Caloriecoin (CAL)
Caloriecoin (CAL)
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Take Care of Your Health & Fill Your Wallet

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-05-01
End date: 2018-06-30

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-07-01
End date: 2018-07-31

Registrated in: Singapore

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


Caloriecoin (CAL) categories
Big Data Business services Health Payments/Wallets Platform Smart Contract
Caloriecoin (CAL) token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries China,Singapore,USA
Hard cap 40,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 1000000000
Token distribution in ICO
Price in PreICO 1 ETH = 40,000 CAL (May 2018) // 1 ETH = 30,000 CAL (June 2018)
Minimal investment 1 ETH
Acceppting ETH
Caloriecoin (CAL) is a crypto coin born out of sympathy for the humanity suffering from the Metabolic Syndrome. We estimate that the Metabolic Syndrome represents 2/3 of the annual healthcare budget representing over $10 trillion dollars worldwide. At the CLC foundation, we aim to solve the problem of obesity and diabetes with Blockchain technology. Our goal is to create a healthcare platform based on blockchain technology that incentivize people when they engage in healthy habits such as walking, working out or calorie/nutrition control.
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Table of Figures & Tables
One of the Most Serious Problems We are Facing Today: The Metabolic syndrome
5 Buckets of Deaths
Internet & Blockchain
Exercise & Rewards
Measurement & Rewards: Calorie Intake and Consumption
CAL: Rewards to Whom Manage Calorie & Exercises
In a Nutshell
1. CAL’sVision
A Cryptocurrency for Your Health & Longevity
The Birth of Calorie Coin
Value to Industries and Society
The CAL Ecosystem: Where All Participants Win.
The CAL Clients
The CAL Reserve & Exchange
The CAL Affiliates
The CLC Foundation: The Administrative Body for the CAL Ecosystem
2. The CAL Cryptocurrency
CAL: Cryptographic Token
Implementation: E...

ROI Expectations of CAL
8. The CAL Future Evolution
CAL Evolution Plan
9. Conclusion
The Dark Side of Economy, Where We Live In Now
The Bright Side of Economy, Where We Want to Be
The National Health Plan, the Same Story Applies
The Technological Innovations Have Made It Possible
10. The CAL Founding Team
The CAL ExecutiveTeam
Table of Figures & Tables
Figure 1. Flow of Metabolic Syndrome Illustrated in One Picture
Figure 2. Causes of Death, 70% Attributed to Chronic Disease in 2014 in the US
Figure 3. Statistics of Korean Male and Female Diabetes
Figure 4. Benefits of Walking
Figure 5. A Picture of the CAL Ecosystem Structure
Figure 6. The 1
Group of Caloriecoin Target Population
Figure 7. Number of Diabetics per Nation in 2013
Figure 8. Calori...

One of the Most Serious Problems We are Facing Today:
The Metabolic syndrome
Over the last 40 years, the world has seen a new trend emerging: an explosion of
chronic diseases categorically called the “Metabolic syndrome”. In the US, 52% of the
entire population is believed to have the syndrome.
The Metabolic syndrome is
accounted for 75% of $2.7 Trillion US health care budget in 2014 and is expected to
grow. In the rest of the world, many countries are already in a similar situation, and
if not so, are catching up very fast. This is a slow-moving disaster in a worldwide
scale that has never been experienced before.
Figure 1. Flow of Metabolic Syndrome Illustrated in One Picture
5 Buckets of Deaths
The following quotation is retrieved from the paper written by CrossFit, a health
organization based in California.
“Seventy percent of deaths in the United States are attributable to chronic disease. Of
the 2.6 million people who died in the United S...

when we finally add the positron-emission-tomography-positive cancers in, the
number might be 80-85 percent in the United States.
It is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that the United States could
have up to a hundred million diabetics in 2050. That will affect everyone. You will not
go into the emergency room for something as simple as a broken arm:
You will be
seeing heart attacks on every corner. Medicine has no solution; you do.

Figure 2. Causes of Death, 70% Attributed to Chronic Disease in 2014 in the US
70% of all deaths in US in 2014 are attributed to chronic disease. Major causes of the chronic
disease have been sedentation and malnutrition. The most significant internal measurement is
known to be the level of “insulin resistance”.
Internet & Blockchain
The advent of Internet has brought a new era and paradigm of information and
knowledge sharing to the humanoid, and it has changed our daily lives so profoundly
that no ...

tsunami-like phenomenon, slowly advancing and gradually enveloping everything
along its way by the force of its progression. Plainly, it is the second significant
overlay on top of the Internet, just as the Web was that first layer back in 1990. That
new layer is mostly about trust, so we could call it the trust layer.”
Exercise & Rewards
There are two main reasons when people engage in controlled diet and exercise: for
better health and for better look. In both cases, diet and exercise are considered as a
critical factor in achieving the desired goals. Clearly diet and exercise are the perhaps
the only way to lose weight and gain health back from the metabolic preconditions
and diseases, assuming that the person stays within dietary modesty and away from
other undesirable activities.
Measurement & Rewards: Calorie Intake and
The subject of this White Paper is an ecosystem, where participants would measure
the number of calories consumed for which the reward will...

the CAL coin value to rise with the increasing adoption and use cases expansion.
In a Nutshell
Today, the chronic diseases are considered to be metabolic disorders, of a relatively
new and modern kind. The proliferation of this affliction is crushing the society in all
advanced nations globally
The major causes of the disorder are the excessive calorie intake and the lack of
mobility. Calorie restriction is also known to increase longevity and expands healthy
lifespan for humans and animals alike. CAL is a crypto coin to be awarded to those
who control their calorie intake and exercise, in the form of a digital token. As its
usages and the acceptance level grow, the CAL Ecosystem will be formed where CAL
will circle in.
At this first stage of the CAL project, the focus will be on the consumption of calories
by clients, leaving the calorie intake management side to the second phase.
9 / 39 | CAL: Cryptographic Token

Caloriecoin (CAL) Roadmap

April 2018
- Meet up, Promotion - Coinstep App Beta Release (on Android) - MOU with Partron: a 700-million-dollar semi-conductor company developing fitness wearables and medical devices
May 2018
- 1st Pre Sale - Meetup, Promotion - Coinstep App Release - MOU with Interpark Biz Market: Allowing employees to use Caloriecoins to purchase and sell items
June 2018
- 2nd Pre Sale - Caloriecoin Wallet Beta Release - Coinstep Apple Store Release
July 2018
- ICO - Pre Sale Caloriecoin Distribution - MOU with 3rd party Fitness App
From August 2018
- Registration at Major Crypto Exchanges around the World
Charles (Seung Chae) Chung
Executive Team Charles (Seung Chae) Chung CEO

Jay Ahn
Executive Team Jay Ahn COO

Charles (Chul Ho) Lee
Executive Team Charles (Chul Ho) Lee CTO

Andrew Oh
Executive Team Andrew Oh Business Director

Ethan (Hansu) Lee
Executive Team Ethan (Hansu) Lee IT Director

Jinseok Kim
Advisor Jinseok Kim CJ Hello Vision former CEO

Ben Hur
Advisor Ben Hur CEO Interpark Biz Market

Sanghan Lee
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Youngduk Kim
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