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A new horizon of Investment

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-12-01
End date: 2018-03-01

Registrated in: UK

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Retail Real estate Platform Infrastructure
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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 3,500 ETH
Hard cap 300,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 699,500,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price Determined when the pre-sale is complete.
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The purpose of this White Paper written by Bitrent project (the “Company”) is to
present the Rntb Token (the “Rntb Token” or “Rntb” or “Token”) to potential holders in
connection with the proposed token launch. The information set forth below may not
be exhaustive and does not imply any elements of a contractual relationship.The sole
purpose of this White Paper is to provide relevant and reasonable information to
potential token holders. Holders of Rntb Token are invited to undertake a thorough
analysis of the company and to understand the current or potential future values of
any acquired Rntb tokens. Nothing in this White Paper shall be deemed to constitute
a prospectus of any sort or a solicitation for investment, nor does it in any way pertain
to an offering, or a solicitation of an offer, to buy any securities in any jurisdiction. This
document is not composed in accordance with, and is not subject to, laws or
regulations of any jurisdiction which are designed ...


Executive summary for BitRent


1. Description of the industry

1.1. Main tendencies of the industry

1.2. Main problems of the industry

1.3. Competitors

2. About BitRent project

2.1. Brief description of BitRent project

2.1.1. Construction monitoring and comfort control of BitRent structures

2.1.2. BitRent trading platform

2.2. BitRent Goals

2.2.1. Construction control optimization

2.2.2. A


2.2.3. Implementing eco standards in construction

2.3. Technical solutions used in BitRent

2.3.1. General technical description of BitRent

2.3.2. Smart contract architecture


Executive summary for BitRent
BitRent - a platform for decentralized organization of real estate investment based on
Blockchain and Smart Contracts.
Our Mission
Provide everyone with the opportunity to make investments in real estate, both
commercial and residential, at any construction stage with no geographical reference.
Our ultimate goal is to make this process as fast, transparent, and secure as possible.
What Problem Does BitRent Solve?
One of the most widespread problems of the real estate market of today is a reserved
and conservative approach during the early stage of construction, when a developer
needs seed capital most of all. An outdated control and monitoring model in
construction sector usually causes construction rise in price and a failure to meet the
date of facility commissioning, thus, making this sector quite unaffordable for the
majority of people. This problem is exacerbated by the lack of a unified database of
construction objects in need of additional funds a...

Carl Francis, architect and leading advisor, has worked in architecture sector for more
than 18 years worldwide.
The management of BitRent consists of a founder Dmitriy Starovoitov and co-founder
Dmitriy Shapran. Both partners will be taking hands-on management roles in the
company. Moreover, we have assembled a board of experts in construction and
blockchain fields to ensure efficient management operations. The experts are:
1. Carl Francis, Non-Executive Director at Imperial Corporate Capital
2. Abdulla Almansoori, Partner in Capital Capture (UK)
3. James Trefty, Senior Software Developer at California Earthquake Authority
Our Services
Our clients are private individuals and small and large companies who, by participating
in our most promising platform based on blockchain technology, aim to have the
access to the real time information about real estate worldwide and the opportunity to
participate in construction decisions at different stages. BitRent’s construction
transactions a...

• Right to obtain a detailed information about the project at any stage;
• Access to rating system of real estate objects and developers and right to rate
and comment on their quality;
• Right to vote over changes in platform policy and service fees;
• Right to vote over conflict resolutions ;
• Right to vote over business expansion in new countries.

BitRent platform provides the following services to each Developer:
• Right to be listed in Bitrent base of construction projects at any stage of
• Access to a full base of Members;
• Right to contact and communicate directly with Members; and
• Right to market themselves to the Members of the platform.
Our Competitive Advantages
• Symbiosis of the following technologies - Blockchain, Smart Contracts, BIM
and RFID;
• LEED, BREEAM certificates compliance;
• Low participation barrier - starting from $500; and
• Access to projects with no geographical reference.

Sum = X

Sum stands for the amount of Rntb received.
X stands for the amount of ETH needed to buy Rntb.
Y stands for the emission of Rntb for a certain period.
Z stands for the total amount of ETH received in the current period.
A token buyer is willing to purchase the amount of Rntb worth 10 ETH. The emission
in the current period stands for 200,000,000 Rntb, with 1,000,000 ETH received
during this period.
Sum = 10 ETH * 200 000 000 Rntb/1 000 000 ETH = 2 000 Rntb
The use of such formula makes it virtually impossible for one token buyer to purchase
all tokens.
Sum = 10 ETH * 200 000 000 Rntb/50 000 ETH = 40 000 Rntb
Token price 1 Rntb = 0,00025 ETH
BitRent is a unique blockchain platform that unites crypto-community on the one hand
and real estate developers, on the other hand and allows every person in the world to
become a real estate owner in any part of the Earth.

The primary stage of construction is the most beneficial for purchasing commercial
and residential real estate, but it is not obtainable for everyone. Our aim is to give
everyone an opportunity to access the most promising industrial, commercial, and
residential objects at all construction stages and all over the world and to provide
developers with a chance to access a huge pool of interested parties looking to buy
real estate at the construction stage. Moreover, an outdated model of construction
control and monitoring, which is generally performed almost in a manual way, leads to
a rise of the construction cost price and a failure to meet initial deadlines. BitRent
platform allows to deal with all such challenges by a symbiosis of open modeling BIM
technologies, monitoring automation of all building stages, green standards, and a
possibility of equity participation within the most perspective commercial and
residential objects at all stages of construction with the help of cryptocur...

1. Description of the industry
1.1. Main tendencies of the industry
As indicated in this White Paper, the Rntb token provides token holders with an
access to the worldwide cross-functional trading platforms for real estate construction
projects at all stages of development. The real estate market has a number of
potential advantages. First, the real estate market has low-level volatility. Second,
despite the low-level risk, such assets’ income is quite high. Ownership in commercial,
industrial and residential real estate allows to get stable income. Third incomparable
important advantage of the real property is the protection from inflation. It also
prevents asset and rent price rise at the time of money depreciation. All of the above-
mentioned advantages make real estate purchasing extremely practical for the
purpose of portfolio diversification and minimization of market risks and
macroeconomic shocks.
In the context of permanent world-population growth and rapid economic

BitRent Roadmap

September 2017
November 2017
December 2017
March 2018
June 2018
October 2018
Dmitriy Shapran
Dmitriy Shapran CEO & Co-Founder

Alexander Kucheravy
Alexander Kucheravy Architect from Belarus

Sergey Valuy
Sergey Valuy Smartum Pro CTO

Kirill Beresnev
Kirill Beresnev Enthusiastic blockchain engineer from Smartum Pro

Anna Melnychuk
Anna Melnychuk Community management/ HR expert

Mikhail Kushka
Mikhail Kushka Blockchain developer

Carl Francis
Carl Francis Qualified architect. One of the top 10 architects in the world

Abdulla Almansoori
Abdulla Almansoori The GCC countries BitRent representative

Seth Johnson
Seth Johnson Developer and BitRent Advisor

Dan Sirghi
Dan Sirghi Legal Officer

Artur Bey
Artur Bey Legal Officer

James Trefry
James Trefry Software Engineer

Andre Anikin
Andre Anikin Software engineer

Valeria Volosach
Valeria Volosach Business developer

Vitali Yermakou
Vitali Yermakou Chief Business Development Officer

Denys Krolevetskyi
Denys Krolevetskyi Blockchain developer

Victor Pylypiuk
Victor Pylypiuk Lead Copy

Vitaliy Dykyi
Vitaliy Dykyi Account manager

Denys Krolevetskyi
Denys Krolevetskyi
Blockchain developer
DLT developer
Vitali Yermakou
Vitali Yermakou
Chief Business Development Officer
Valeria Volosach
Valeria Volosach
Business developer
Community Analysist and Product Thinker
Kirill Beresnev
Kirill Beresnev
Enthusiastic blockchain engineer from Smartum Pro
Ethereum Developer
Sergey Valuy
Sergey Valuy
Smartum Pro CTO
Smartym Pro CTO and Tech Visionary
Blockchain Developer