Plug & Play protocol for commercial real estate.

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-08
End date: 2018-02-28

Registrated in: Slovenia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Software Real estate Platform Infrastructure token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Tokens for sale 10,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 BST = 0.50 USD
Price in PreICO 1 BST = 0.10 USD
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Tranched pre-sale to reward early contributors. news, social search trends in Google
Random whitepaper excerpts

Blockchains will
UPGRADE networks
TO markets
To understand blockchain one must first
understand society.
1/ Blockchains will replace networks with markets.
2/ Humans are the networked species. The first species to
network across genetic boundaries and thus seize the world.
3/ Networks allow us to cooperate when we would otherwise go
it alone. And networks allocate the fruits of our cooperation.
4/ Overlapping networks create and organize our society.
Physical, digital, and mental roads connecting us all.
5/ Money is a network. Religion is a network. A corporation is a
network. Roads are a network. Electricity is a network...
6/ Networks must be organized according to rules. They require
Rulers to enforce these rules. Against cheaters.
7/ Networks have “network effects.” Adding a new participant
increases the value of the network for all existing participants.
8/ Network effects thus create a winner-take-all dynamic. The
leading network tends towa...

Blockchains will replace networks with markets
Why Blocksquare?
Updating Commercial Real Estate
Unlocking Value
Sharing Economy: Impacts on commercial real estate
Establishing a new category
Commercial real estate Property Types
Multi-device Development
Re al-Wo r l d As s ets To keni z ation 
Liquidity Premium: Unlocking Value
Diversification Limits
Real Estate 3.0:
Opening Access
Remote Property Management
an d u s e r a do ptio n 
Value propositions
The Blocksquare System
Graphic Overview
P ro pTo ke n Sta nda rd
P ro pTo ke n s (B S PT )
To ke n F l ow
P ro pTo ke n Generatio n (PTG E )
Blocksquare tokens ...

Early movers on the blockchain real estate vertical have proved
there is strong interest in fractional real estate markets. Platforms
such as Propy, Brickblock, Real and others show us the platform
layer of this market. However, in order for this new market to
start, a system that can scale through already established routes
and incetivise those who wish to participate in it’s creation is
Blocksquare is a plug & play set of protocols, APIs and tools for
simple property tokenisation. Similar to how Stripe offers easy
online payment processing for e-commerce sites, Blocksquare
is building a system so online real estate platforms can tap into
the upcoming tokenised real estate market.
Platforms will choose to integrate Blocksquare because:
1. it will enable them to leverage blockchain technology
at minimal cost,
2. the system can be adapted to local regulatory rules,
3 . t h e P ropToke n s t an d ard e n cou rag e s market

Updating Commercial
Real Estate
W i l l b l o c kc ha in tec hno lo g y produce PropTe ch 3. 0, t h e n ext wave
of innovation in real estate? Since 2012, real estate tech companies
have raised USD 6.4 billion in funding and 4 companies have been
minted to the unicorn club. This activity indicates real estate is
in need of a big update, and a 95-page report written by Andrew
Baum and released by Saïd Business School, University of Oxford
t ake s an exp a ns i ve lo o k at PropTe ch an d REtech . Th e report
findings detail the changes facing the real estate industry and
blockchain is already taking a big part.
The reason tokenization improves liquidity, is
because it enables deeper markets. Since tokens
are highly divisible and global, the potential number
of market participants is substantially higher than
what we see today in markets for illiquid assets.
- Stephen McKeon
The real estate industry can use blockchain or distributed ledger
technology to buil...

Establishing a new category
Creating a new category to challenge the status quo and start
something truly new and original is one of the most difficult
undertakings in business. Blocksquare is working to change how
we perceive real estate investments. We foresee a future where
investing in tokenized CRE properties will replace traditional real
estate investment options of today. Much like Uber and Airbnb
have created travel products that allow people to find rides
or places to stay with an ease that was previously unheard of,
Blocksquare is set to open global CRE to anyone with an internet
Tokenizing relatively illiquid assets and creating a
market in which to trade these tokens can reduce
the illiquidity discount substantially by reducing
frictions to trade. Traditional assets will tokenize
because they will lose the liquidity premium if they
- Stephen McKeon
Sharing Economy: Impacts on
commercial real estate
Sharing econ...

Commercial real estate
Property Types
In recent years, commercial real estate has increasingly migrated
into the mainstream as a sought after asset. Previously long
considered an “alternative asset” class that floated on the
periphery of traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and
mutual funds, commercial real estate is today the third largest
asset class.
There are four basic groups in real estate generally viewed as
office, industrial, retail and multifamily. With numerous other
property types outside of the core four, including hotels, self-
storage, medical office, senior housing, student housing and
land, among others, commercial real estate is vast in almost every
Although the Blocksquare protocol can potentially accommodate
any type of real estate, we believe it will be first used by
platforms focused on the growing market of professional short-
term rentals (i.e. flats for Airbnb). This market has grown in recent
years and today off...

Real-World Assets
To ke n i z at i o n i s the p ro ces s of convert in g right s to an asset into
a digital token on a blockchain and is expected to have a serious
impact on liquidity across multiple asset classes in the decade to
Thousands of years of property ownership has led to a wide variety
of types of ownership and control such as holding property on
behalf of another person. The details depend on the jurisdiction,
type of law, asset, and the rights intended to be transferred.
To d ay, re a l-wo r ld a s s ets like stocks, gold, oil or real est ate are
difficult to physically transfer or subdivide, so buyers and sellers
choose to trade paper that represents some or all of the asset. But
paper and complex legal agreements are cumbersome, difficult
to transfer and can be hard to track.
Blockchain and smart contracts offer the required technology to
evolve to a digital system linking tokens to a real-world asset.
The goal is to achieve the ...

Real Estate 3.0:
Opening Access
Real estate investing is a concept that’s as old as the idea of
property ownership itself. Land, like any other valuable resource,
can be bought, refined, repackaged, marketed, and sold, or
rented out for a profit. What has begun to change in the last
years are the tools and techniques that are becoming available
for anyone investing in real estate assets. As a result, real estate
crowdfunding platforms, also referred to as RECF platforms, have
become an increasingly popular source for both financing and
investing in real estate assets.
While all this represents a great step in opening access to real
estate investments, a more in depth analysis of major RECF
platforms reveals inflexibilities and limitations these platforms are
unable to overcome, due to the non-digital nature of the underlying
complex and cumbersome structure of legal agreements making
these real estate assets, even though fractional, difficult to trade.
The Block... Roadmap

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