Token: ETKN

System of Interrelated Cryptocurrency Processing

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-01
End date: 2018-04-30

Registrated in: Cyprus

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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BeEasy categories
Platform Investment Cryptocurrency Business services
BeEasy token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA, Singapur
Hard cap 3200 BTC
Tokens for sale 160,000
Token distribution in ICO
Sold tokens 256,404,218
Price 1 ETKN = 0.02 BTC
Price in PreICO 1 ETKN = 0.01 - 0.015 BTC
Acceppting ETH, BTC
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Random whitepaper excerpts

We live in the time of successful formation and rapid growth of the blockchain-based market. We
see governments, banks, and corporations implementing blockchain pilot projects, while
independent users and investors are actively entering the cryptocurrency market.
Surprisingly, all access points such as mining, exchanges, and funds remain largely available only
to select professionals. What the existing equipment and service systems fail to do is to solve the
user tasks. Not only are they difficult to set up and navigate, they require constant control and
management. It is complex to a point that some mining software clients still are nothing more than
a command string interface.
With the BeEasy project, we are making a bold step, similar to historic leaps by Microsoft and
Apple, by offering PC users the self-intuitive interfaces and ultimately convenient services.
BeEasy is the key project for
international group of companies. We are an all-
in-one e...

multicurrency mining pool

client web interface

client software

equipment process monitoring and management system powered by a telegram bot

iOS and Android apps

intelligent mining management systems
2. EasyTrade: professional solutions
We are introducing our cryptocurrency exchange supporting trader software integration
(MetaTrader, TickTrader) and providing an interface for brokers and traders. Currently featuring a
web interface, expanding to a mobile app and a widget in the near future.
3. BeEasy multifunction service
Our unique product is an all-in-one user authorization system that allows to navigate and manage
all user information for BeEasy services (mining, fund, exchange, charity, gaining partner goods
and services, and converting to fiat, among others). You can register only once and after an
optional verification procedure receive full access to all system features and services via unified
and ea...

4. EasyPlay: mass product
Meet our web interface and a client app featuring the following functionality scenario:

the user downloads the software and installs in onto the PC

immediately after installing, the software invites the user to complete the simple registration
with BeEasy, and runs the system diagnostics

the user is prompted to choose a partner offer that they would like to receive

during the process, the user can monitor the mining progress bar indicating the remaining time
until receiving the goods or services

when the mining process is finished, the software notifies the user and emails them the promo-
code certificate for claiming the bonus.
Created at the start of 2017,
international group of companies is the entity
introducing the BeEasy project. The company uses its internal resources to implement the project.

We are excited to invite you to join our project and become a part of the BeEasy blockchain
ecosystem, contributing to our mission of developing a decentralized economy.
Legal Framework
Here is the list of international group of companies called Cryptocompany that work on
implementing BeEasy:

LLC, parent company, Republic of Cyprus

BeEasy Core (in the process of registration), a company in the jurisdiction of the Isle of Man

EasyTrade (in the process of registration), an exchange company, Singapore

LLC, a development company, Russia

LLC, trading house and mining equipment manufacturing, Russia

LLC, data center, Russia
International legal company FTL-Advisors is the experts providing legal services to BeEasy.
The majority of our solutions are based on the software with the open source code (license GNU
GPL 2.0), so are the major...

During the project implementation, all necessary conversion operations will be executed at
exchanges following the statutory regulations of the countries implementing the project.
Tokens do not provide residual income nor do they grant the right to participate in the
decision-making process, thus they do not constitute a digital prototype for shares, bonds, financial
credit instruments, or any derivative financial instruments.
Added restrictions connected with the tokens are formulated and described in the Terms of
The cryptocurrency exchange launched within the framework of the project will be incorporated in
Singapore, in compliance with the necessary norms of Singapore legislation and international law.
At the time of the project launch, all intellectual property rights belong to the Russian developer
The official project website is registered at the
web address. All the materials posted
there by th...

Figure One. Project design pattern
is a multicurrency pool for mining and mining management system.

cryptocurrency pools (ETH, ETC, ZCash, Monero, Decred and others), pool ETH is live, while
others are in the pipeline. Access at

mining equipment management system is up and running

EasyAdmin data center management system with an in-built sub-pool provides a functioning
client software also is up and works

client software (miner clients): Windows and Linux client is live, other clients are in the works

telegram bot providing a monitoring and equipment reboot system is currently live

mobile app featuring a monitoring and equipment reboot system is in the works.
EasyPool ETH is a full-function Ethereum pool.
EasyPool allows to work with the majority of cryptocurrencies offering the best conditions for
mining at the time. The information is available based on cryptocurrency exchange ra...

secure SSL channel

activity monitoring

with the program it is possible to remotely oversee the equipment conditions (temperature, fan
speed, hash rate, etc.)

the best possible speed of connecting to the pool, communication channel optimization

statistics system

unique wallet and payment process security architecture that allows to almost completely
prevent unsanctioned access to pool and client assets

work with the Ethereum signature algorithm;

work with the external pool through the Stratum 2 and Stratum/Nicehash protocol.
Figure Two. EasyPool pattern
simultaneously a BeEasy system module and a client app for mass usage for
‘mining stuff’.
Inside the BeEasy system are conversion getaways for mined cryptocurrency and gaming
assets/currencies/software licenses and real-life products and discount points.
As a client app i...

The program calculates how much time it needs to work on the
computer to ensure that at
the end of this time period the user can receive the certificate for the goods or services of their
To implement this function, the program uses the process described on the diagram below.
Figure Three. Getaway pattern and interaction with vendors/partners
is a data center for installing high-performance equipment for calculations. We have
built and commissioned the first phase for 1 MW.
Currently, there are more than 150 functioning mining computing units.
We are working on equipping the data center with our own designed 12 GPU equipment, that will
significantly improve the reliability and decrease the losses as a result of the equipment down time
or break downs.
Commissioning the second phase for 2.5 MW: May-June 2018
Commissioning the third phase for 2.5 MW more: before the end of 2018.

BeEasy Roadmap

Second quarter of 2017
project launch, launching the development of the authentic 12 GPU mining solution, launching pool alpha version for Ethereum, client app for Windows, launching the data center “zero” phase, designing and starting to build the data cente.
Third quarter of 2017
Pool beta version and the Windows client for Ethereum, availability of authentic 12 GPU mining equipment development.
Fourth quarter of 2017
Project release on GitHub, pre-ICO start, organizing the Cryptoprism conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia, pre-ICO termination (sold tokens value amounted to over 1.5 million USD), releasing the beta version for Ubuntu mining client, commissioning first phase of the 1 MW data center, equipping the data center for the 10+ GHs.
First quarter of 2018
Starting ICO in February 2018, project road show (South Korea, Japan, Singapore, the US, Europe et al.), EasyTrade exchange testing platform rollout, EadyFund foundation testing platform rollout.
Second quarter of 2018
introducing a robot for EasyFund foundation and trading management, launching EasyTrade exchange beta version, developing and introducing API for the project partners, manufacturing equipment for the data center “cloud mining”, commissioning the data center second phase for 2.5 MW.
Third quarter of 2018
installing the equipment for the data center “cloud mining”, starting to sell “cloud mining” hash power to token owners, introducing adaptive client software for mining by different user groups.
Fourth quarter 2018
expanding the project partner network, applying for licensure of the exchange in Japan and meeting the licensing procedures’
requirements in Switzerland, commissioning the data center third phase for 2.5 MW.
Further project development, expanding the client database for all services to the minimum of 10 million users.
Viktor Pasternak
Advisor Viktor Pasternak Legal advisor

George Basiladze
Advisor George Basiladze Advisor

Evgeniy Koynov
Advisors Evgeniy Koynov Blockchain Adviser

Petr Levich
Advisors Petr Levich ethics and Social Advisor

Andrey Dobryy
Advisors Andrey Dobryy Marketing Advisor

Natalya Novikova
BM Natalya Novikova Brand manager

Aleksandr Bespalov
CEO Aleksandr Bespalov Project manager, CEO Cryptocompany

Ilya Surodeykin
COO Ilya Surodeykin COO Cryptocompany, data center project manager

Nikita Polikarpov
CTO Nikita Polikarpov Chief technology officer

Margarita Kalinina
Deputy CEO Margarita Kalinina Deputy CEO

Elena Ryabukha
Exchange Director Elena Ryabukha EasyTrade exchange director

George Basiladze
George Basiladze
Financial System. Co-founder Cryptopay Ltd
Founder Cryptopay