Project

Executive summary

is the first authenticated and blockchain
based etalon-quality drinking water
We extract drinking water of ideal composition from a unique relict source,
a 'lens' of Lake Baikal, at a depth of 400 meters, three kilometers away from
the shore.
Blockchain technology
ensures 100% protection against a counterfeit
product, and water safety and quality control due to confirmation of the
place of origin and a transparent chain of supply to the end-user.
represent your personal stockpile of 1,200 liters
of Baikal's best drinking water produced and supplied to token holders and
to the world's most promising markets. A token acts as an EXW contract for
free water supply to the warehouse. Tokens functionality allows for flexible
management possibility.
An Issue of Water Counterfeit
According to ChinaDialogue
, up to 60% of bottled water in China is
fabricated and sold under fake b...

It is essential for our customers to have a safe and easy tool protecting
against buying fake water, and to know the water source and its
Other bottled water manufacturers nowadays try to protect their product
by using bottles of complex shape, some specific caps, holograms or digital
codes for online verification, spending lots of resources and offering
comprehensive solutions to their customers.
Blockchain technology is where we have found the most efficient solution
for BAIKALIKA water authenticity verification and shipment control.
We are currently developing a proprietary system designed to maintain and
verify information pertaining to every single water bottle we have extracted
and shipped, thus allowing customers to be assured of the veracity of our
water and to obtain additional information as to its origin.
Our solution provides a 100% guarantee of water safety, eliminates any risk
of getting a fake product, or a risk of shelf life expiry date v...

Blockchain of BAIKALIKA
How the System is Designed
The system consists of the following components:
1) Private blockchain-driven database for storage of information about
each particular bottle of water.
2) User app for merchandise authenticity verification via QR coding.
3) Automation tools and software for blockchain integration at
BAIKALIKA’s factory and at warehouses located in target countries.
4) BAIKALIKA tokens (BKL) under ERC20 standard realized on
Ethereum-based blockchain.
5) Token holders interface for the app-based management of and
transactions with water and BKL tokens.
From the production and storage units, automation tools and software are
used to input the data into the blockchain. QR code placed on a bottle
allows the retrieving and inputting of data into the blockchain system.

BAIKALIKA's Blockchain Infrastructure
Blockchain stores the following:

Information about the extraction and shipment date and location

Product description

Intended region of sales

History of the product movement

Key for the confirmation of purchase and allocation of bonuses.
To ensure speed and the provisional ‘simplicity’ of implementation, we
consider the possibility to launch a private blockchain on the
platform. The platform uses the LCPoA block generation algorithm which
doesn’t r
equire large calculation resources.
The network safety and consensus are ensured by a ‘limited confidence
ea’ mechanism with the automatic generation of test points, and by block
generation time synchronization against the general network time. The
platform safety is ensured by a selected consensus, using digital signatures.
We are going to use digital signatures based on ECDSA-SHA256 which is

Proof of Water Authenticity
Each batch of bottled water is labeled with a unique QR code generated
based on the blockchain data. Whenever water is shipped from the
warehouse, it will be registered in the system, with the tracking information
entered into the blockchain.
Upon arrival at a destination point, the tracking information will be re-
registered in the system. From that moment, the water is considered to be
located at the warehouse and can be used by token holders.
The l
abeling bottles with a unique QR code used along with the blockchain
enables water verification and makes it possible to quickly prove
BAIKALIKA's authenticity to anyone and anywhere in the world.
We are creating a new open marketplace of genuine natural water, where
anyone can become an owner of a piece of Baikal's deep drinking water.
Token holders won't have to assure others that the water is genuine.
Blockchain will do this job.

User Interface
Functionality will be implemented via an app interface connected to the
blockchain system. Here's what the app allows:

QR code scanning to promptly verify authenticity of any particular
water bottle.

Getting additional information about the merchandise: the intended
region of sale, production date, article description.

Scanning a secret code under the cap (a unique purchase code) for the
purchase registration and a bonus allocation.

Managing your own BKL tokens and flow of free water provided to
token holders.
Customer Incentives
By purchasing BAIKALIKA water in a store, a customer will be partially
refunded by a cryptocurrency bonus or by other digital products from
ners. A bonus will be allocated in the app user’s personal account after
secret (under cap) code scanning.
To claim bonuses, consumers may need to register in our partners’ wa
and to transfer the bonus to the wa...

exchange. Then, BKL tokens are transferred to the BAIKALIKA project as a
payment for the bonuses placement. We are planning to introduce a HOLD
for tokens entering the team’s wallet, la
sting for at least 6 months from the
date of their deposition.
We plan that bonuses could be issued in any cryptocurrencies or any tokens
which became members of the partners’
bonus program. It's a unique
mechanism which allows us to create marketing advantages of the product
and to implement cross-marketing arrangements with partners.

Baikalika Roadmap

Quota for Water Extraction Recieved
Creation of Baikalika Factory
February - March 2018
March-April 2018
Crowd Sale
May 2018
Production Expansion

After the completion of its ICO, Baikalika will focus on its production expansion in the period of May 2018 to July 2018. Some of the major activities will involve the construction of more project objects, installation of additional bottling equipments, and development of transportation infrastructure.
May 2018
Rebranding and Marketing Campagin

Starting in May, Baikalika will launch a new marketing campaign for its Chinese customers. This phase will involve rebranding and design of the product, placing product at key marketplaces, and creating relationships with retailers and wholesalers.
May-June 2018
Blockchain architecture development

Between May and June 2018, Baikalika will work on the integration of its blockchain architecture within its production management system. At the same time, it will devise effective QR coding practices for product verification. Baikalika will launch its blockchain app for its token-holders, buyers, and distributors.
Expansion to Chine

Baikaliika introduce its packaged water in China in 2018 itself along with a target of increasing its production capacity to 60 million liters.
Expansion to Southeast Asia

It will enter Southeast Asia in 2019, with a water production capacity of 90 million liters.
Expansion to Middle East

By 2020, Baikalika will increase its production capacity to 130 million liters while entering the Middle East market.
Other parts of the world

Expand supply to other global markets in 2021 - 160 Million Liters.
Yan Glukhov
Team Yan Glukhov Co-Founder

Dmitry Zuev
Team Dmitry Zuev Co-Founder and Invest Analyst

Ilya Frolov
Team Ilya Frolov CEO

Ekaterina Tarasova
Team Ekaterina Tarasova PR Director

Svetlana Lepehova
Team Svetlana Lepehova Specialist in Ecology and Biology

Ekaterina Tarasova
Ekaterina Tarasova
PR Director