Bizavest Analytics Platform
Bizavest Analytics Platform
Token: Bizc

Welcome to the future of Analytics.

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-03-02
End date: 2018-03-25

Registrated in: Nigeria

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Artificial Intelligence Big Data Business services Platform
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Bizavest Analytics Platform token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 500 ETH
Hard cap 50,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 45,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 Bizc = 0.00005 ETH
Price in PreICO 1 Bizc = 0.00003 ETH
Minimal investment 3 ETH
Acceppting ETH
Bonus in ICO 10% Bonus
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Random whitepaper excerpts

With the advent of Information Technology and data explosion via technology integration in our daily lives, more
data than ever before has become available, and many business; small or large; neither have the expertise nor
capabilities to handle these goldmines of business resources. Analytics has evolved with technology, data size and
variety and it has become quite hard for businesses to keep up.
The solution to this problem emerged a few years back with the advent of Big Data Analytics and its efficient
capabilities in generating business intelligence and delivering insight. But Big data analytics as it is used in
business today is expensive, considerably high-tech and not easily implementable by organizations- especially
small ones and start-ups
Another key problem modern analytics pose is that of getting relevant data easily without having to go through the
mass of useless data to extract what is needed. Data today is available in unprecedented amounts and unlimited

consulting services (they cost a fortune) or deploy expensive IT solutions which are difficult to implement,
maintain and sustain.
Bizavest Analytics provides a workable solution to these problems by developing an Information System that
collects valuable and tailored data for your business, delivering it at low cost to businesses thereby providing the
needed capacity to create and run a sustainable and successful as well as competitive business.
Bizavest is a data analytics and business intelligence platform that allows business and startups get relevant and
valuable information for business wherever they are with the ease of using a social network. As a result of the
emerging decentralization paradigm and its growing followership, it is now possible to develop a community
dedicated to valuable and providing data across a Blockchain.
At the core of its functionality, Bizavest is merely an intelligence gathering and insight generating system that
provides you with the most relevant i...

Bizavest aims at developing a data analytics and business intelligence platform design with the purpose of
providing decision making and market driven information and services to small and large business. In terms of
value, the Bizavest Analytics Platform provides:
: a source of income for carrying out basic to complex data entry tasks over a secure and privacy
driven platform
Existing Businesses
: A credible source of strategic and decision-making data geared at promoting business
success and sustainability.
: a less expensive solution to attaining enterprise-level capacity in terms of market research
information and business intelligence.

Bizavest gives potential investors and business owners valuable insights and advice in quick-time. The result
you need may be seconds away, minitues away or hours away. In comparision with the traditional method, it is
a lot faster.
Low Fees
High cost is a great disadvantage in the present system of analytics and Bizavest comes at a very low fee with a
high quality of detailed analysis and advice.
High Level of Security
With the high level of security possessed by Ethreum, you can be very certain that the privacy and security of
your data is in safe hands.
You do not need to be a data analyst to understand the result as the results are generated in consideration that
the community is filled with different professionals and personality.
Suitable For One-Man Business and Low Capacity Start-Ups
Bizavest brings the best available data and advices from experts to individuals and startups. It affords the micro-

Generally, the Bizavest Analytics Platform will be designed to serve three categories of users;
The Clients or Customers
The Community or Data Feeders
The Consultants or Experts
The Clients or Customers
This category of users include businesses, start-ups and individuals who require business related information like
market research data, business intelligence reports, industry reports, feasibility reports, customer data etc. to start-
up a new business or develop an existing one.
The clients will be required to;
i. Register on the platform;
ii. Request a service from an array of options provided to them
iii. Describe their service and
iv. Pay for it using Bizacoin Tokens.
Once a client has successfully carried the first three of the above steps accurately, the Bizavest System as a whole
will generate a service confirmation which will include important information like;
Duration till Service completion;
Nature and extent of service offering;

Forecasted data quality based on complexity of acquiring data; and
Terms, conditions and deliverables of service
Cost of the service in Bizacoin
If the client is satisfied with the information provided by the system, he or she proceed to make payment in
Bizacoin which is first held in escrow via smart contract. Once the system has confirmed the initial deposit of the
payment, the platform gets to work to generate desired results in the time span previously stated. Generated results
are then delivered to the client in whatever document format(s) he or she desires.
The client then has to accept the result as satisfactory for escrow to be released to the system. Reports classed
unsatisfactory will either be redone or disputed
or ‘Data Feeders’
Data Feeders will consist of regular internet users from all works of life around the world.
These individuals are the essentially the lifeblood of the system because of their role as the major source of
primary data fed to th...

Feeders would be able to collect and enter different types of data based on what the system requires to meet
a particular goal.
For example, a feeder with the appropriate data collection instrument or tool should be
able to collect various forms of data like; text, video, audio, photo images, climate data
(e.g. temperature by connecting a digital thermometer or humidity via a hygrometer
device), scientific data from microscopes, etc.
Feeders will be rewarded points or stakes for successfully and accurately feeding data to the system
Points will be exchangeable to Bizacoin at specific thresholds or payout rates
When data has been entered into Bizavest, the system performs the appropriate analytics procedure on it and
generates results. Rather than send the results directly to the client who requested for the service, the system
sends the results to another set of contributors; “
The Consultants
The consultant is required to assess ad evaluate the data ...

The entirety of the Bizavest Platform will be based on three different applications or technologies at full
deployment. These technologies are being built in such a way that they function with each other integrally where
one cannot perform its optimal function with the others and so on. What follows is a descriptive overview of the
nature and functions of the core applications of Bizavest.
SurvStream is a web/mobile application designed to interact with all three categories of users on the Bizavest
The core function of the SurvStream app is to collect and feed data/information to and from users of the
Bizavest platforms based on their specific needs or roles
Imagine being able to get relevant, accurate and verifiable data directly from the people who you need it
from without having to spend a great deal of money or having to go through many red tapes; this is what
SurvStream will offer.
Dacomian is an Artificial Intelligence machine wit...

Bizavest Analytics Platform Roadmap

2017 November
Token Generation Event.
2017 December
Community Building
2018 January
Website Launch.
White paper Release.
2018 February
Listing Bizacoin on exchanges.
2018 April
Main ICO Events

Prototype Launch.
2018 May - December
BETA Testing. Blockchain development.
Q1 2019
Third-party Integrations and Partnership Agreement.
Q2 2019
Final User Testing.
Q3 2019
Full Service Launch.
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Rasheed Bello
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