Token: BLOCK

The Future of Data Storage

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Registrated in: Brazil

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC-20


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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 6000 ETH
Hard cap 10800 ETH
Tokens for sale 108,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 BLOCK = 0.0001 ETH
Acceppting ETH
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BlockStorage Roadmap

JAN 2018
We start to work on the concept, creang study cases to reach both users already familiar with crypto and that don't. Seeking to put
together the best for both worlds. Starng to put a team together.
MAR 2018
Finished the blockstorage protocol concept with the best way to store files.Starng to draw the system and SDK architeture.
Created a prove of concept with the access baseline, making use of lots of blockchains to storage and recover files.
MAY 2018
Keep up at the blockchains integraon and making our customer service beer.
JUN 2018
Geng done some ICO campaign details. Advisors reached, starng seed round and planning crowdsale to end of the month.
Geng ready some contracts, KYC and some stuff to starng the campaign.
SEP 2018
With the SKD development finished at this point, we'll integrate with the communit to add support for more blockchains.
Also, we'll start the "MyBlocks" that will be something like "MyEtherWallet" to provide a simple way for our customers manage the sending and retrieve of his files.
NOV 2018
Keep up with the SDK improvement, always trying to reach maximum of blockchains as possible. Development of "MyBlocks" at half at this point. Searching more exchanges to be lisng our tokens.
JAN 2019
Geng "MyBlocks" done and accessible to users. Starng a new community vote, to choose the next blockchains to
be integrated.
MAR 2019
We'll focus our efforts on clients to create a robust customer service. Integrate directly with Ethereum to make possible use of blocks Token on Ethereum Blockchain without ether.
MAY 2019
Keep up at the blockchains integraon and making our customer service beer.
JUN 2019
Working at the big integraons chosen by community and looking for partnerships to implement our SKD, as websites who needs
store files and images without storage integraon at this point.
SEP 2019
Keeping the blockchains integron and start working with the new partners to provide the best of our service.
Felipe Teixeira
Felipe Teixeira Founder & CEO

Lucas Pitta
Lucas Pitta Co-founder & CTO

Thiago Morales
Thiago Morales Core Developer

Gabriel Rosario
Gabriel Rosario Data Analyst

João Faraco
João Faraco Designer

Felipe Teixeira
Felipe Teixeira
Founder & CEO
Founder at BlockStorage
Blockchain Developer and investor
Blockchain Developer and investor
Blockchain Developer and Investor
Blockchain Developer and Investor