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CCET Project
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Innovative Platform to Save the World

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Start date: 2018-09-20
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Registrated in: Singapore

Platform: Ethereum
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CCET PROJECT Introduction
[Trigger of CCET Project, Global Warming]

Global Warming, Threatening the Human Living

International Discussion on Global Warming

Development of Carbon Credits Trading Market (CDM & CERs)
[Background of CCET Project]

Volume of Carbon Credits Trading Market

Issues of Current Carbon Credits Trading Market
[About CCET Project]

What is CCET Project

CCET Project Features

CCET Project Ecosystem and Technology
[C# Token of CCET Project]

What is C# Token

Utilization of C# Token

C# Token Formation and Trading System Technology
CCET Project Vision]
[CCET Project Team & Partners]
▶ CCET Project Team
▶ CCET Pr...

CCET PROJECT Introduction
Where Green Becomes Future!
CCET (Certified Carbon Emission Transaction) Project realizes the new ecosystems of carbon
credits transaction system based on smart contract through blockchaining with CDM (Clean
Development Mechanism) for reducing greenhouse gas to prevent global warming.
We aim to develop this system which carbon credits can be converted to blockchain, in
order to encourage participation and understanding of the public and solve problems of
complexity and accessiblity to the carbon market. It will become the first blockchain system to
the compulsory market of carbon credits and encourage various individual Prosumers who is
either can be Producer or Consumer to participate in greenhouse gas reduction activity with
renewable energy. Furthermore, it will be regarded as transaction method in real economy with
'Creation and Transaction System of Carbon Credits based on Blockchained Encryption'
Also, CCET Project is a solution in complicated processes to develop CD...

[Trigger of CCET Project, Global Warming]
▶ Global Warming, Threatening the Human Living
In July 2000, NASA announced that sea level in Greenland increased by 23cm over the last 100
years because of melted glaciers. Also, there are many endangered animal and botanical species.
In perspective of South Korea, it may be faced several natural disasters such as typhoon, drought,
desertification or absence of winter season.
Global warming is mainly caused by increase of greenhouse gas emissions. Followed by industrial
developments, increase of greenhouse effect has been influenced by use of fossil fuels such as
petroleum and coal as well as forest destruction caused by agricultural development.
According to IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change) report, if temperature of the Earth increases by
2°C more, 20~30% of living species shall disappear.
With increment of 3°C, Amazon shall be burnt to ashes
with massive amount of carbon dioxide, and then this
fire will worsen global war...

[Trigger of CCET Project, Global Warming]
▶ International Discussion on Global Warming
 Climate Change Convention
(The 21st COP)
✚ Paris Agreement
A. Lower by 2℃ than the pre-existing
B. Ratified by 141 national leaders around
the globe
C. Prohibits retreat from GHG reduction
obligation (criminal charges applicable)
 Climate Change Convention
(The 3rd COP)
✚ Kyoto Protocol Adopted
A. Ratification in South Korea (’02.10)
B. Kyoto Protocol under effect (’05.2)
C. Industrialized countries reduced
GHG emission by 5.2% between ‘08~’12
(compared to 1990s)
 Rio Summit
(Environment Development Conference)
✚ Climate Change Convention Adopted
A. Agreement on Climate Change COP
B. First Discussion on GHG Emission
Trade system
 Climate Change Convention
(The 13th COP)
✚ Bali Roadmap Adopted
A. POST-2012 is adopted
B. Establishment of global partnersh...

[Trigger of CCET Project, Global Warming]
▶ Development of Carbon Credits Trading Market
■ CDM (Clean Development Mechanism)
CDM program was developed to lighten financial burden that countries have to invest
for greenhouse gas reduction activities. CDM encourages greenhouse gas reduction
activities and allows commercial trading of greenhouse gas reductions.
Defined in Kyoto Protocol’s Article 12, CDM enables a business model to benefit for
both developed and developing countries.
According to Kyoto Protocol’s Article, developed countries must reach a given green
house gas reductions target. Developing and under developed countries do not have
such obligation. When developed countries, with obligation to reduce greenhouse
gas emissions, invest in developing countries and execute greenhouse gas reduction
activities, the greenhouse gas reductions can be accredited as CERs. This is called
as CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) because developing countries can have
investment of dev...

[Trigger of CCET Project, Global Warming]
▶ Development of Carbon Credits Trading Market
■ CERs (Certified Emission Reductions) Trading
Nations or companies that failed to achieve mandatory reduction target should

purchase CERs externally - with designated carbon credits by own countries
according to the Tokyo Protocol, and the enterprises that belong to their countries,
are regulated to certain standards. The enterprises that allocated high amount of
emission credits can reduce emissions through the energy saving technologies or
purchase carbon credits from the other companies have spares. This is trading
system of CERs.
According to the Kyoto Protocol, the compulsory
parties must reduce the CO2 by an average 132%
from 2008 to 2012 based on 1990 standard. The
compulsory parties have reached the reductions
target then allowed selling credits as much as they
have spared extra.
The CERs are issued by the UNFCCC (UN
Framework Conven...

[Background of CCET Project]
▶ Volume of Carbon Credits Trading Market
Since firstly established carbon credits trading market in EU, the market has expanded to 39 nations
and now the market value is up to USD 3.5 trillion.
After Paris Agreement COP 21 in 2015, carbon credits trading market gets bigger and the World Bank
forecasts that international carbon credits trading market is estimated more than USD 3.5 trillion which
is exceeding oil trading market value. This estimated value is only for the Big-Grid market, when the
market is extended to Micro-Grid and TTN with estimated value of more than USD 4.4 trillion.
However, individual prosumers such as Micro-Grid and TTN are hard to participate in current
market system.

[Background of CCET Project]
▶ Issues of Current Carbon Credits Trading Markets
CCET Project begins from a question,
is there any other way of individual prosumers such as the Micro-Grid and TTN

can easily participate in the current carbon market?

CCET Project aims to overcome 3 major problems associated with limiting the accessibility of carbon market
to the general public.
❶ Need to Diversification of Carbon Trading Entity
Currently, carbon trading between countries or continents has largely been restricted and only
CDM projects of Big-Grids are being used for carbon market. The certain exchange markets
have been dominated using characteristics of economic and political and closed market status
for a long time.
❷ Need to Carbon Credits to be Converted into Practical Values
Carbon credits are defined to ‘marketable securities’ in civil law. However, the financial function
of the securities is completely excluded and just focused on limited role as givi...

CCET Project Roadmap

- Conceptualize CCET ecosystem
- Open white paper

- Open CCET community

- Develop carbon measuring device

- Develop CCET carbon credits

- List CCET
- Launch CCET exchange

- Expand CCET platform & ecosystem
- Notify to IETA, UNFCCC for CCET transaction

- Complete certification
Wayne Sharpe
Advisor Wayne Sharpe Global Exchange Markets| International Emissions Trading Sector |

Tuomo Tiitto
Advisor Tuomo Tiitto Trade Maker International | CDM Project Technology Sector |

Stefano De Clara
Advisor Stefano De Clara IETA

Jee Woong Shin, Ph.D.
Advisor Jee Woong Shin, Ph.D. EAN Technology

Charles Chung
Advisor Charles Chung Blockchain Factory

Ik Kwon Bae
Advisor Ik Kwon Bae Accountant | Financing and Accounting Sector |

Kyung Hwan Kim
Advisor Kyung Hwan Kim Lawyer

Hanna Bae
Advisor Hanna Bae Marketer

Jun Yeon Byun
Team Jun Yeon Byun Chairman

Jae Soo Yoo (Paul)
Team Jae Soo Yoo (Paul) Vice Chairman | Founder & CTO |

Soon Hyuck Jung (Kenneth)
Team Soon Hyuck Jung (Kenneth) Executive Director

Jong Ki Park
Team Jong Ki Park Head of IT

Sung Jae Lee
Team Sung Jae Lee Head of Technical Analysis for Blockchain Encryption

Hyun Jun Jo (Peter)
Team Hyun Jun Jo (Peter) Head of Blockchain Marketing & MD

Yoo Gi Shin
Team Yoo Gi Shin Head of Blockchain Encryption & Hacking Prevention

Josh Brown
Team Josh Brown Carbon Trading Exchange | International Emissions Trading Sector |