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Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange.
Ends in 175 days 11 hours
Goal: 17,000,000 USD
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Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world!
Ends in 144 days 11 hours
Goal: 17,500,000 USD
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Table of Content
Problem Statement
Bitdrive - A first of its kind Specialized
Blockchain-based Ridesharing service
Common issues that still plague the ridesharing
How will Blockchain based Bitdrive offer the
Perfect solution to today's Ridesharing industry?
Intricate features of Bitdrive
BitDrive Autosurance
Why choose ERC20 tokens?
Token Details
Team behind this Vision

Technology has increasingly influenced
our daily lives and significantly upgraded our
lifestyle. The evolution of Blockchain
technology has created a ripple effect on all
the industries and many of them are adapting
to these changes by incorporating this
ingenious concept in their business processes.
As an evolutionary measure, we ourselves are in the process of initiating an all-
exclusive blockchain based ridesharing services which will function through our
own crypto coin. The form of solution we envisioned is Bitdrive, a blockchain based
ridesharing service which is designed to make the likes of Uber and Lyft obsolete. In
this Whitepaper we will discuss about the present day market trends, the problems
that plague the current industry and how our unique platform will help in negating
these issues in the future and the principle technology behind it.

As Blockchain continues to expand and
venture into unknown territories, its uses are
spreading to areas that were previously
thought inconceivable. In the past few months
there has been a rise in the idea of utilizing
blockchain based services within the ridesharing
industry. Over the years, the landscape of the
commuting industry has gone through various
changes from booking a ride through a call
call to booking your ride by just a click, this particular industry has seen a lot of changes to
suit the demands of the ever-growing list of commuters. This gradual change was
expected as Blockchain technology is the only way the ridesharing industry can get
upgraded to compensate the increasing demand for these ridesharing services.
Today independent and organized ride-hailing services exist in almost every town and
major city across the globe and they are proving to be very essential for our modern life.
Due to the importance of commuting in our daily life, itâ€...

Driver based applications are becoming popular
all across the World. But the rising popularity has also
hampered the need for drivers, as automation concepts
are being explored. On the other hand, most of these
organizations hire unprofessional drivers who often
drive unlicensed and faulty vehicles. Most of the
organizations are operating by taking advantage of the
legal loopholes which allows them to avoid expensive
procedures necessary for providing high-quality ridesharing services. Not to mention that
passengers face hurdles in the centralized booking system and are charged sky-high rates
for even short distances.
In most of these situations, the passengers are losing a lot of money and are not at all
satisfied with the service. This includes drivers cheating on users by taking longer routes
because of the pricing policy. Also, there is absolutely no transparency in the organization’s
policies which have forced passengers to try alternate modes of...

Highly Centralized systems
Most of these companies have a centralized way of operating as they have
instilled centralized systems. Centralized transactions are a lengthy
and cumbersome process for both the driver as well as the passenger as they
have to process their transactions through a third-party or an intermediary and
this will result in accumulation of extra fees.
Inflated fee structure
In a centralized system there is always some hidden and unknown user
fees attached to the main fee. This becomes worse when the user is paying through
credit/debit card. In that case even the bank rates will apply.
Lack of concern for the drivers or the passengers
There have been numerous incidents where the ridesharing companies
withdrew their service from certain locations leaving many drivers in those particular
locations without any jobs. This certainly impacts the commuting of passengers who
depend on these ridesharing services.
Zero incentives for the drivers to stay
The annu...

Transportation is one segment that has
Bitdrive - A
never remained stagnant and one of the great
innovations that have recently reshaped how
things are done is the phenomenon that is
first of its kind
Ridesharing. Ridesharing was created and
popularized by Uber, who still remains the King
of this brave new industry. They were able to
redefine the way we look at transportation. But
over the years since the market has become
extremely saturated and is in danger from Uber
itself. Ridesharing is a phenomenal concept that
is just too good, too crucial and too embedded
in the modern psyche to be allowed to go down
the drain. But Uber and other centralized
organizations that have consistently abused the
industry and the trust that the passengers and
driver vest in them pose the greatest threat to
ridesharing and this is why a team of visionary
tech experts with decad...

BitDrive and
of the
One of the most intractable problems of the present ridesharing platforms has always
been the opaqueness and absolute arbitrariness of how they run their business. Drivers working with both
Uber and Lyft are forced to take whatever deal both platforms choose to give them during as they work
hard trying to earn a dignified living. Both platforms advertise a mind-boggling 25% as their share of
revenue from the driver’s hard work. That is a WHOLE QUARTER of every dime they earned! As a facilitator
and not the actual provider of this service, Bitdrive believes these numbers are outrageous and only end up
being borne by the most important people in the equation, the driver, and passenger. What is more
worrying in all this is that the 25% charge as advertised is just the tip of the iceberg for drivers, as
careful investigations have shown that adding up booking fees and other hidden charges, Uber and
Lyft actually end up taking as mu...

''To be the first ever fully-featured disruptive
blockchain-powered ride-sharing platform:
Our Vision
Common Issues that still plague the
ridesharing industry
The mainstream ride-sharing community despite
being built by Uber is far from perfect and is still
affected underlying problems. Despite creating an
industry entirely out of nothing, Uber which is valued at
over $70 billion and with customers of over 50 million people around the world has since lost
touch with its original ideas and the purpose for which it was created. The mention of the
name Uber now is synonymous with gross inefficiency, and unending controversy. Ridesharing
was created and popularized by them, but in recent times it seems the whole industry is
being endangered by Uber itself. Some of the unaccountable problems that still plague the
industry as directly related to Uber include:
Unwarranted Cover-ups
Uber as a company has expanded exponentially over the years and now it has grown so
Rana-Hassan-Abbas CEO & CO-FOUNDER

Vishal Savaliya
Vishal Savaliya Blockchain/Web developer

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Vishal Savaliya
Vishal Savaliya
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