Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter
Token: BHT

Advertisers Provider via Internet

PreICO dates
Start date: 6th Nov 2017
End date: 4th Dec 2017

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-12-04
End date:

Registrated in: Russia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Tokens for sale 2,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Minimal investment 10 BHT
Acceppting ETH
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What is the Bounty Hunter platform?
Needs and problems of the market.
About the Platform
Task Types
Stages of work for projects conducted Bounty Campaign on the Bounty Hunter platform
Participant’s profit
Profit for Bounty Hunters
Profit for organizers.
Road Map
BHT tokens distribution chart
Tokens distribution and burning algorithm
BHT tokens value
Bounty Campaign
Bounty Campaign Structure
Registration reward
Reward for completing tasks
Business model
Tokens use
Order for project distribution
Projects are suitable for distribution
Projects are Prohibited for placing
Order for project distribution
Worth of project distribution
Term for distribution
Personal subscription for participation in advertising campaigns for bounty hunters
Functional restriction
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Number of new projects increases in a Modern World. Each of these projects
needs marketing and promotion and their leaders are ready to reward people, who
help them add post to social networks and forums, develop design, make video
presentation, invite new people, research projects. Such activity became relevant
together with development of crypto currency.
Bounty Hunters - people, who accomplish defined tasks for getting profit.
Tasks are different and depend on personal skills (articles writing, design,
researches etc.).
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What is the Bounty Hunter platform?
Needs and problems of the market.
As we mentioned earlier, nowadays lot of teams produce hundreds of projects.
Some of projects reach it goals, other don’t. It’s easy to imagine which difficult
choice faces Bounty hunters. The reason is they should select from hundreds only
that one – successful project. Accordingly, during ICO such project could go in to
exchange and show it’s growing.
Don’t forget that in cyber world Bounty hunters also could be involved into
project’s, which leads by not honest leaders, and won’t be paid.
Also remember that Bounty hunter is looking for new project can’t
demonstrate his portfolio, because nowadays doesn’t exist special resource where
he can save his results. So, customer would trust for Bounty hunters promises
without any confirmation.
And customers face difficulties when try to collect necessary number of
professional Bounty hunters. Not only team of Bounty hunters but organization of <...

Bounty Hunter
- is internet platform, created to simplify the
communication processes between performers (bounty hunters) and companies
conducting ICO.
For Bounty Hunters
- We provide the opportunity to receive
crypto-currency like a Bitcoin, Ethereum and tokens of different companies,
without investing. All you need is to perform simple tasks that you can find on our
platform. For each task you can get a certain reward.
For organizers
- To increase the amount of bounty hunters, we envisaged
the mechanism of a referral partner program. If you have organizational skills, and
in your environment there are people with a lot of friends in social networks,
designers, copywriters and other people ready to work, you can give them an
opportunity to earn, and get paid for it. For each work performed, the referral
network pays an amount equal to the amount of the bounty hunter’s fee, and is
distributed among higher referrals. For details on the distribution of tokens...

Skills are needed for participation in Bounty Hunter project.
List of tasks and rewards:

Posting project information on social networks

Posting project information on channels in Messengers

Placing project information in Mass Media

Place a project in ICO lists (for example:,

Posting project information on websites and forums

Placing banners on websites and forums

Organize and conduct a Webinars

Organize and conduct an off-line presentation

Graphic design

Creating videos (presentation, overview)

Writing articles on blogs and social networks

Live broadcast on social networks

Developing video reviews and presentations

Publication support with comments on social networks and other sites
Stages of work for projects conducted Bounty Campaign on the Bounty
Hunter platfo...

Before you start working with the project and submit reports, you need to
carefully study the description and documentation of the project.
When carrying out tasks, you also need to consider the rules and
requirements for reporting. Usually, the rules for reports are indicated in the
description of the project or in the categories of assignments, when you draw up a
report on the site.
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Participant’s profit
Profit for Bounty Hunters
1.Tasks execution. For instance: conducting of Live-broadcasting in
Facebook, Posting project’s info in your Twitter or shooting video review for
YouTube channel. After have done Report is sending to project leader via Bounty
hunter platform. Leader check it, estimate reward and charge it.
Important point: the project's tokens, in which you participated, are
accumulated during the bounty and are sent to the crypto-jar that you indicated in
the bounty hunter's personal cabinet after the end of the campaign bounty. The
wallet must be entered before the end of the bounty campaign and make sure that
its address is entered correctly.
2.TOP of the project. During every project we conduct competition The best
executor of the project. For this we have assigned Bounty tokens too. For every
executed task bounty hunter gets not only profit but rating of executor. This rating
shows who are the TOP executors and they will receive addition...

Profit for organizers.
1. Task execution by referrals. After referral have done his task and
received profit the same amount of earned bounties divided between high-rank
referrals according to following scheme.
Level 1 → 50%,
Level 2 → 30%,
Level 3 → 20%,
2. TOP of the project. During every project we conduct competition The
best organizer of the project. For this we have assigned Bounty tokens. For every
accomplished task by referrals organizer earn not only bounties but his organize
rating +1. In the end of Bounty campaign TOP 10 organizers will receive bounties.
3. TOP of The Bounty hunter project. Except of rating in a separate
project organizer gets his global rating for all his activity at our Platform. Every
month, TOP of organizers with the highest rate would be rewarded and get prizes
and title “The best organizer of the month”.
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Bounty Hunter Roadmap

October 2017
Idea's formation, MVP's develepment, registration, prestart.
November 2017
Pre-ICO, BHClub v.1.0.
December 2017
ICO, BHT's withdrawal to exchange.
Q1 2018
Ranging, launching of new projects.

Q2 2018
BHClub v.2.0, Bounty Hunter Accelerator.
Ivanov Alexander
Ivanov Alexander Founder and developer

Michail Sochivec
Michail Sochivec Professional marketologist

Koshelenko Egor
Koshelenko Egor Developer

Grebenyuk Anna
Grebenyuk Anna Support, office manager

Perevoshchikov Dmitry
Perevoshchikov Dmitry Technical director, Developer

Ivanov Sergey
Ivanov Sergey Art director

Chaburko Alexander
Chaburko Alexander Executive director

Osinniaya Irina
Osinniaya Irina Language support

Vadim Egulemov
Advisors Vadim Egulemov Legal adviser ICO