Token: XBCN

To A New Sector In Cryptocurrency

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-24
End date: 2018-05-24

Registrated in: Turks and Caicos

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Business services Cryptocurrency Education Platform
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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries USA, China
Tokens for sale 110,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Sold tokens 1
Price 1 ETH = 6,154 XBCN
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Table Of Contents
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
2.1 Our Mission Statement: Safety & Familiarity
2.2 BitCoinage Will Be Comprised of Three Independent Companies
2.3 Three Keys To Widespread Cryptocurrency Adoption
2.4 BitCoinage Company Rollout
3. Core Technology
3.1 Arbitrage Exchange Trading
3.2 Bots That Learn How You Trade
3.3 Enterprise Blockchain: Decentralized Storage For Centralized

3.4 Atomic Swaps: The Future Of Currency Transfers
3.5 Intuitive User Experience: User-friendly User Interface (U.I.)
3.6 BitCoinage X: A Token-Based Arbitrage Utility
4. Customer Service
5. Blueprint for Action
5.1 Conclusion
5.2 Token Distribution
5.3 Operating Budget
5.4 Arbitrage Exchange Roadmap

1. Abstract
With the advent of Bitcoin, founder Satoshi Nakamoto ignited a financial revolution that would
reverberate throughout the international marketplace. The most notable ramification from the
emergence of Bitcoin, is its ability to put the world’s financial power back in the hands of the
people. Nakamoto could see that if people controlled their own financial destiny, not only could
they bypass the dishonest banking system, but this new form of currency could potentially play
a role in uniting our badly torn and fragmented planet. Without any governments or banks to
separate us; financially speaking, people could unite and mutually benefit from one another.
Sadly, all these years later Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency exchanges remain separated from
mainstream society and divided amongst themselves. When asked about the difficulty of
entering the cryptocurrency market,

Rick Falkvinge, CEO of BitCoin Cash and founder of the
Swedish Pirate Party stated, “

2. Introduction
2.1 Our Mission Statement: Safety & Familiarity
Simply put, BitCoinage is a new sector within Cryptocurrency, encompassing three independent
companies, each existing to surpass the current experience of new and existing
Cryptocurrencies users.
Our goal is to provide the safety and familiarity of the old banking system, along with the
independence and freedom of Cryptocurrency. We will provide this through our intuitive User
Interface (U.I.) , along with a new standard in customer service systems. These systems will
focus on the customer, no matter the size of their trades. Customers can interact with
representatives through live chat, email or a phone call, all designed to provide fast and
meaningful resolutions.
Those goals will be further realized by the progressive rollout of several blockchain-based
companies. These companies will be constructed with architectural decentralization but remain
interconnected to BitCoinage, in order to provide cohesive services and perso...

2.3 Three Keys To Widespread Cryptocurrency Adoption
1. The Arbitrage

Cryptocurrency Exchange:
BitCoinage is introducing the next generation of Exchange platforms.
Our platform is “Super-Connected,”
- Super because it is capable of trading across all other exchanges via our arbitrage

- Connected because it is easy enough for a non-techy person to operate and use.
2. The Cryptocurrency Educational Portal:
A multi-functioning portal that will act as a one-stop location for financial knowledge (ie.
Investopedia for Crypto) and advice (ie. Crypto portfolio advisers) for new and seasoned
Cryptocurrency traders.
- An attractive and user-friendly interface to present analytics.
- Features live customer service, highlights of brokers, and trackers for their various portfolios.
- Information shared by influential people and successful


in the Cryptocurrency

2.4 BitCoinage Company Rollout
Phase I
Q1 2018 Crowdsale for Cryptocurrency Exchange
Q2 2018 First ever Arbitrage Exchange Launch
Phase II


Completed (April)
Q2 2018 Crowdsale for Cryptocurrency Educational Portal
Q3 2018
Phase III
Cryptocurrency Educational Portal launch
Q4 2018
Q1 2019
Crowdsale and VC funding for Cryptocurrency
Insurance Company
Cryptocurrency Insurance Company Launch
*Dates are subject to change
The remainder of this page left intentionally blank.

3. Core Technologies
3.1 Arbitrage Exchange Trading (the first-ever)
Mutually Beneficial Partnerships
BitCoinage will be constructed with the necessary permissions to allow users to make trades
across exchanges worldwide. This will be made possible with the use of exchange application
program interfaces (API’s), intermediary wallets, and direct access to exchanges in countries
with struggling economies. Our unique exchange will take advantage of any price differences in
Cryptocurrencies that may exist across exchanges. This difference in price is called

and can be created by an increase in market demand due to a country's failing economy.
*Case Study (Middle October, 2017)
When Bitcoin was worth $5,000 on the American exchange Bittrex, it was simultaneously
worth $10,000 on, a Zimbabwean exchange.
In traditional markets arbitrage exists because of market inefficiencies and the opportunity is
often eliminated in a matter of seconds. In Cryptocurrency, a...

3.2 Bots That Learn How You Trade
BitCoinage will employ machine learning in their creation of an arbitrage-finding bot, codenamed
“Bloodhound.” This bot will begin by analyzing the last 5 years of trading data across all
exchanges in order to uncover patterns in price arbitrages.
The arbitrage bot will be able to understand when a currency is overvalued on a particular
exchange and notify users. It will create an entry each time someone trades a currency at a
differing value from the average, until a pattern is established of those exchanges where
arbitrages appear most frequently. These patterns often point to inexperienced traders,
localized exchanges, and newly-listed currencies.
Then, the bot will make use of integrated trade API’s with exchanges to buy, sell, and transfer
currencies across those exchanges. This process is called “triangular arbitrage trading.” The bot
will be able to execute a trade and immediately initiate a transfer back to the users wallet.
We believe these arbit...

not be completely centralized. Employing an enterprise blockchain for storing exterior corporate
assets will mitigate risk by transferring the asset burden to multiple administrators.
3.4 Atomic Swaps: The Future Of Currency Transfers
Cryptocurrency exchanges have been targeted by the community as a problem in need of a
solution. They have inconsistent fee structures, widely different API’s, and strong centralized
ties to fiat currencies. Atomic swap technology has been cited as the solution to the problems
posed by exchanges.
BitCoinage will work at the cutting edge of cross-blockchain development in order to benefit
from an early implementation of atomic swaps between frequently-traded currencies. This will
allow for a lower fee and faster trades between a wider range of currencies, a more dynamic
and efficient currency distribution structure, and safe, trustless trade with foreign and low-capital
3.5 Intuitive User Experience: User-friendly User Interface (U.I.)
The BitCoinag...

BitCoinage Roadmap

Q1 2018

Crowdfunding for Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Q2 2018
Crowdfunding for Cryptocurrency Educational Portal.

First ever Arbitrage Exchange Launch.
Working Prototype Completed (April).

Q3 2018
Cryptocurrency Educational Portal launch.

Q4 2018
Crowd and VC funding for Cryptocurrency Insurance Company.

Q1 2019
Cryptocurrency Insurance Company Launch.
Greg Lampkin
Greg Lampkin Principal Visionary, Founder

Kevin Ellis
Kevin Ellis Chief Technology Officer, Lead Developer

Alex Mack
Alex Mack Comptroller

Josue Gonzales
Josue Gonzales Community Head

Kyle Lampkin
Kyle Lampkin VP of Business Development and Financing

Michael Behfar
Michael Behfar Front-end Development

Daniel Mouyal
Daniel Mouyal YouTube Specialist, Community - “Networking”

Evan Gruda
Evan Gruda Software Developer

Ludie Ponce
Ludie Ponce Legal Assistant

Marie St. Juste
Marie St. Juste Administrative Assistant

Alan Anderson
Advisors Alan Anderson Author of several products used in “White House Communications” during the Reagan administration.