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Breeze Coin
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Cryptocurrency with Interest Rate Payment

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Start date: 2018-06-01
End date:

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Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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The first industrial revolution happened more than years ago with the
major innovations in steam engines and machine tools. As the technology
developed, we have seen the second and the third revolutions, which were
mainly based on the mass production and automatization, respectively.
Currently, we are living in a world that is dominated by Industry . , and
therefore by cyber-physical systems.
To follow the requirements of this new industrial revolution, new busi-
ness models are needed. Combining the traditional real estate assets with a
digital currency, particularly a cryptocurrency, is a next generation business
model that we o er. Although most other cryptocurrencies do not have
actual physical correspondence, we o er a new cryptocurrency, BreezeCoin,
which is linked to physical real estate assets. On top of that, coin holders
will be provided by other benefits, such as shares in mortgage papers and
monthly interest payments.

BreezeCoin (BRZC)
. Why Cryptocurrency?
. . . . . . . .
. Ethereum Platform
. . . . . . . .
. BreezeCoin and the Ethereum Platform
. . . . .
Breeze de Mar
. Project Orlando
. . . . . . . . .
. Real Estate Prices
. Benefits for Investors
. . . . . . . .
BreezeCoin and the Real Estate
. Business Model
. . . . . . . . .
. . Interests
. . . . . . . . .
. . Implementing BreezeCoin to Resorts
. . . .
. Initial Coin O er (ICO) Period
. Coin Allocation
. . . . . . . . .
. Breeze de Mar
. . . . . . . . .
. BreezeCoin
Who We Are
. The Company
. . . . . . . . .
. Mission & Vision
. Portfolio
. . . . . . . . . .
. BRZC on the Web
. The Team
. . . . . . . . . .
Legal Information
. Disclaimer

The invention of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies allowed people to elimi-
nate the need for a central authority or a trusted third party in order to make transactions
and to transfer assets. Being completely decentralized, secured by cryptography, trans-
parent and global, cryptocurrencies are now shaping the future of the business world.
Our goal is to combine the blockchain-based cryptocurrency technology with the
real estate investments. For this reason, we created a new cryptocurrency, BreezeCoin
(BRZC), which is based on the Ethereum platform, a platform that runs smart contracts
and eliminates fraud, downtime and censorship. The most prominent feature of Breeze-
Coin, unlike most of the other cryptocurrencies, is that it is tied to physical assets, namely
real estate assets. It will become a medium of exchange in projects done by Breeze de
Mar which has more than years of experience in the real estate and construction fields.
Moreover, BreezeCoin holders will be able t...

Digital assets are open to everyone, it is neutral and fully global. There are no
borders, anyone in the world from anywhere can get digital assets without any
permission by using peer-to-peer token transfer.

Digital assets can be used as a medium of exchange.

Digital assets are programmable with smart contracts which allow much more
flexibility than traditional assets.
. Ethereum Platform
blockchain is a decentralized application platform which allows everyone
to create their own decentralized cryptocurrency, decentralized autonomous organiza-
tions (DAOs) and decentralized apps (Dapps) by using smart contracts. Using blockchain
technology brings revolutionary benefits to the projects compared to the traditional
technologies. The strongest benefit of the blockchain is decentralization. The decentral-
ized open blockchain runs smart contracts as programmed without any chance of fraud,
censorship, downtime and external third-party disruptio...

based token, it is stored in an Ethereum address. BreezeCoin can be used and stored
by anyone who has Ethereum address. Any ERC token supported Ethereum wallet
application or wallet website can be used to store and use BreezeCoin. The functions of
the standard ERC token such as transfer and approve can be used on BreezeCoin. The
source codes of the smart contracts, both for the token and ICO, can be found on the
o icial
GitHub page
. The smart contract for the token creation follows the standards of
the ERC and it is designed to create million BreezeCoin in total.
Token details
BreezeCoin contract address: xe
Symbol: BRZC
Find us on
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Breeze de Mar
Breeze de Mar
has been making real estate investments and projects in the USA. The
outline of the current and future projects is explained in the Roadmap. The first project
on our schedule, Breeze de Mar Orlando, has already started in Orlando, USA and t...

day, not just for tourists but also for investors and residents, which in turn results in the
emergence of new living spaces. Breeze De Mar allows investors to invest in the real
estate resort market with as little as % down payment with a ordable interest rate.
The Orlando project will operate as a resort hotel starting in the year . The project
construction has already started in and will be delivered in May . The following
table summarizes the outline of the project.
Total Development Sales
Current Sales
Total Mortgage Amount
Current Mortgage Amount
Number of Unit Types
Total Units
Units under Contract
*as of / /
Orlando, USA
$ , , .*
$ , , .*
$ , , .*
$ , , .*
+ Marina Houses
. Real Estate Prices
Our unit prices starts from $ , . and increases according to its location and size.
In addition to cash purchases, our customers who want to invest can benefit from the
financing options o ered by Bree...

. Benefits for Investors
The most important feature that distinguishes Breeze de Mar from other projects is that
it o ers a faster return of the investment back to the investors. In addition to down and
balloon payment percentages being low, upon purchase of an apartment, the company
rents the apartment in question, for an annual price of % of the original purchase price
of the apartment. Moreover, the electric, water, HOA fees and even the annual taxes are
paid by the company, outside of the % rental payment mentioned before.
For example, if you buy an apartment for $ , . , with $ , ( % of the
price) down payment and $ , . ( % of the price) balloon payment at closing,
the monthly payment of the investor will be $ . with years of mortgage option
( . % annual interest rate). Since the purchase price is $ , . , the annual rental
income of the investor will be $ , . which is $ . /month. Thus, at the end of the
month, the mortgage payment will be deducted from your rental income and di erence

BreezeCoin and the Real Estate
As it has been stated earlier, we have created a new cryptocurrency, BreezeCoin, and
aim to link it to the physical real estate assets.
. Business Model
Our business model mainly consists of two parts. Firstly, the income from the interest
payment of the mortgage papers will be distributed to the coin holders. Secondly, people
will be able to use BreezeCoin in Breeze de Mar Resorts. The details can be found in
the following sections. Click to see
the company’s legal document/declaration on the
interest rate payment and mortgage paper ownership.
. . Interests
In addition to the standard token functions, BreezeCoin is a store of value. The income
that Breeze de Mar receives through the interest of mortgage papers will be distributed
to the BreezeCoin holders. Just by holding BreezeCoin, the Ethereum address of the
coin holder gets guaranteed monthly interest payment with an annual rate of . % on
the last day of every month, starting in st of Janu...

Breeze Coin Roadmap

The idea came to exist.
The office in the USA opened.
Breeze de Mar Orlando was publicized for the first time;
The office in Istanbul/Turkey opened;
The construction of the Orlando project started.
October 2017
The idea came to exist.

November 2017
Breeze de Mar Orlando was publicized in Istanbul CNR Exposition.
January 2018
The team was formed.
February 2018
The project outline was formed.

May 2018
The development of the coin started.

1 June 2018
The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) period ended.

20 June 2018
ICO period ended.
1 Juky 2018
Listing at first coin exchange further listings are being in negotiation.

November 2018
Breeze de Mar Las Vegas project will be publicized in Istanbul CNR Exposition.

31 January, 2019
First interest income will be paid to the BreezeCoin holders.

March 2019
Sales of the Las Vegas project will start in Cannes Real Estate Exposition.

May 2019
Apartments of the Orlando project will be delivered.

September 2019
BreezeCoin will be a medium of exchange in the Orlando project.

November 2019
Bahama Project will be published in Istanbul CNR Expo.

December 2019
We will start to work on implementing BreezeCoin payment system in every Hotels in the world.

November 2020
Hawaii Project will be published in Istanbul CNR Expo.

Engin Sarıkaya
Engin Sarıkaya Marketing Manager

Volkan Usta
Volkan Usta Technology Manager

Berkin Sari
Berkin Sari Technology Manager

Harald Kendzia
Harald Kendzia Sales Manager

Michal Prosser
Michal Prosser Finance Manager

Daniel Frasch
Daniel Frasch Legal Manager

Ediz Utkucan
Ediz Utkucan Brand Manager

Franz Prosser
Advisors Franz Prosser Funds and Stock Advisor

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Advisors Ali Fansa Real Estate Advisor