Token: LNC

Freelance on the blockchain

PreICO dates
Start date: 7th Sep 2017
End date: 21st Sep 2017

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-01-16
End date: 2018-02-16

Registrated in: Austria

Platform: Ethereum

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Blocklancer categories
Business services
Blocklancer token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Price 1 ETH = 10,000 - 15,000 LNC
Price in PreICO 1 ETH = 20,000 LNC
Acceppting ETH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

1. Contents
1. Contents
2. Abstract
3. Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ)
4. Market and Industry
5. The Token
5.1. Premium Accounts
5.2. Participate in the Tokenholder Tribunal (THT) and earn your share of the platform fees 7
6. The Token Holder Tribunal
6.1. Process
6.2. Calculation of the votes
6.3. Calculation of the distributed Fees
6.4. Common disputes
6.5. Expert Tribunal
6.6. Double vote attacks
6.7. Scalability
6.8. Self-vote protection
6.9. Majority Overtaking
6.10. The Tokenholder Tribunal as a Game
6.11. Can I lose anything?
6.12. Know Your Customer (KYC)
6.13. Preventing wrong voting
7. Ratings and Reviews
7.1. Overview
7.2. Process
7.3. Reviews
7.4. Disputing...

8.4. Reporting Spam
8.5. Why only 10 bids?
9. User Profile
10. Problems in the industry
11. Blocklancer Platform Processes
11.1. Process of Creating a Job
11.2. Process of Completing a Job
11.3. Process of a Successful Project
11.4. Process of a Token Holder Tribunal
12. System Architecture
12.1. Core Architecture
12.2. The Tokenholder Tribunal Architecture
12.3. Database
12.4. Database Queries
12.5. Proof of Resolution
13. Blocklancer Alpha release
13.1. Early Beta Release
13.2. Is the Early Beta Version Already a Useable Application?
14. Blocklancer is more than a freelancing platform
14.1. How it works
14.2. One Profile/Balance for all Platforms
14.3. The Tutoring platform: Blocktutor
15. Comparing Freelancing Platforms
15.1. Comparison with Ethlance
15.2. Spendings
16. Future
17. Short Term goals:
18. Roadmap
19. More information regarding Blocklancer
20. Contacts
21. So...

2. Abstract
The Blocklancer whitepaper will introduce and elaborate on the many features and novelties
the platform will introduce to the freelancing world. Furthermore, we will look into our Initial
Coin Offering (ICO) round details and delve into our ideas and ambitions for the future of the
Blocklancer platform and ecosystem.
The Blocklancer platform is intended as a means to revolutionize the process of freelancing
and improve the cooperation between the freelancer and the Client. It is going to solve many
issues involved in the Freelancing process, including but not limited to:

refusals of payment for the agreed-on amount of money for a project,

fake or undeserved reviews, and

the uncontrollable influence and abuse of power of a central authority figure
3. Distributed Autonomous Job Market (DAJ)
It is our belief that a completely self-regulatory system is the best solution for a Freelancer
platform such as Blocklancer. Therefore, we have created a new...

4. Market and Industry
Freelancing is one of the fastest growing markets in the world
with the Freelance workforce
being comprised of 55 million workers; comparing this number to the 30 million freelancers
only 10 years ago, we can see a substantial growth in the freelancing workforce with almost
double the amount of workers today. Freelancers currently represent approximately 35% of
the U. S. workforce.
The whole Freelance workforce has earned a combined revenue of an estimated $ 1 trillion
this past year, making up a significant share of the U. S. economy.
That’s not all: The freelancing world is an ever
-growing market with more and more people
getting into freelancing every year. In a survey, nearly half of all the Freelancers currently
active in this field of work saw an increase in demand and are expecting to raise their revenue
in the coming year as well.
If only 0.01 % of the Freelancer community were to use our platform

which is feasib...

5. The Token
Max supply
$10 million USD
$1 million USD
Power day with 12,000 LNC : 1 ETH
After power day: 10,000 LNC : 1 ETH for first 10 Million Tokens
Rate decreases by 1% for every 10 Million Tokens sold
Minimum rate is 7,000 LNC : 1 ETH
Blocklancers fees are distributed amongst Tokenholders
LNC is a tradable token
A holder of the Lancer Token benefits from the Blocklancer platform in two ways.
- If you hold more than 10,000 Lancer Token you get access to premium features on the
Blocklancer platform. After holding more than 10,000 Lancer Tokens for a period of at
least 1 month your account will be automatically upgraded to a premium account.
- If you hold Lancer Tokens, you are allowed to participate in the Tokenholder Tribunal.
For participating in the Tokenholder Tribunal in an honest and informed way you will
be rewarded by a share of the...

This way we incentivize people, who are interested in the long-term success of Blocklancer.
People, who are holding Lancer Tokens purely for speculative reasons and short periods of
time, will not be able to use premium features.
With the success of the Blocklancer platform the demand for Lancer Tokens will increase, on
the other hand the supply for Lancer Tokens will decrease, because premium users will not
sell their Tokens, because they would lose access to the premium features.
The premium account includes features such as:
- Getting access to detailed profile statistics. Know, who viewed your profile and how
you can optimize your profile appearance.
- Only allow the best rated freelancers to apply for your jobs. Your job offers will be
predominantly visible to the best freelancers on the platform. Freelancers with no
rating or bad rating will not be allowed to apply for your jobs.
- Your job offers will be higher ranked by our search engine.
- Your application for a job offer will be ra...

6. The Token Holder Tribunal
The Tokenholder Tribunal is activated, if there is a dispute between client and freelancer. In
order to activate the Tokenholder Tribunal a small fee (~50USD) has to be paid. This way we
make sure that the Tokenholder Tribunal is not abused.
Moreover, it is more attractive to activate our Tokenholder Tribunal compared to dispute
settlements of conventional freelancing websites. The fees of traditional freelancing platforms
regarding dispute settlements are far too high (~$500 USD) for common disputes, which is
unreasonable for most jobs.
If the activation of the Tokenholder Tribunal would be free, a rational agent would always
choose to activate the Tokenholder Tribunal. Even if the agent knows that he has not fulfilled
the task, he will activate the Tokenholder Tribunal, because there is a very small probability
that the Tokenholder Tribunal decides that the agent is right. By introducing this small fee, we
are preventing these very agents from abusing the Tokenholder ...

6.2. Calculation of the votes
The Tokenholder Tribunal is open for a certain period of time (~ 1 week) and the participating
Tokenholders are also able to change their decision during this period. During this period the
tally is not visible to the participating Tokenholders.
The Tokenholders can vote either in favor of the client or the freelancer. After this period, the
tally becomes visible to everyone and the final decision is made public.
The settlement is done by majority vote. If no majority is reached, the involved client and
freelancer have the possibility to activate another Tokenholder Tribunal.
the Tokenholder belongs to the majority, his vote is counted as “positive vote”, whereas if
the Tokenholder belongs to the minority, his vote
is counted as “negative vote”.
6.3. Calculation of the distributed Fees
After every dispute each Tokenholder who participated in the dispute receives a so-called vote
share. The vote share is higher, the less Tokenholders take part...

Blocklancer Roadmap

Q1/Q2 2017 - Concept Creation
The formalization of the initial idea.
Q2 2017 - Smart Contracts
The implementation of the smart contracts with Solidity.
Sep 2017 - Demo Version
Demo version is released before the pre-sale. Pre-sale contributors are able to explore Blocklancer before the pre-sale tokensale.
Tokens are sold during the pre-sale period with a bonus. The max cap was reached in less than 3 days.
Oct/Nov 2017 - Alpha Release
The alpha version of Blocklancer will be released. The smart contracts will be deployed in the Ethereum Testnet. The feedback from the users will be directly used for improving the platform.
Q4 17 / Q1 18 - ICO
The public tokensale goes online.
Q1 2018 - Beta Release
A stable version of the platform will be released in the Ethereum Testnet.
Q2 2018 - Blocklancer Release
After extensive testing of the Beta version the Blocklancer platform will be finally deployed in the Ethereum Mainnet.
Q3 2018 - Improvements of the Usability UX/UI
The usability of the platform will be improved step-by-step. A mobile version of Blocklancer will be released for iOS and Android.
Q3 2018 - Decentralize everything
The storage of the platform will be decentralized. We will work together on this problem with our partners from the Moreover we will work on solutions to decentralize the communication between freelancers and clients (Whisper protocol).
Q3 2018 - Extend Userbase / Marketing
We start a big marketing offensive to bring freelancers and clients on the platform.
Q4 2018 ongoing - Further Improvements / Stability & Support
The Blocklancer platform and the mobile apps will be further improved.
Michael Kaiser
Michael Kaiser CEO/CTO, co-founder

Sabrina Kaiser
Sabrina Kaiser COO, co-founder

Kevin Kaiser
Kevin Kaiser CIO, co-founder

Christof Kurzemann
Christof Kurzemann CFO, co-founder

Alexander Thellmann
Alexander Thellmann Community Manager & Content Creator

Christian Wirthensohn
Advisors Christian Wirthensohn Legal Advisor

Cordula Kreidl
Advisors Cordula Kreidl International Strategies and Marketing

Chris Abdey
Advisors Chris Abdey Client Retention and Customer Management

Jason Hung
Advisors Jason Hung ICO Advisor

Jason Hung
Jason Hung
ICO Advisor
Advisor, technology, Greater China scaling
Chairman & CSO
MBAT Bank co-founder and Entrepreneur
Smart Contract Advisor
MBAT Bank Chairman & Co-founder
Blockchain Advisor
Strategy Advisor
ICO Advisor
Marketing & PR Advisor
Advisor, Taiwan, Republic of China
GFOB cofounder, ICOBench Top Advisor
ICO Advisor & Founder Of Crypto Fund
STO Advisor
Chris Abdey
Chris Abdey
Client Retention and Customer Management
Blockchain Business Advisor
Advisor-Crypto Market Expert