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ByeleX BV has compiled this document for the purpose of evaluating a possible
financing, strategic partnership or other transaction involving ByeleX BV, hereinafter
called ByeleX. Acceptance of delivery of this document by a recipient constitutes
acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in this disclaimer.
The sole purpose of this document is
to inform the recipient about the ideas
ByeleX has regarding an ICO (Initial Coin
Offering) and directions that could be
taken to attract investments via the crypto
This document has not been registered
or approved in any jurisdiction. However,
much effort has been taken to make
sure that the information, valuation and
forecasts are accurate.
Under no circumstances should the
recipient of this document contact
shareholders, employees, customers, and
suppliers of ByeleX without prior written
consent from ByeleX. Any communication
or inquiry concerning this docu...

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary 5
1.1 Decades of leading technologies 5
1.2 The software innovation market today
1.3 Opportunity 6
1.4 Business Model 7
1.5 Target Audience 7
2. The Company

2.1 History 9
2.2 The Leadership Team 10
2.3 The ‘ring of trust’ of the Next Innovation Company
2.4 The Advisory team 11
3. Key Technologies 13
3.1 Key Technologies 14
3.2 Technology in detail 14
3.2.1 General software technologies
3.2.2 Portal technologies
3.2.3 Artificial Intelligence
3.2.4 Pattern recognition
3.2.5 Secure data logist...

The authorities impose strict requirements on the provision of financial instruments.
Some of these requirements are based on European legislation and apply to all member
states (regulations), while others have been translated into local legislation by the Dutch
authorities (guidelines). We aim to make an accurate inventory of all requirements and
comply fully with them.
Demarcation White Paper
One decisive element in determining the applicable requirements is the difference between
IPO and ICO.

In the case of extensive IPO, securities (shares, bonds) are publicly offered and/or
traded on a regulated market. In addition, the Authority for the Financial Markets
(AFM) requires companies to draw up a prospectus containing detailed information
about the company and the financial instrument. This prospectus must be approved
by the AFM and subsequently publicly presented for the IPO.

When issuing electronic shares/tokens/coins (Initial Coin Offering, ICO) the obligat...

1.1 Decades of leading
1. Executive Summary
Since 1994, ByeleX staff has consisted of world-leading subject matter experts, academics,
and technologists who provide practical, thorough, and insightful technologies that can be
applied in a variety of industries across the globe. The research performed by ByeleX over
the last 10 years covers three major areas of technology, with various important subgroups.
ByeleX research provides cutting-edge expertise where business processes and innovative
technological solutions meet. The technologies developed address relevant issues for financial
services, regulators, banks (regional and global), financial market intermediaries, airports,
occupational health organizations, telecom companies, universities, production companies,
transportation services, and many others.
This whitepaper offers an overview of our expertise and our products. It also outlines
the need for investment, and the approach we take to monetize more than 10 y...

Solid investment
ByeleX products and services have been successfully implemented in many
organizations. However, the potential exceeds the actual revenues. In order to
market this expansion, ByeleX is looking to involve customers, suppliers, partners
and ambassadors in developing great services and products by offering them
shares in the company without the hassle and costs associated with traditional
company funding.
For this reason, ByeleX is going to tokenize the company shares in such a way that
anyone with an Ethereum wallet can buy and sell ByeleX company shares and
also benefit from future ByeleX successes and profits. Token holders can attend
shareholder meetings and they will have voting rights.
Token distribution is secured by a set of smart contracts and the ByeleX bylaws
are public and will be published on GitHub. The Token sale will take place by way
of an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and will comply with the rules as set by the Dutch
Governmental organization AFM (Authori...

1.2 The software
innovation market today
More effective investment
On average, 2% of the total turnover of companies and governments is spent on
IT related products and services. (Source:
Business Insider)
Most of this budget
is used for internal labour costs, and ongoing product or service improvement.
Only a very small percentage is used for truly innovative projects; on average
less than 0.5% of the total turnover. Considering these figures, and knowing that
many software projects fail, it is easy to understand why most companies are
reluctant to invest in innovations directly involved with software.
More involved partners
Most software suppliers are not technology developers, but rather ‘body
movers’, and we know them as System Integrators. They are unwilling to take a
risk when developing new software since they themselves do not invest in the
new technologies. They are only willing to subcontract projects by outsourcing,
and implement off-the-shelf sol...

1.4 Business Model
Participating Associate
The existing set of products such as BuzzCovery, PicoPoint and StorGrid are market-ready and
sold in the market via direct sales. Existing bespoke SaaS systems like the Occupational Health
Systems will generate revenue for at least three more years and will continue to contribute to
ByeleX turnover. Because of the innovative way organizations and private persons can obtain
shares of ByeleX, we will offer large organizations the option of obtaining shares in ByeleX
equity by making them a LAB associate shareholder and therefore a part of the success of
LAB Association
When an organization purchases more than the equivalent of
EUR 50,000 of equity in ByeleX, they become entitled to be an
Associate of the ByeleX LAB. Becoming a LAB Associate will
bring these organization many benefits:

Direct access to the latest technologies and insights
developed by the various R&D teams within ByeleX, by
way of workshop...

The ByeleX LAB
The innovative power of organizations is increased by participation in the ByeleX LAB. The
ByeleX LAB is the place where top technicians formulate appropriate answers to specialized
challenges, business cases, wishes or focus areas based on continuous scientific orientation,
state of the art software technologies and scientifically-validated insights.
Which of these term sound familiar?
Smart contacts
Crypto commerce
Supervized learning
Artificial intelligence
Pattern Recognition
Big data analysis
Dedicated search engines
Cloud storage
Portal development
You have probably seen all of them in the tsunami of info that you encounter
every day. More importantly: where do you find time and resources to study all
the implications for your organization? You don’t want to miss any important
developments and you want to secure and increase your market share and take the
Roel Wolfert
Advisors Roel Wolfert Qoin, CEO and founder

Victor Krasnoproshin
Advisors Victor Krasnoproshin Scientific Advisor

Piet Knobel
Advisors Piet Knobel Accountant & Business Advisor

Rob Verheul
Advisors Rob Verheul Advisor banking and securities

Toshio Spoor
Toshio Spoor
Roel Wolfert
Roel Wolfert
Qoin, CEO and founder