Token: BXM

Multi-Functional Crypto-Exchange Platform

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-09-15
End date: 2018-12-15

Registrated in: Georgia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

PREMIUM ICO Screenshot
Bixtrim categories
Banking Cryptocurrency Platform
Bixtrim token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries China,Singapore,USA
Soft cap 6000000
Hard cap 51000000
Tokens for sale 53600000
Token distribution in ICO
Minimal investment 30 BXM
Bonus in ICO First week of Sales - 60%
Second week of Sales - 40%
Third week of Sales - 20%
We are "Bixtrim"! We believe in future, where cryptocurrency is not a strange word you’ve heard on the internet, but is part of each and every modern human’s daily life. In a world, where not only the segment of professionals, but everyone has easy and fast access to crypto-financial services. Just like fiat money is used today. Analyzing the market`s specificity, tendencies, commodities and services propositions, Bixtrim team noticed several common problems connected with the cryptocurrency operations that Bixtrim is ready to correct.

Problem - slow cash withdrawal from the cryptocurrency 
Bixtrim solution - using the accounts from the different banks in order to maximally use money transfer modern methods for fast transfer. Through our accounting network we will find the fastest way to your bank account. 

Problem - potential profit loss for the tokens owners
Bixtrim solution - crypto pawn shop will be developed, where coin owners can pawn them for a period of time and get them back after paying off the fees. This service allows customers to keep coins, as sell as get the needed cash for a short-term and profit in a long term.

Problem - absence of capability to make an exchange on the planned date 
Bixtrim solution  - we will develop futures contracts on a Bixtrim platform, that will support planned transactions dates. Every platform user will be able to use this function and easily trade/play. Every coins that are traded on the Bixtrim platform will support futures.

Problem - limited connection between crypto market and retail market
Bixtrim solution - we will release revolutionary plastic card that will be directly connected to the Bixtrim coin and other cryptocurrencies. This card will be available in the internet shops, ATMs, PoS terminals and will have high daily limit. The owners of the plastic cards will be able to make purchases or perform transactions anywhere and everywhere. 

Problem - high taxation 
Bixtrim solution - Bixtrim plastic card connected directly to the cryptocurrency will solve the problem. There is no need to make any exchanges or transaction, cash is not used and shouldn`t be declared as an income. Bixtrim card will help to get rid of the additional taxes and perform transactions/payments in coins using this card. 

Why Bixtrim?

Absolutely functional platform
We started the project in 2017 and created a better concept for our future platform. We strive to the better every day in order to make our platform the strongest and the most comfortable for our users.
Thinking oriented on the problems solution 
The faster crypto world develops, the more new tasks and problems users meet. With a big experience in the work of crypto trading, our team united for reaching solutions for every given task.
Strong team of professionals
Diversity - one of the main advantages of our team. Education, profession, experience, age, gender. All differences are directed to be the instruments for one common goal, on which we work together: to ease access to the digital economy on a regular basis.
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Random whitepaper excerpts

Our team’s vision is to outperform current global trends, despite the challenges and problems
regularly encountered in the cryptocurrency and blockchain field.
Through experience and technology-based solutions, we offer our clients the perfect solution to
resolve these issues.
Our Mission
We believe in a world where everyone has an access to advanced crypto financial services and these
services should be accessible by the general public rather than the professional market segment in
Our Goals
Make cryptocurrencies accessible and usable on a daily basis.
Engineer and establish an ecosystem of financial instruments based on the revolutionary benefits of
the digital economy.
In order to effectively facilitate and execute our mission, a multifunctional platform will be engineered
and designed by the Bixtrim team. Our products and services will offer the right breakthrough features
that the crypto world ...

Presently, cryptocurrency market trends and innovations are very popular global topics. The
cryptocurrency has been predicted to be the future of the finance sector as it continues to grow and
continuously evolves.
As the market is in development state, existing products/services and tools are primarily considered to
be for small professional groups such as miners and traders. Cryptocurrency platforms cater to the
needs of these groups at present. However, there is substantial room for further development, change
and adjustment of technologies, products and services for the mass market.
While analysing the market specifics, tendencies, products and services on offer, our team at Bixtrim
has identified some common problems facing existing cryptocurrency platforms and as a result the
whole market in general. Below, these problems are highlighted together with the solutions suggested
by the Bixtrim team.

Slow cash-out of cryptocurrency / Delayed cash-out
Typically, the owners of cryptocurrencies cannot exchange their currencies for fiat money instantly and
cashing out from exchange platforms takes several business days.
Bixtrim is in close partnership with one of the leading microfinance organizations in Georgia, which is
currently held under the same holding name as Bixtrim. With the full support of this financial
institution, our customers will be able to cash out cryptocurrencies at our cash desks within a few
minutes. Bixtrim will make use of the entire network of existing and future service centres, granting
easy access to fiat and crypto to all interested parties within minutes.
In addition, Bixtrim will use accounts in various banks to support as many modern money transfer
methods as possible (e.g. SEPA) to offer instant transfers. Through our account network we will be able
to rapidly track client bank accounts.
Potential loss of profit for coi...

No possibility to trade on a predetermined date
Existing exchange platforms do not support transactions planned on a determined date. This obstacle
does not allow some of the brokers to enter the crypto market.
We will develop an exclusive feature - futures contracts on the Bixtrim platform supporting a predefined date for
transactions. Every user of the platform will be able to use this feature and trade with ease. All the coins traded on
the Bixtrim platform will enjoy this futures support. While buyers/sellers are anonymous and the agreement
between them will not be legally binding, the Bixtrim platform will serve as a guarantor and freeze some amounts of
money for both parties to facilitate smooth transactions.
For example, imagine a coin with a current price of $1000. Customer X assumes that the price of the coin will
increase in a month from $1000 to $1200, while customer Y thinks it will decrease to $800. They agree to make a
transaction based on predetermined date, after a month. Bixtrim...

Guarantees for prepaid deals
Existing cryptocurrencies do not support many-sided deferred deals, which means that cryptocurrency
owners are not secured when they want to receive certain products/services and have to pay for these
in advance. There is a significant risk that they will not receive their purchases at all or will receive
these in a sub-optimal form.
Issuing a cryptocurrency, which supports the exclusive and innovative escrow feature. The coins issued
by Bixtrim will have an option where the third party, independent, predetermined or randomly chosen
principal will secure the transaction. Although, if transactions are made via Bixtrim, our system will
guarantee that the transaction will be protected. The Principal will not be able to make any other
transaction of coins and will only be able to make an obligatory transfer to the seller or buyer after a
period of time. This will be called the ‘unprecedented service’ - a new term in the cryptomarket.
For example, an individua...

Why Invest
Global Trends
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are a key facilitator for many of the products and
services being introduced as part of the innovation currently occurring in the financial services
'The Future Currency of International Business,' 'Next-Generation Gold', 'A Permission-less
Innovation', 'The era of a cashless society', and 'A Carry-less Movement' – These are all names and
titles from the new cryptocurrency era. Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has become
“alternative money” and its popularity has grown in an unprecedented manner.
This is a certain way of altering the trends currently present in the traditional financial services
industry. The cryptocurrency card method will ultimately bring better, faster and cheaper financial
services to everyone, including to those people who presently have no access to banking services.
A study of the key cryptocurrency industry sectors by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance

Country Reputation
Georgia is situated at a strategically important crossroad of Europe and Asia. Georgia has a long track
record of resilient economic performance and a well-diversified economy.
A stable political environment, liberal and free market economy, competitively priced workforce,
preferential trade regimes and a well-developed transport infrastructure makes Georgia an attractive
destination for foreign investments. Government support is strong in developing new fields and the
creation of artificial boundaries for businesses is avoided by the Georgian government.
The banking system remains the biggest part of the Georgian financial market. International ratings
prove there is stable growth in this country’s banking sector.
In April 2016, the Georgian government and Bitcoin hardware and software firm, the Bitfury Group,
launched a project to partially move land registry in Georgia to blockchain. This strategy made Georgia
the first government to secure land titles on the Bitcoin blockcha...

Platform’s Success
The success of the Bixtrim platform will benefit BXM token holders by providing increased price
stability, leading to a higher value of customer’ token assets.
Tokens allow lower commissions on exchange platforms, which means that their
market price will not be limited. The more transactions are processed on this
platform, the more value BXM tokens obtain.
Tokens provide room for lower commissions in a pawnshop, which means that their
market price will not be limited. The more coins are pawned, the more valuable BXM
tokens will become.
Tokens can be exchanged to new cryptocurrency released by Bixtrim in the near
future, which means that their market price will not be limited – the higher rises the
price of coin, the valuable BXM tokens will become.
Nature of Tokens
Cryptocurrencies are volatile, unsteady and their price rapidly increases or decreases over time. In
respect to this, owners and traders of coins end up trading in volatile market with higher risks...

Bixtrim Roadmap

June 2017
Market Research
October 2017
Bixtrim was Founded
February 2018
Final Whitepaper Issued Website Launched
June 2018
ICO started
July 2018
Private Sale and Bounty Campaign have began.
September 2018
Phase 1 — 15–25 September. Phase 2  — September 25 — October 5.
October 2018
Phase 3— 5–15 October. Phase 4 — October 15 — December 25
December 2o18
Phase 4 of sales finishes Exchange Web Platform Launch
January 2018
Token Distribution Financial Audit
Future Contracts Development exchange platform mobile application
Exchange platform desktop Application Creating Bixtrim Coin with escrow services
Issuing Debit Cards
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