Token: CAN

Autonomous marketplace of services

PreICO dates
Start date: 15th Oct 2017
End date: 16th Oct 2017

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-11-26
End date: 2017-12-26

Registrated in: Australia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Software
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KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Hard cap 19,333 ETH
Tokens for sale 60,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 ETH = 1,000-1,400 CAN
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An Autonomous Marketplace of Services
Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Token Sale
Smart Contracts
CanYa Rewards
Ecosystem Growth & Cryptocurrency Volatility
Decentralisation Roadmap
10. Team
12. Current CanYa App Features
13. Summary
14. Due Diligence
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An Autonomous Marketplace of Services
V1.1 Amendments
All Sections
- Update to styling
V1.2 Amendments
Section 2
- Update to ICO Structure
Section 4
- Inclusion of Token Burn in Asset Contract
Section 10
- Update to Advisory Board
V1.3 Amendments
Section 1
- Clarification on compliance and regulatory aspects
Section 2
- Addition of KYC explanation.
Section 4
- Clarification on function of smart contracts.
Section 5
- Clarification on token reward mechanisms.
Section 6
- Clarification on volatility of the coin.
Section 7
- Clarification on curation/arbitration features.
Section 14
- Addition of further company information.
V1.4 Amendments
Section 2
- Halving of Hard Cap & unsold tokens to be sent to the Asset Contract
V1.5 Amendments
All Sections
- Update to styling
- Addition
Section 4
- Clarification of ...

An Autonomous Marketplace of Services
This material is provided by CanYa Services Pty. Ltd. (“CanYa”, the “Company”), for informational
purposes only, and is not an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell any securities or other financial
Tokens are not intended for speculation and afford the holder no rights in, or claims
to, any of the assets of CanYa or in any way a share in any profits that CanYa may achieve
Interested parties acknowledge agreeing to the Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions. This
document is subject to change and must be accompanied by the previously agreed to documents,
which remains in effect regardless of decisions to participate or engage with CanYa.
This paper describes the current vision for the CanYa Platform. While we intend to attempt to
realise this vision, please recognise that it is dependent on quite a number of factors and subject to
quite a number of risks. It is entirely possible that the CanYa Platform will never b...

An Autonomous Marketplace of Services
My team and I founded CanYa in 2015 with three core principles.
The first is that services should be truly peer-to-peer — there is no need for a third-party. For
thousands of years we’ve exchanged value directly for another’s skill or service; third-parties are a
compromise. The second is that a true meritocracy will deliver the best experience for all users; the
best providers should get the most work, and should charge the most for their services. The third is
that careful design can be harnessed to deliver on the promises of technology, and that interfaces
can serve seamless experiences between the digital world and the real one.
With these principles in mind, we invested our time and money to realise that vision. From concept
in 2015, development in 2016 and a successful soft-launch in 2017 in a small Australian market, the
CanYa project is being delivered. Over 3400 provider listings have been created with 7600 users
engaging on the platfor...

An Autonomous Marketplace of Services
1. Executive Summary
CanYa is a recently launched
working, feature rich platform
in the home & digital services industry.
The platform is currently made up of mature iOS & Android apps to find, book, pay and review
service providers. A web app is in beta. Exchanges are currently available in Australian fiat through a
licensed third-party.
The CanYaCoin (
) will soon power the platform’s payment system, enabling a decentralised,
trustless and hedged escrow service, a bridge between fiat and a variety of cryptocurrencies, a
powerful rewards system to encourage network effects, and incentivised user-curation and user-
CanYa is hoping to raise 30,685 ETH by offering 60,000,000 CanYaCoins. Funds raised will be used
to integrate the cryptocurrency payment layer, provide liquidity for the hedged escrow contract,
expand features and undertake an aggressive global launch with marketing, translations a...

An Autonomous Marketplace of Services
1.1 Core Features
The CanYa platform is a fully featured marketplace of peer-to-peer services that consists of iOS &
Android apps and a beta web-app. CanYa includes inbuilt chat, VoIP, calendar, alerts, payments,
listing management, reviews, quotes, direct bookings, detailed pricing, job broadcast, multi-user
jobs and more.
(1) As a client, you can load your CanYa wallet with CanYaCoin and a variety of cryptocurrencies.
(2) As a client, you can instantly connect and pay for services locally and globally, with no fees.
CanYa supports most peer-to-peer services with an emphasis on home & digital services. Users
help curate and verify new service providers with reviews.
(3) As a service provider, you will can CanYaCoin for your skills and services. Service providers can
spend CanYaCoin in the app or exchange it and send immediately to a Bitcoin or Ether wallet.
(4) As a service provider, freely advertise your skills and services to a micro-local ...

An Autonomous Marketplace of Services
1.2 Potential Use Cases
| Virtual Assistant |
Caracas, Venezuala
Maria struggles to find clients willing to pay her in Bitcoin, which she prefers due to her country’s
volatile fiat currency. She lists herself on CanYa and is able to receive payments in CAN, which she
can spend on other services in CanYa or exchange freely to ETH/BTC.
| App Developer | Hyderabad, India
Praveen is a high quality app developer in Hyderabad. He wants to reach a global client base but
doesn’t want to pay high commissions to traditional platforms. Praveen lists himself on CanYa and
uses a fully-featured web client to access a global task list. Praveen loves that his high rating means
he has great exposure.
| User | Vancouver, Canada
Sarah has a sizeable crypto portfolio, and wishes she could spend it easily. She uses CanYa to hire a
local 5-star landscaper to build her a new backyard and pays him in cryptocurrency. Her l...

An Autonomous Marketplace of Services
2. Token Sale
There will be precisely 100,000,000 tokens in circulation. There will be a hard cap of 60,000,000
CanYaCoins available for sale. The token offering will exclusively accept ETH. CanYaCoins will be
distributed after the ICO.
2.1 Private Sale
26,000,000 CanYaCoins will be sold privately to strategic investors who bring long-term value to the
2.2 Public Sale
34,000,000 CanYaCoins will be sold across the public sale, which will be conducted over two stages
and will commence in November 2017.
The CanYaCoin Sale will include a “Dolphin” tier — which is an exclusive invite-only bucket of tokens
that will be made available to members of the public who contribute to the CanYa community in
various ways. The Dolphin tier will be on-going until the main sale.
ETH: CanYa
1 ETH : 1400
Maximum USD Value*
10,000 $ 2,50...

CanYa Roadmap

November 2015
The CanYa founders envisaged a global marketplace of services, emphasised on quality. Design started.
December 2016 - MVP
The CanYa founders self-funded and built an MVP app using fiat payment gateways. Launched as beta into Australia.
March 2017 - Soft Launch
Soft launched into a major Australian City. Rapid uptake with high organic growth. Web-app development starts.
October 2017 - Pre-Sale
Pre-Sale conducted to set a coin value and on-board key members.
November 2017 - Coin Sale
Coin Sale to raise capital to integrate a cryptocurrency payment layer between users, and to expand globally.
March 2018 - Global Launch
Global launch. KYC/AML support centres in Europe, South-East Asia, North America, China and Australia. Fiat payment support with partner exchanges.
July 2018 - CanYa 2.0
In-app translation service, video calling, chat-bot, advanced desktop features.
October 2018 - Advanced Matching
CanYa will integrate advanced ML algorithms to smartly match the best providers with each job request.
December 2018 - Decentralised
CanYa will integrate features for users to assist with curation and arbitration.
2019 - Global reach
CanYa is a mature, global platform. A majority of skilled home services payments are transacted using crypto.
Rowan Willson, BSc
Rowan Willson, BSc CTO & Co-Founder

Chris McLoughlin, BBus
Chris McLoughlin, BBus CMO & Co-Founder

Surya Wongtomo, Blt
Surya Wongtomo, Blt Project Manager

Juan Suarez, BSc
Juan Suarez, BSc Lead Front-end Developer

Shaun O’Reilly, Blt
Shaun O’Reilly, Blt Lead Back-end Developer

Daniel Duckworth, BCs
Daniel Duckworth, BCs Project Manager

Kyle Hornberg, BTech
Kyle Hornberg, BTech Lead Operations & Co-founder

Steve Meacham, MBA
Steve Meacham, MBA Online Marketing

James Waugh, BA
James Waugh, BA Community Manager

Steph McLoughlin, BA
Steph McLoughlin, BA Assistant Community Manager

Jacinta Kelly, BEng
Jacinta Kelly, BEng Customer Service

David Moskowitz
Advisors David Moskowitz CEO Indorse & CEO Attores

Josh Buirski
Advisors Josh Buirski Distributed Technologies Institute

Ian Scarffe
Advisors Ian Scarffe

Jet Yap
Jet Yap
Corporate Advisor
David Moskowitz
David Moskowitz
CEO Indorse & CEO Attores
Project Head (Founder)
Indorse , Blockchain Advisor
Ian Scarffe
Ian Scarffe
Blockchain & Crypto Expert
Blockchain Consultant - Business Ambassador
Blockchain & ICO Advisor
Business Ambassador
Founder & Investor,
Advisor and Board Member
Blockchain Consultant - Business Ambassador
Blockchain – ICO Advisor / Consultant / Strategist / Investor
Blockchain – ICO Advisor/Business Ambassador/Consultant/Strategist
Founder & Investor,
Founder at Crypto Consulting and Investments LTD.
Senior Advisor
Blockchain Consultant & Business Ambassador
Blockchain ICO Consultant
Blockchain ICO Consultant / Advisor. Founder at Crypto Consulting and Investments LTD.
Marketing, IR, Adviser
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Blockchain Expert and Serial Entrepreneur
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Ian Scarffe
Ian Scarffe