Token: CFUN

Tokenize Individual Creativity

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-12-18
End date: 2017-12-19

Registrated in: Singapore

Platform: QTUM

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CFun categories
Entertainment Platform
CFun token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 4,500,000 USD
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 500,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 CFUN = 0.03 USD
Acceppting BTC, ETH, Qtum
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Random whitepaper excerpts

1 Background
2 Introduction of CFun Project
2.1 What Is CFun
2.2 Problems to Be Solved by CFun
2.3 CFun Eco-system
2.4 Technology Solution
2.5 Business Model
3 Experiences and Vision of CFun
3.1 A Flying Start —— Successful Experience in the Chinese Market
3.2 Vertical Extension —— Entering Overseas Markets
3.3 Horizontal Expansion —— Broadening the Fields of Creation
4 Application Scenarios of CFun Tokens
4.1 Intellectual Property Transactions
4.2 VIP Membership
4.3 Fees for Reading
4.4 Invitation for Co-creation
4.5 Bounty Tasks
4.6 Interactive Notifications
5 Issuance & Distribution of CFun Token
5.1 Issuance
5.2 Distribution
5.3 ICO Details
5.4 Use Cases of Fund Raised
6 Successful CoGC Cases on CFun
6.1 C...

The vision of CFun, in the 24 months to come, is to subvert all existing
ways of creation, till that of socializing! Everyone may build their own
community via CFun, of which content is body and token is blood. Each
individual, company and product would build homeland exclusive to
themselves. CFun is to reshape tokenized online community, redefine
content-oriented social intercourse through Blockchain; redefine the value
of members of community by means of token, i.e. Tokenize Individual
Many brands, entertainment companies, gaming companies have strong
demands for IPs that meet their needs. Marketers want their customers to
remember their brands as vividly as they do for “Three Squirrels” (a
popular Chinese snack brand that promotes its brand with three cute
cartoon squirrels) and are willing to pay for suitable IPs. At the same time,
creators are actively digging for gold by creating new IPs, for instance,
internet video producers eagerly ...

Why is the IP market distorted and in bad shape? There are two reasons:
First, a mismatch exists between the massive IP demands and numerous
undervalued IPs.
There is no a general measurement to value an IP. A same IP may have
different values for different users (just imagine Barbie dolls for men
sportswear!). For the demand side, it is hard for potential buyers to judge
whether a new IP in early creation can actually meet their or their customers’
demands. SMEs typically set IP licensing/purchasing budget around 1000
USD, thus cannot afford to work with a large number of creators. Meanwhile,
creators often lack self-promotion and sales negotiation skills, thus business
negotiation becomes a waste of their time, both in result and opportunity
cost. The traditional solution resorts to intermediaries (such as design
companies and advertising agencies) to bridge creators and buyers, but this
incurs high costs that effectively shut out the SMEs and non-Top IPs. The
result is what we se...

Second, the cost of PGC (Professionally Generated Content) is too high.
In order to improve the ROI, companies (e.g. in gaming, entertainment,
design and comics) often have no other options but to adopt PGC
(Professional Generated Content), concentrating significant resources in the
hope of producing a small number of Top IPs. If successful, producers and
creators may obtain a huge amount of instant wealth. However, for those
who fail to strike Top (the remaining 99%), the creators struggle to make a
living and many will soon give up their creating activities. In today’s world,
creativity work is more like a gamble — not all good work pays off.
To lower the IP production cost of PGC, companies sometimes resort to
UGC (User Generated Content), in which companies source or crowd
source ideas and creativity works from individual users who may not be
professional creators. The cost is indeed lower, but it is difficult to create
long, large and complex works due to limitations of skills and a...

CFun has already established initial success in Chinese market, and will
extend existing operation overseas first and then expand into other CoGC
fields in the future. CFun first established its CoGC platform in China in
2015 in a niche domain – ACG (Anime, Comic and Games) Language
Cosplay. After numerous tests and operations, the procedures, methods,
models and transaction requirements of CoGC have been well tested,
verified and proven. CFun’s operation in China is successful and achieved
major milestones of success — by now, CFun is already the largest
platform for crowd creation of creative writing in China.
CFun’s next step is to integrate its CoGC platform with blockchain
technologies and expand into overseas markets, including Japan, Korea,
United States, United Kingdom, France. The major focus is still on CoGC of
creative writing. Eventually, CFun will include all areas of CoGC, including
comics, music and movies.
The mission of CFun is to link creators globally, provi...

CFun Project Introduction
2.1 Introduction of CFun Project
CFun is a DApp (Decentralized Application) built on Qtum Blockchain and
serves as the support platform that links global creators together. To
facilitate self-organized collaborative creation, CFun records authorships
onto blockchains, predicts the market value of creative works and matches
buyers with patented algorithms, calculates contribution among co-creators
and completes IP transactions through smart contracts, etc. The mission of
CFun is to tokenize individual creativity and realize socialized content
creation as well as facilitate value transactions of these personal digital
Core Mechanisms of CFun

2.2 Problems to Be Solved by CFun
2.2.1 Record Authorships for Huge Quantity of Works
CFun has already become a platform holding tens of thousands of stories.
However, these digital assets can be easily replicated, thus creators find it
hard to protect their rights and trade their works.
CFun will solve this problem by recording every stage of the creation (from
initial inspiration to the final work) onto blockchains thus rendering creation
logs undeniable and unmodifiable. Tracing and assertion of IP rights can be
executed and regulated via smart contracts.
2.2.2 Quantify the value of new IPs under creation and how well they match
buyers’ requirement
For an idea under development that is just a few hundred words in length,
how to evaluate and predict its value so that it can become tradable? Utilizing
the unmodifiable and traceable features of blockchain, CFun records
creators’ creation process and readers’ behavioral data, including reading,
commenting and sharing. Afte...

2.2.3 Credibility of Popularity Data
Popularity data (such as the number of reads or likes) on IPs can easily be
faked and fabricated in current copyright market. Therefore, the buyers
cannot tell whether the data of their interested IPs are authentic or not. In
order to reduce the cost of trust and improve transparency of the system,
CFun brings in blockchain technologies to rebuild the trust system. All metrics
and statistics that may impact the value of the IPs will be recorded regularly
onto the blockchains. The traceable, unmodifiable and up-to-date data
significantly boosts buyer’s confidence in IP transactions.
2.2.4 Unstable Income of Grassroot Creators
For most (90%) grassroot creators, their incomes are mainly from the
subscription or tips of readers, meaning that many of them may have no
income at the beginning stage of their creations. CFun will solve the problem
by using its patented algorithm to provide trustworthy prediction of IP value
and target audience to potentia...

CFun Roadmap

September 2015
1.0 version of CFun App was released and downloaded over 5000 times within 2 hours
May 2016
CFun conducted extensive research on content demands and carried out multiple interdisciplinary projects in video live shows, corporate IP incubation, and content support for small and medium enterprises
November 2016
CFun creators exceeded 100,000 and created works with over 100 million words
April 2017
CFun and agreed on using interactive merchandize descriptions for e-commerce and signed partnership agreement on customized IP creation for 2,000 SKU
June 2017
CFun creator exceeded 150,000 and created works with over 200 million words.
CFun redesigned business structure to integrate with blockchain technologies
December 2017
International Pre-sale of CFun Tokens will be launched
August 2018
CFun DApp will be completed and operated online
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