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Revolutionize How Stars and Fans Interact in the 21st Century

PreICO dates
Start date: 18th Nov 2017
End date: 18th Dec 2017

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-05-10
End date:

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Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20



Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange.
Ends in 268 days 6 hours
Goal: 17,000,000 USD
Price: 1 HART = 0.059 USD


Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world!
Ends in 237 days 6 hours
Goal: 17,500,000 USD
Price: 1 DOM = 0.25 EUR
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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 7,000,000 USD
Hard cap 22,500,000 USD
Tokens for sale 560,000,000
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Random whitepaper excerpts

Music industry has a long history plagued with
ownership and copyrights issues. In addition, many
artists, especially the new comers, find it extremely
difficult to monetize their work with current social
media ecosystems. It is so, because most of these
platforms operate in such a way that the income
generated from artists work is retained by these
platforms while leaving little or no income for the
content creators. Furthermore, there are many
frictions between artists and the other stakeholders
in the music industry such as media organizations,
event management companies, talent agencies, stu-
dio producers, etc. as they are often found to be
functioning in silos. As a result, the artists are faced
with many difficulties including managing their
content, organizing events and engaging with their
these problems through an
innovative mobile app-based platform and an entire
ecosystem built around it. The platf...

To create the biggest online ecosystem for
celebrities and fans based on BFG token enabling
downloading music, live streaming and purchasing
merchandise at a single global platform.
Blocform is a Singapore-based enterprise that has a
licensing platform from Global Topstars along with
many strategic advantages:
Over 130 Million traveler memberships from
around the world
Already has an ecosystem of exclusive technology
Collecting 100+ million fans around the world
Collaborating with talent agencies across the U.S.,
Asia, and Europe
An IPO is on the plans with listing at Nasdaq

The blockchain technology has established itself as an
immutable and robust technology that has the ability to
change, for the better, every aspect of human endeavor.
Since blockchain technology was introduced as the
backbone of the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin,
many organizations have realized its limitless possibilities
in almost every conceivable field.
Blocform is one of these organizations that promises to
be a visionary and explorer of newer areas of imple-
menting cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology
in our daily life. Venturing into the area of arts and
entertainment, it is set to revolutionize the process of
interacting and transacting with famed personalities of
the music industry. This sphere is another example of the
versatility of the blockchain technology and the same is
discussed in this document at length.
The underlying philosophy of Blocform in initiating an
enterprise in this pa...

Blocform’s core team members have proven track
records in creating successful businesses, have top
drawer technical skills and speak multiple languages.
Other team members have expertise in multiple areas
including blockchain, investment and music industry. In
addition, all members have prior experience in either
founding or working on tech startups.
Chief Executive Officer of
Blocform Global
Chief Executive Officer of

Gudao Culture
Founder of Blocform Global
Chief Marketing Officer of
Blocform Global
Chief Operating Officer of

Gudao Culture
Advisor of Blocform Global
Blockchain Consultant Top 10
Global ICO Advisor
Advisor of Financial
Development Senior Manager
at Prudential Services
Advisor In Blockchain
Technology Founding Member
for c...

Blocform is creating a mobile application for Android
and iOS users that delivers high quality, exclusive, short-
form video content to smartphone users around the
world featuring the biggest stars in the world through
content that is well-premised, well written, and well-shot.
The main goal is to create tremendous value for the
users of this application. The application is to be released
across several global territories, however, the needs of
every territory are considered and relevant content that
is tailor-made is set to be released in order to create high
levels of satisfaction across user groups.
Blocform can deliver free, ad-supported entertainment
via this application to nearly two billion smartphone users
around the world, subtitled in the language of the app
user’s choice. The users who wish to consume the
exclusive, premium content free of ads have the option
to pay $2.99 per month to watch th...

of approximately $5 billion. This revenue would have
approximately 40% contribution margin.
Blocform is licensed with mobile phone service
providers in the developing world (there are appro-
ximately one billion smartphones in the developing
world) because ad rates are relatively low and the ability
to afford $2.99 per month for ad-free viewing is limited
in the developing world. Mobile phone service providers
in the developing world, practically speaking, cannot
provide content in the way applications do on their own
(one reason being that stars do not have the hours in
their schedule to create content for every mobile phone
service company in the world). However, they can give
away Blocform at a low cost (5-10 cents per subscriber
per month) to create competitive differentiation in their
markets and drive revenue generation via data consu-
mption. At 5-10 cents per subscriber per month,
licensing ...

Blocform will provide global advertisers with high-
quality content featuring top stars sponsored on mobile
devices. Global advertisers spent almost $600 billion in
2016 (up about 6% over 2015) on advertising across all
media distribution platforms of which mobile is by far the
fastest growing and on top priority. Advertisers spent
almost $100 billion on mobile advertising in 2016 (up
about 50% from 2015) with a growth rate projected to
about 24% per year on average over the next three
years. Blocform strategically focuses on the top 200
global advertisers that account for approximately 40% of
all ad spending and a sizeable pool that can be efficiently
targeted by apps, particularly given that Blocform’s top
stars have existing relationships with most of these major
Total Media Ad Spending Worldwide, 2015-2021
Total media ad spending
% change
508,97 $
544,41 $

Therefore, the growing value is based on factors such
Communication events
Singer contracts
Fan downloads
App enhancements
Through media events in the world, Blocform is to
spread in reach, coverage, and build the definition of the
most advanced social network for artists and the most
influential individuals in the community. Along with the
increase in awareness, the concept of interaction will
gradually be formed through direct discussions with
artists, which ideally would turn into the signing of
cooperation contracts. When artists have their own social
network, they stimulate and call to action their fans to
download the application in order to create their own
digital ecosystem resulting in faster and safer commu-
nication between artists and their fans.
Conceptualized and built by Blocform’s experienced
experts in-house, the application is developed keeping in
mind ...

Blocform Roadmap

Oct 2017
BFG - GTS Kickstarts The Celebrities's Application Event.
Oct 2017
BFG - GTS Announces Technology Transfer to CHINA on Television Station channel VTV1 & HTV1.
Nov 2017
BFG Launches Pre-Sale in Singapore.
Dec 2017
BFG - GTS Opens Winter Party to Launch App With Celebrities.
Mar 2018
BFG Opens New Office in United States.
Mar 2018
BFG Hosts A Private Dinner with Celebrities in Hyatt Hotel & Resort (Huntington Beach, USA).
Apr 2018
BFG Launches BlocForm Mobile App.
May 2018
BFG -Gudao Partnership Signing Ceremony.
Jun 2018
BFG Launches a Top Trade Platform with BFG payment gateway (E-commerce Mobile App).
Sep 2018
BFG go to Exchange and listing on CMC.
Sep 2018
BFG Launches TopStars App with BFG payment gateway.
Nov 2018
BFG - Gudao Opens New Office in Euroupe.
Dec 2018
BFG - Gudao Kickstarts The Celebrities's Application Event.
Dec 2018
BFG Updates New Features for TopStars Mobile App.
Feb 2019
BFG Launches New Game App for Ecosystem.
May 2019
BFG Develops More Apps for Asian Celebrities.
Aug 2019
Upgrade new feature of the Ecosystem.
2020 2021
Upgrade new feature of the Ecosystem.
Ni Lin
Team Ni Lin Chief Executive Officer of Blocform Global Chief Executive Officer of Gudao Culture

David Lee
Team David Lee Founder of Blocform Global

Kiki Wu
Team Kiki Wu Chief Marketing Officer of Blocform Global Chief Operating Officer of Gudao Culture

Amarpreet Singh, Mba
Team Amarpreet Singh, Mba Advisor of Blocform Global Blockchain Consultant Top 10 Global ICO Advisor

Jukka Pellinen
Team Jukka Pellinen Advisor of Financial Development Senior Manager at Prudential Services

Max Ng
Team Max Ng Advisor In Blockchain Technology Founding Member for

Eric Alexandre Ceret
Team Eric Alexandre Ceret Creative Director Specialized in Blockchain Technology Founder of Jetcoin

Jan Sjodin
Team Jan Sjodin Chief of Advisor SMTS Compiler Engineer at AMD

David Lee
David Lee
Founder of Blocform Global
Angel Investor and Advisor
Operating Director
CEO of Yello Digital Marketing Group
Project Manager
VP, H/F China
Management Support Director
Management Support Director
Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences
VP, H/F China
Eric Alexandre Ceret
Eric Alexandre Ceret
Creative Director Specialized in Blockchain Technology Founder of Jetcoin
Creative Advisor
Max Ng
Max Ng
Advisor In Blockchain Technology Founding Member for
Strategic Advisor
Managing Director
Managing Director, Co-founder
Max NG
Max NG