Blue Chip Vision
Blue Chip Vision
Token: BCV

An Alternative Digital Future

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Start date:
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Registrated in: Cayman Islands

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 13333333 BCV
Hard cap 48714285 BCV
Tokens for sale 48,714,285
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 BCV = 0.375 USD
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further divided seating into additional hierarchical classes and assigned optional premium fees
for passengers wishing to pay extra to get these benefits. Airlines also overbook planes as a
means of hedging against passenger no-shows. In response to the challenge of boarding
passengers, airlines have divided them into boarding groups. These groupings allow a portion of
the whole passenger contingent to form a shorter line and board before proceeding to another
group and so on until all passengers are boarded. Airlines also offer access to earlier boarding
groups and generate additional revenue from passengers willing to pay to be upgraded to an
earlier boarding group.
In the traffic management systems associated with urban freeways, on-ramps to busy freeways
often employ ramp metering, or staged entry by means of a traffic light. While carpooling
provides privileged access to lanes based on passenger number configurations, while
intersections traffic lights, ensures efficiency and equal opportunity over l...

Crypto Adoption Turbine
These technologies and platforms operate in sync to form the CAT process. The result is
the leveraging of the trustless and immutable properties of blockchain technology to
create a distributed queuing system, that is easily auditable, transparent and automated.
The benefit of adoption is for all those engaged including the Opportunity Offerer, the
token holder and the longevity of the underlying blockchain and its cryptocurrency.
The Blue Chip Token
This token will be constructed as a standard ERC20 token which functions on top of the
Ethereum blockchain [2].The primary usage of ‘Blue Chip’ is to enable holders to commit bids
towards obtaining or winning a position in the OAQs becoming an OAQ Member for an offered
opportunity enabling the Blue Chip holders entry to then transact for the opportunity acquisition.
Blue Chips and the OAQ Module provide a flexible structure for managing early and/or
preferred access to OAQs for an infinite range of offered opportuni...

Figure 1:
The Blue Chip is shown from its creation post the BCV Holdings ICO conclusion, onward through its
usage as a held token that can likely be bought and sold in exchange markets, as well as being used in and cycled
through the OAQ Module, AEMM and the same 3rd party exchange markets (collectively the CAT process).
The OAQ Module and Autonomous Exchange Management Mechanism (AEMM)
The OAQ Module will then securely interact with the OAQ Management Contract and the
AEMM, which is an agent/bot designed to connect to and interact with registered and authorized
exchanges, via the exchanges’ exposed APIs, in order to exchange Blue Chips for ETH, which it
will then send back to the associated OAQ Management Contract.
The AEMM will be an agent/bot, a piece of software that securely holds the private key/s
associated with wallet account/s at exchanges. It will periodically check the blockchain to watch
as Blue Chip tokens are sent to it by the OAQ Module. As Blue Chip tokens come in, it will

Blue Chips on the exchange. It can use the APIs to determine when these sell orders have
completed. It can then use the API to route the ETH on account to the Blue Chip wallet with the
address 0x0...987654, where it can then transfer the ETH Back to the OAQ Management
One characteristic aspect of the Blue Chip OAQ model is the ranking order that’s established at
the end of a OAQ Period. That ranked order will inform not only the OAQ itself, in terms of
when and in what order OAQ Member will be able to begin their participation, but also the
prioritized order in which the ETH obtained by the exchange of Blue Chips of OAQ Members,
and held in the OAQ Management Contract will be available for withdrawal.
The OAQMM will instruct the AEMM to send all of its Blue Chips to the Blue Chip wallet with
the address 0x0...987654 and subsequently execute a single SELL order, sending back ETH as
buyers on the exchange buy the Blue Chips, recording each transaction and sending ETH back to
the OAQ Manag...

this point forward, the OAQ Management Contract will govern and control the OAQ itself for
the Offered Opportunity.
Figure 2.
The Blue Chip and the OAQ depicted above works on the model of the highest bidder of Blue Chips
wins the highest place, the second highest bidder the second place, and so on down to the lowest bidder. It starts
with the OAQ Manager downloading the OAQ Module (1) and then configuring the OAQ for 5 exotic vehicles at
a value of $7.5m each for acquisition (2)(3)(4) then complied within the smart contracts autonomy (5) ready for
AEMM interactions (9a)(10c), it then shows in the upwards direction from the OAQ Module (5) the participants
bid Blue Chips with limited (only five of) opportunities available and the applicable terms and conditions set
within the parameters (5) also transparently viewable to all bidders (6)(7)(8a)(8b) the lucky 5 whom then become
OAQ Members (7) and their bid Blue Chips are automatically sold for ETH via the AEMM
(9a)(9b)(9c)(10a)(10b)(11). In limited OAQs, o...

Figure 3:
The Blue Chip Token & System Flow Diagram shows how the OAQ Module and OAQ Management
Contract accept incoming bid of Blue Chips during the configured OAQ Period. When the OAQ Period ends, the
OAQ Host authorizes the OAQ Management Contract to send all of its contained bid Blue Chips to the
Autonomous Exchange Management Mechanism (AEMM), which then immediately and securely transfers all
them to an account wallet at a BCV-registered exchange(s), which the AEMM alone securely and secretly holds
the private key for, and simultaneously interacts with the exchange(s)’ APIs to issue a SELL Order for all of these
Blue Chips. As these Blue Chips are exchanged for ETH in one or more BUY transactions, the AEMM
automatically and instantly transfers ETH coming back into its controlled exchange account wallet back to the
OAQ Management Contract. The OAQ Management Contract has the information on the OAQ Members, their
bid Blue Chips, their OAQ Ranking Order of priority, and their public addresses. This info...

4. Incentives
Incentives and Incentive Structures may be optionally associated with Blue Chip bidders
participating in OAQs. The OAQ Incentive structures will have the flexibility to be configured to
maximize incentives for participation between all parties, and should cover the costs of Ethereum
network transaction costs.
Incentives may optionally be configured to be shared with OAQ Hosts or other participants,
further incentivizing the adoption of the Blue Chip and the OAQ Module. Such a model may
potentially incentivize adoption of OAQs, particularly among Opportunity Offerers that might
otherwise consider holding just their own single auction for their offered opportunity. Planned
mutual advertisement among all OAQ Auctions in conjunction with the alerting of Blue Chip
owners to current open and future OAQ Auctions represents a potentially substantial, synergetic
and valuable marketing engine within the Blue Chip ecosystem. Incentives may also be
structured to provide special levels of service ...

Figure 4.
The Structure of the Opportunity Access Queue (OAQ shows optionally that OAQs may be divided
into one or more OAQ Groups, and OAQ Members may be given staged OAQ entry via ‘Green Light’ starts or
similar, according to their bid-based ranked order within the OAQ.
Examples of OAQ configuration may include:
A description of the Offered Opportunity:
such as what the OAQ will be associated with (e.g.:
access to an early buying round in an ICO, access to purchase one of five available new exotic
automobiles, access to purchase an exclusive box seat at a premier sporting event, access to bid
in a separate subsequent auction for the purchase of an new condominium in an exclusive new
tower building, etc.). The Opportunity Offerer may include what the price or nature of
acquisition of the offered opportunity will be, as well as full descriptions, photos, and other
relevant data.
Whether the OAQ will be limited or unlimited:
Limited OAQs are used when there...
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