Blockchain Hotels
Blockchain Hotels
Token: HCI

The First Chain Of Hotels Based On Blockchain

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-04-30
End date: 2018-05-31

Registrated in: Gibraltar

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


Blockchain Hotels categories
Real estate Tourism
Blockchain Hotels token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries Usa, Korea, China, Germany
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 27,720,000 USD
Tokens for sale 210,000,000
Price 1 HCI = 0.11 USD
Price in PreICO 1 HCI = 0.08 USD
Minimal investment 100 USD
Acceppting ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
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Table of Content
1. Legal Aspects and Issues p.3
2. CEO Introduction p.4
3. Abstract - Our Goal p.5
3.1 The Challenge
3.2 The Solution
3.3 Why Blockchain Hotels
4. The Opportunity: The Hospitality Industry p.9
5. Opur Plan p.10
6. The Product p.13
6.1 Fun
6.2 Sustainable Energy Independence
6.3 Security and Mobility
6.4 Facility
6.5 Production & Scalability
7. The Offer p.17
7.1 Two Types of Blockchain Hotels Investment Options
7.2 Hotel Fees
7.3 Profit Sharing
7.4 Cryptocurrency Hotel Coin (HCI)
7.5 How Contributing $1000 Can Give You Almost a
Year’s Worth of Accommodations at Hotels Around The World?
7.6 Why we Speculate on Growth?
7.7 Finally You Can Spend Your Cryptocurrency
7.8 Hotel Prime Membership
7.9 Why We Are Raising Funds Through an ICO
7.10 Coin and Room Certificate Pricing During the ICO
7.11. Entering the Public Exchanges
7.12 Price of The Hotel Coin (HCI)

1. Legal Aspects and Issues
The information set forth in this document may not
be exhaustive and does not imply any elements of
a contractual relationship. Its sole purpose is to
provide relevant and reasonable information to
potential token holders in order for them to
determine whether to undertake a thorough
analysis of the company with the intent of acquiring
tokens. This White Paper does not constitute an
offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy a
security in any jurisdiction in which it is unlawful to
make such an offer or solicitation. Neither the Swiss
FINMA nor the Gibraltar GFSC nor the United States
Securities and Exchange Commission nor any other
foreign regulatory authority has approved a
contribution for the tokens. Although the token is
not a security, and token holders are in no way
shareholders or stockholders of Blockchain Hotels,
in the case that the token may be categorized as a
security it may be subject to certain r...

2. CEO Introduction
Hello Blockchain Hotels Community,
Finally, after hours and hours spent on conversations, feedback, analysis and an additional month of
research, we are happy to present the final version of the Blockchain Hotels Whitepaper.
As we move towards the main campaign there will still be some small elements that will continue to evolve
regarding technology and legal, but almost everything discussed such as the market cap, price point, and the
business model itself will not change.
We were so happy to see the excited reaction to this whitepaper in comparison to the previous one.
For those who consider themselves global citizens, travelling to new countries and beautiful places is a
cornerstone of our identity. It is who we are. The new generation of pioneers who see not only their country,
but the whole world as their home. People who want global currency and global changes. Visiting new places,
new countries, and new cultures is what connects us to the global community as citizens of the wor...

3. The Abstract - Our Goal
Imagine a chain of hotels located in the world’s
most beautiful paradise locations and exciting
urban hubs, serving the community of blockchain
pioneers and digital nomads as they live, work,
travel and collaborate.
Blockchain Hotels will be hospitality reimagined
and redesigned; The most innovative, fun hotel
chain in the world. Fast to setup using new
modular technologies. Environmentally friendly,
energy- independent smart facilities supporting
blockchain networks worldwide, providing a 1 of a
kind hotel experience combining fun and
Each hotel not only provides great accommodations
and supports a global network of like minded
people, but each location is a node that is part of
something larger. They are data centers supporting
the worldwide blockchain networks. Not just one,
but many of them. Blockchain Hotels support our
global community and their technology.
Decentralized from electricity an...

environments, inclusive co-working spaces, amazing attractions, a variety of accommodations, electric
jet-skis, mini-submarines, and the chance for guests to profit from their involvement. Located in the world’s
most exciting destinations, they are fun, scalable, fast to set up, flexible, and profitable.
The Blockchain Hotel brand will offer 2 hotel variations: “Blockchain City” for urban locations and “Blockchain
Paradise” in beautiful tourist destinations.
3.1 The Challenge
In the hospitality industry today, the guest is a number. A statistic to provide earnings. Hotels are measured
by the money the generate per square foot.
Guests, are not that important any more. Hotel brands think only of money, while customer service takes a
back seat. Contemporary Hotels feel that designing a fun hotel with things like slides and secret rooms is a
waste of money, as this room could be used for bringing revenue. They ask why waste essential space if it do
not generate income?
Why bother being so...

3.2 The Solution
One of the most innovative and fun Hotel chains in
the world, implementing cryptocurrency, a new
kind of ownership, and a new crowdfunding model.
Energy independent, gamified, affordable, fast to
set up and scaleable. Simply outstanding in every
3.3 Why Blockchain Hotels
Aside from the founders being early bitcoin
investors, Pawel and Robert have been in the
cryptocurrency world since the early days
promoting and believing in the development of the
Aside from “Hotel Coin” our Ethereum based
cryptocurrency, our mobile app uses blockchain
technology for our decentralized guest data and
payment system, ensuring the security of all hotel
Besides being an extraordinary place to stay or
hangout, Blockchain Hotels will have their own
data center with computing power to support the
crypto world and blockchain technologies. We will
build nodes not only for popular crypto assets like...

Part of our further vision is to develop Blockchain
Hotels into smart facilities built on innovative,
Internet-of-things technologies.
These smart hotels will use electronic sensors and
devices to manage resources and help the
automation process, making hotel life easier, more
efficient, affordable, and more fun.
As IOTA technology continues to develop, we will
work to research the best possible solutions for our
brand. These elements still require a lot of research
as we are still working to find the best options
before we propose the exact solutions that we will
Whitepaper v3.1 March 22, 2018
Page 8

4. The Opportunity:
The Hospitality Industry
The global hotel market generates close to $600
billion a year. Some locations are so popular that
even with an abundance of hotels in the area there
are frequently no available rooms.
To meet this rising demand, major hotel brands like
Hilton will open 30 new hotels in the next two years
in The U.K. alone, while Marriott plans to open 40
new hotels in 2018 and has an additional 200
hotels planned for the next few years.
There is a clear indication that the hotel market is
steadily growing, and existing brands are
expanding to capitalize on the demand.
Blockchain Hotels chooses locations based on
popularity and demand, with an eye for the niche
created by high prices, availability, and
under-served ...

Blockchain Hotels Roadmap

February 2018
Paradise Hotel - legal preparation and architectural design. Private Sale. KYC registration.
June 2018
ICO. Hotel IT development. Hotek Delivery Team recruitment.
July 2018
Entering the exchanges. Paradisa Hotel - plot purchase
September 2018
Paradise Hotel - module production
December 2018
Paradise Hotel module shipping
January 2019
Paradise Hotel assembly
March 2019
Paradise Hotel - opening.
Next hotel campaign.
May 2019
Next hotel - legal preparation and architectural design.
September 2019
Next hotel - plot purchase
Noveb9102 rem
Next hotel - module production
February 2020
Next hotel module shipping
March 2020
Next hotel assembly
May 2020
Next opening opening.
Campaign for next hotels.
July 2020
Next hotel - legal preparation and architectural design.
November 2020
Next hotel - plot purchase
January 2021
Next hotel - module production
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