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Let’s face it – the underlying technology around the Healthcare
industry all over the world is generally outdated and the
collective perception is that consumer-focused innovation
would be difficult to achieve. The currently fragmented system
of care is causing more challenges than solutions - not just to
the patients but the entire provider ecosystem as well.
The core motivation of CareParrot revolves around three main
challenges in healthcare that affects both Doctors and patients
directly or indirectly but can be alleviated by harnessing the
power of blockchain technology:
I. Shortage of Doctors
II. Difficulty accessing care in other parts of the world
III. Expensive payment systems that are inefficient and prone to
The Healthcare industry for many years have focused on
developing medical treatments and have saved countless lives;
however, it should also be designating the same amount of
resource in the ‘delivery and packaging’...

The development of a community-based, healthcare web
application that will serve health professionals and patients
under a simplified business-to-consumer (B2C) platform was
initiated in 2016 by a dedicated team of experts in the medical
and start-up industry from South Carolina, USA and Manila,
To initiate sales and support the development and conversion
of our main products and services to a decentralized peer-to-
peer platform, CareParrot will conduct a CareParrot Token Pre-
sale of 275 million coins or CPX through a 120-day pre-sale
event on our website. The total number of CPX is fixed at 3.6
billion tokens from which 3.337 billion CPX can be mined
through our unique gamified proof-of-stake mining model.
While we have a comprehensive array of products and services
to offer pre-blockchain conversion, we will narrow our focus at
this moment on the development of The CareParrot Core Miner
App, which will be sold on a lifetime subscription basis for pre-

Since the rise in popularity of blockchain technology in 2008
(specifically Bitcoin) many organizations have succeeded in
developing other functions to perform multiple, extremely
crucial roles in various industries.
One of its most important purposes is to serve as a global
database for an entire industry in which people can use to store
shared common data that all parties can access at any given
time, with the right permissions. It can access essentially a global
system of records for an entire industry built on top of a
foundation that has inherent data integrity based on strong
cryptography. Blockchain enhances trust across a business
network. It's not that people can't trust those who they conduct
business with; it's that trust is not needed when operating on a
blockchain network.
What this means is that where we would have normally use
trusted intermediaries to marshal data back and forth, we can
now use the blockchain to remove the middlemen becaus...

CareParrot Core Miner App
will be the main tool of the
entire community and will serve multiple vital functions. One of
its main purpose is to allow users to mine CPX tokens without
the need for costly mining rigs, instead is done by enabling the
Core Miner App to act as a node and securely log all your
interactions with CareParrot's products, services and 3rd party
applications. If there are apps that tracks and monitors your
health, there should be an app that tracks your participation in
health driven communities and be rewarded for it.
CareParrot is continuously developing universal solutions that
will mitigate the lingering pain points of doctors and patients
when giving and receiving care. We will lay out how CareParrot’s
community minted utility token(CPX) can vastly improve the
entire peer-to-peer health experience by eliminating costly and
time consuming claims processing, human billing errors and
crossing international gaps between patients and d...

Our efforts are focused in resolving three major short term challenges in
Healthcare by way of team and community collaboration. Let us dive into
the numbers and expound on how CareParrot solves each one.
A report by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) states
that by 2025, the United States will have a shortage of 35,600 Primary
Care doctors. That’s just a piece of the pie. The overall shortage of
medical specialists is projected to be at 94,700. That’s mind boggling
and alarming at the same time but there’s a good reason why.
Number of doctors available per 10,000 patients in other parts of the world,
based on a 2010 report by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Eurostat:
As of 2016, nearly one-half (46%) of all Doctors in the United States are
over 55 years of age and are nearing retirement. It doesn’t help that
people are simply discouraged...

The discrepancies in doctor fees are due to multiple factors starting with the physician's operational costs to run a clinic, the
insurance coverage being used by the patient and the main process and procedures of the current system being used by
hospitals or clinics.
Based on a recent survey conducted online by Harris Poll, 84% of people (adults age 55+) are more likely to use their hospital or
doctor's patient portal to access their health information if there is one available that's easy to use.
However, hospitals are crippled by centralization that prevents for a truly transparent way of care to flourish. Hospitals and
facilities have no clear and concise way of bridging patient data together when it's needed the most and the frustrations of the
people are mounting.
This further widens the gap between traditional doctors and those who are adopting telehealth and has
given birth to an entire industry known as medical tourism. We take this as a clear message that patients are
fed up with the situation and are ...

In a study conducted by F.F.O. Healthcare Tourism in 2006, revealed the
inconveniences experienced by patient when travelling to seek medical care:
Inadequate Coverage
Insurance Frauds
No Global Players
Companies Overseas
No Flights
Bad Roads
Prone to terrorism
Communal Unrest
CareParrot believes in the power of medical tourism and supports it all the way;
however the issues of it being costly, fragmented and time consuming are areas
where it needs to improve. We believe it should be the other way around and
that it is the medical industry's duty to come forth and be easily available to the
people in the most cost efficient way possible using decentralized technology
and innovation.
Remote delivery of medical treatment via digital solutions need to become more
prevalent if the end goal is universal adoption. To achieve that goal, we need a
better understanding of how pa...

CareParrot Roadmap

July 2018
Partnership with Doctors established.
White paper Published.
August 2018
Increased Awareness and Public Relations Campaign.
Private sale.
October 2018
MVP version of Core Miner with DDAS released.
Crowd Sale, Network Launch.
January - 2016
iMine360 EHR, Care Triage and Universal Lobby Released.
Marketplace for 3rd Party dapps to be released.
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