Token: BUDD

Blockchain Banking Solution

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-06-04
End date:

Registrated in: UK

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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BuddToken whitepaper
BuddToken token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries USA, Canada, South Korea
Hard cap 70,000,000 BUDD
Tokens for sale 70,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Acceppting ETH, BTC
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BuddToken Roadmap

Q3 2017
Concept Developments
Research into Blockchain technology and a push towards the legalization of the Canadian cannabis industry. A feasible study of all the possible Blockchain technologies will be carried out.

The Research and development team will start to work on ideas and differentiate it based on the initial prototype of the BuddToken.

Finalize the possible solutions in the industry and integrating the third party tools like mobile and web wallet which will be used with the BuddToken.
Q4 2017
Testing the Performance of Our Coin
Our development team tests the token performance

The development team is looking into a test-net development to ensure that everything works well during the development stage.

Launch the fully functional working website including the introduction of the coin.

Prepare & launch BuddToken ICO to begin the crowdsale process.
Q1 2018
Initial Coin Launch:
Web wallet test net launch; Budd Payment gateway sandbox.
Q2 2018
Pre-Sale ICO:ICO Sale; Budd Mobile Wallet; Final testing of Web Wallet; Purchasing and renovating buildings for Budd will begin immediately.
Q3 2018
Web Wallet Launch: Budd Payment Gateway Core testing; Mobile wallet testnet; Budd Payment Gateway offcial launch.
Q4 2018
Upvote/downvote capability on the online dashboard: Doctor database with full verification; Dispensary Regulation and Certification;
Service provider database for members to easily access services;

Database for cannabis favorable journalists, attorneys, equipment manufacturers, marketing, PR, etc;

Budd Mobile Wallet Launch;

Further Development of Budd;
Q1 2019
Beta test of ERC-20 alternative:
Developing a separate Blockchain for Budd Banking Platform.
Navi Grewal
Navi Grewal Cannabis Compliance Toronto, Ontario

Antunette Gomez
Antunette Gomez Women in Cannabis Toronto, Ontario

Rene Buttery
Rene Buttery Film in Cannabis Toronto, Ontario

Cy Williams
Cy Williams CEO High Canada Magazine

David Meszaros
David Meszaros Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

Liora Katzenstein
Advisors Liora Katzenstein Israel

Rod Turner
Advisors Rod Turner San Diego, California

Warren Whitlock
Advisors Warren Whitlock USA

Stephen De Haes
Advisors Stephen De Haes ICO Bench Belgium

Anupam Varshney
Advisors Anupam Varshney ICO Bench UK

Khaya Maloney
Advisors Khaya Maloney ICO Specialist Africa

Nitin Malhotra
Advisors Nitin Malhotra ICO Bench Washington, USA

Bas Geelen
Advisors Bas Geelen ICO Bench Netherlands

Zahid Imran
Advisors Zahid Imran ICO Advisorr UAE

Munachi Ogueke
Advisors Munachi Ogueke ICO Advisor Africa

Vibor Jain
Advisors Vibor Jain ICO Advisor India

Bhavik Khatri
Advisors Bhavik Khatri Maritime Finance Company Florida, USA

Octavio Padilla
Advisors Octavio Padilla Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Regulatory Task Force Mexico City, Mexico

Li XiangJun
Advisors Li XiangJun Blockchain/Fintech Trainer San Francisco, California

David Meszaros
David Meszaros
Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
Legal Advisor
Legal Advisor - ICO, Blockchain, Crypto
Legal Advisor
Legal Advisor
Chief Legal Officer
Legal Advisor
Compliance and Legal Advisor
Legal Advisor
Rod Turner
Rod Turner
San Diego, California
Founder, Manhattan Street Capital
Warren Whitlock
Warren Whitlock
ICO Advisor
Blockchain Influencer advising ICO's
Influence Architect, Top 10 Social Media Influencer
Blockchain Expert & Reputed Digital & Social Influencer
Digital Media Expert
Digital business development strategist
PR & Marketing Adviser
Content Director at Coin Agenda
Anupam Varshney
Anupam Varshney
ICO Bench UK
Public Relations
Khaya Maloney
Khaya Maloney
ICO Specialist Africa
Operations Manager, South Africa
Strategic adviser
Zahid Imran
Zahid Imran
ICO Advisorr UAE
Financial Advisor
Crypto Advisor
Investment banker, TOP ADVISOR, ICO EXPERT, Representative in the UAE
Octavio Padilla
Octavio Padilla
Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Regulatory Task Force Mexico City, Mexico
Li XiangJun
Li XiangJun
Blockchain/Fintech Trainer San Francisco, California