Bridge Protocol
Bridge Protocol
Token: IAM

Secure, Digital Identities On The Blockchain

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Type: NEP-5


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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
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Bridge Protocol Roadmap

Q1 2018
Requirements and specifications
Testing and Evaluation
Token Sale
Q2 2018
Identity management system on NEO tostnot
Certificates issued for testing and evaluation
Q3 2018
Identity management system deployed
Bridge issues first certificates
Compliance Framework Testing and Evaluation
-System on testnet
-Tier System logic created for network use
Q4 2018
Compliance Framework Acceptance
Rollout to mainnet
Q1 2019
Feature additions for certificates
Cross-Chain interfacing
New Services Offered
Q2 2019
Platform development to meet customer and user requirements
Thomas Lobker
Thomas Lobker Blockchain Engineer

Justin Fiocca
Justin Fiocca Creative Director

Matt Hyduchak
Matt Hyduchak Marketing Director

Jesse Lama
Jesse Lama Social Media Coordinator

Jérôme Heuzé
Jérôme Heuzé Senior Front-End Developer

John Gotts
Advisors John Gotts

Amit Singh
Advisors Amit Singh

Nicholas Smith
Advisors Nicholas Smith

Kyle Currie
Advisors Kyle Currie

Thomas Lehman
Advisors Thomas Lehman

Corey Wood
Advisors Corey Wood

Hayden Burke
Advisors Hayden Burke

Darren Sandler
Advisors Darren Sandler

Amit SIngh
Amit SIngh
Co-Founder, Project lead
Amit Singh
Amit Singh
Legal Advisor, Stradling Law
Country Head at IFP, Kuwait
Legal Advisor, Stradling Law
John Gotts
John Gotts
Founder & CEO
Stephen Hyduchak
Stephen Hyduchak
Marketing & ICO Advisor
Marketing & ICO Advisor
Thomas Lobker
Thomas Lobker
Blockchain Engineer
Blockchain Developer