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Tokens for sale 600,000,000
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Market Overview
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About Bdaq
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The Gaps
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The solution -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

With the advent of ICOs, cryptocurrencies have become an important channel for funding businesses. Currently
crypto-currency tokens are primarily traded on a few centralized crypto exchanges. But investors using these
exchanges are hampered by serious problems, including:
Lock- in of wealth in new tokens for lengthy periods preventing trading
Lengthy delays before new tokens are listed on an exchange (if at all), preventing investors from trading
in their new ICO tokens.
No reliable safeguards for user funds because of centralised nature of exchanges
Decentralised exchanges are slow, risking execution outcomes
There are many investors who are whitelisted for an ICO but don’t get a chance to participate in the
crowd sale
In this whitepaper, we propose a secured and scalable solution to these problems and present a platform where
crypto investors can sell their tokens as soon as they receive them, regardless of listing delays and token...

Globally, technology startups have emerged as a revolution in industries across spaces like banking, finance,
virtual/augmented reality, drone, self-driving tech, space-industry, automation and artificial intelligence. They are
exploding in every corner of the world with 237
companies hitting billion-dollar plus valuations since 2009; a
cumulative valuation of $812 billion. In 2017 alone, Venture Capital firms (VCs) invested in 11,042 deals globally
which were worth $164.4 billion
. However, in recent years, ICOs or Initial Coin Offering have emerged as the
new age Crowdfunding. ICOs allow startups to crowdfund their projects through the blockchain by issuing digital
tokens or coins, which the user can then trade, spend, or use within the blockchain project ecosystem devised by
the issuer. ICOs are gaining popularity across the investment community and are bringing many new investors to
the market. Recently, there have been changes recorded in startup investing using cry...

a) raise capital from a bigger pool of investors that has not been accessed before,
b) attract early followers,
c) create community around the project,
d) without the founders relinquishing control or diluting their ownership to VCs, and
e) without having to be burdened by the complex and cumbersome process of a public listing.
By issuing digital tokens through an ICO, versus raising traditional equity investment, startups provide their backers
with first access to their technology as well as an economic interest. If the product or service creates a buzz when it
is launched or during its pre-launch phase, the buyers could then, potentially sell their tokens via a secondary
But ICO investors are hampered by a variety of issues such as delays in trading ICO tokens due to time consuming
exchange listing and audits of token allocation. The safety of user funds is also at risk due to increasing attacks by
hackers on centralised exchanges and employee frauds. Also, many interested investor are being den...

Spark10 has been working with investors and founders globally and this experienced international team of investors,
founders, and successful professionals is leading the Bdaq project.
Project Overview
Through this whitepaper, we propose to address the lack of opportunities for investors who want to trade ERC20
tokens before these tokens are listed on exchanges and how these tokens can be traded immediately in a safe and
secure manner using off-chain matching and on-chain transactions. We also investigate some of the potential
problems of current decentralized exchange architectures and propose how we are resolving them in our
decentralized system.
Also, there are many investors who are whitelisted for the ICOs but do not get a chance to participate in the crowd
sale. They must wait until a token lists on the exchange. We have also prepared a proprietary algorithm for
segmenting the prospective investors and those investors who were denied tokens in any ICO, to let them participate
in tra...

ERC20 tokens on Ethereum Blockchain have become a popular mechanism to raise funds via ICOs for many startups
since the last couple of years. Over 80% ICOs till date
have used ERC20 tokens. ERC20 tokens have a market cap of
$29 Billion as of March 2018 according to As this trend continues, more funds are being
invested in digital currencies and in most of the cases investors are given ERC20 token in return of their investment.
Then these tokens are listed on the crypto currencies exchanges where investors can start trading and liquidate their
investment when other investors or new investors buy these tokens. This period which can go up to 90 days or more,
is when the token audit and exchange listing procedures commence.
There are many investors, who would like to exit their investments by trading their tokens before they are listed on
exchanges but there is no existing route that can allow them to exit their position before exchange listing.
At the same time, there are many investors...

lost millions of dollars. There were several hacking attempts at exchanges such as in 2017
Decentralized exchanges provide a mechanism for users to trade without giving up control of their funds, but they
are very slow. Under these systems, trades are executed by smart contracts on a Blockchain, removing the need for
a centralized exchange. While these exchanges reduce third-party risk, liquidity suffers because of high process time
and there are several limitations for investors to trade freely and effectively. Smart contracts are far too slow to
execute the complex matching logic of order books on high-volume as you will see on centralized exchanges.
The solution
To help crypto investors, Spark10 is launching a first of its kind liquidity platform called “Bdaq”. Bdaq will be the
platform of choice for all crypto investor wanting to invest in an ICO and get free flow liquidity without any delay.
The world’s first free flow liquidity platform for ICO investors without them having

Value Proposition
Bdaq simplifies investments and speeds up the liquidation for individuals who are investing in ICOs. First time in the
history of crypto investing, investors can sell their tokens immediately after receiving them without having to wait
for the token to be listed on the Exchanges. This will attract millions of ERC20 token owners to liquidate their token
for Ethereum or Bdaq. Liquidation in exchange of Bdaq will give 20% additional value than liquidation for Ethereum.
Potential value of Bdaq token will grow exponentially mainly because there is limited supply (all unsold tokens will
be burned at the end of the ICO) and Bdaq is first and only place where instant token liquidity is available for all ICO
investors. Every transaction on the Bdaq platform will attract a fee paid in Ethereum (or Bdaq) and this will
potentially result in an exponential growth in the value of Bdaq token. Bdaq Master Node, discussed later, will also
present huge opportunity to the Crypto investors and will add to the token value...

Bdaq Roadmap

Q3 - Q4 2016
Founders have realised the problem first hand - Locking of Tokens.
Q1 2017
Solution development and technical viability check;
Instant Token Liquidity;
Master Nodeconceptualized;
ICO Platform Conceptualized.
Q2 2017
Market assesment and Validation.
Q3 2017
Core Team Formed;
Token Liquidity and MasterNode concept revalidated technically.
Q4 2017
Advisors Onboarding;
Strategic Partners Onboarding.
Q1 2018
ICO Strategy crafted;
ICO Planning started;
Team expanded.
Q2 2018
ICO Process execution started;
ICO Private Sale;
Pre-ICO Sale;
Token Liquidity;
Product Prototype released;
Master Node concept introduced.
Q3 2018
ICO started;
MVP of the product available;
Immediate liquidity available post ICO for Bdaq;
Investors started to buy and sell tokens;
First 100 Master Nodes allocated.
Q4 2018
Further technology development started to include other ERC20 tokens;
200 Master Nodes allocated.
Q1 2019
Bdaq full platform launched;
At least 500 Tokens are listed for liquidation;
Bdaq for ICO development started;
300 Master Nodes allocated;
First Master Node proceeds distributed.
Q2 2019
Bdaq has 1000 Tokens listed;
MVP of ICO part available;
400 Master Nodes allocated;
Second Master Node proceeds distributed.
Q3 2019
Bdaq has 5000 Tokens listed;
Hosted first ICO;
500 Master Nodes allocated;
Third Master Node proceeds distributed.
Q4 2019
Full Bdaq Platform launched;
Bdaq has 10000 Tokens listed;
Hosted 100 ICOs;
1000 Master Nodes allocated;
Master Node proceeds distributed.
Q1-Q2 2020
Bdaq will appoint 1000 new Master Nodes;
Master Node proceeds distributed;
Bdaq will be the world’s biggest exchange to list Tokens;
Bdaq will host 500 ICOs.
Q3-Q4 2020
Bdaq will have total 3000 Master Nodes;
Bdaq will be the world's biggest exchange to list Tokens;
Bdaq will be the world's biggest ICO hosting platform.
Bdaq will be the world's biggest exchange to list Tokens;
Bdaq will be the world's biggest ICO hosting platform;
Bdaq will be the world's biggest Master Node network.
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Atal Malviya Entrepreneur, Investor.

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