Chelle Coin
Chelle Coin
Token: CHL

Cryptocurrency Meets Real Estate

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-08-10
End date:

Registrated in: Canada

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20, ERC721


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Cryptocurrency Investment Platform Real estate Smart Contract
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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
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Price in PreICO 1 CHL = 0.75 USD
Acceppting ETH
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Chelle Coin Presented by Chelle Corporation
Table of Contents
Blockchain Ecosystem Description
Platform Architecture Outlines
The First Stage: The Blockchain Powered Real Estate Investment
The Second Stage: The Property Exchange
Token Specifications
CHL ERC20 Token on Public Ethereum
Income ERC721 Tokens on Private Ethereum Chain
Property Documentation ERC721 Tokens on Private Ethereum Chain
Chains Communication
Consortium Chains Communication Architecture
Stage 2 Marketplace Architecture
Stage 2 Smart Contract Description
Reward Smart Contract Description
Token Economics
ICO Specifications Summary and Funds Distribution

Chelle Coin Presented by Chelle Corporation
Blockchain Ecosystem Description
Platform Architecture Outlines
The Сhelle Platform will provide users with a unique way to use
and trade tokens within the blockchained powered real estate
ecosystem (namely ERC20 and ERC721 standard tokens).
Chelle Service Capital is a real estate investment firm that
takes an investigative approach to investment opportunities
throughout the metropolitan areas of North America, leveraging
industry expertise and performing market and analytical research
in property acquisition. Our philosophy of “Evolution of
Finance” lives truly in the introduction of our own “Chelle
Coin”, applying the latest in Blockchain technology. Chelle Coin
is going to develop its platform in multiple stages.
o ICO Raise
o Stage 1: Blockchain Powered Real Estate Investment
o Stage 2: The Property Exchange (Buy and Sell your own
property with both crypto and fiat)
The First Stage: The Blockchain Pow...

Chelle Coin Presented by Chelle Corporation
platform for the first stage. Transaction security is supported
by more than fifty thousand nodes that are connected to the
Ethereum public blockchain.
The overall process flow is shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. Stage 1 ­ Public token sale architecture description
A step­by­step description of the operational workflow:

Users invest in the Chelle Platform during the Chelle Coin
(CHL ­> ERC20) token sale event by sending BTC, ETH or USD

Chelle Coins are distributed to each investor’s Chelle Coin

Raised funds go to Chelle Corp’s property management fund
for the purpose of acquisition.
o The raised funds can equal up to:
▪ Funds will be used for the acquisition of
High Cap Rate Properties
▪ Total amount will be utilized as a 25% down
payment for properties, the rest will be
financed on a first position mortgage.

Chelle Coin Presented by Chelle Corporation
o Once a property has been purchased by Chelle Corp, it
is listed on the Chelle Platform and investors will be
notified via push notification on the Chelle Platform
that a property is available (email option available)
▪ Investment properties will be acquired
starting at the end of the ICO period
▪ Chelle Corp will purchase properties,
complete required improvements,
documentation and open up the first batch of
properties for allocation in the beginning of
▪ Additional properties will be added to the
platform for allocation after the first batch

Investors allocate their Chelle Coins to the listed
properties on the Chelle Platform, this decides which
properties the investors chooses to have their income
derived from
o The total amount of Chelle Coins that can be allocated
to a specific property is equal to the amount of down
payment required for the property, ...

Chelle Coin Presented by Chelle Corporation
▪ The investor allocates 500 CHL in property A
and 1 500 into property B, thus the investor
will receive 25% of its residual income from
property A and 75% of its residual income
from property B
o Note: residual income is distributed as profit after
all property fees
▪ 95% of profit is distributed to investors, 5%
is distributed to Chelle Corp

Residual income will be distributed as
an ERC20 Airdrop
▪ Users will be automatically paid their
residual on a monthly basis between the 2nd
and 5th of every month
▪ Users can see the balance and performance of
their entitled income on the Chelle Platform
and claim it whenever they wish
o Additional Income:
▪ Each ICO contributor will also collect a
portion of transaction fees from the future
implementation of Stage 2 of the Chelle
▪ The contributors will receive 75% of
transactions fees from Stage 2 ...

Chelle Coin Presented by Chelle Corporation

Investors are free to allocate their CHL coins to properties
as they are acquired by Chelle Corp and listed on the Chelle
Platform for investor allocation
o Once the final property has been acquired by Chelle
Corp using the remainder of the raised funds, the final
property will be listed on the Chelle Platform
▪ One week within the listing of the final
investment property on the Chelle platform,
unallocated tokens will be automatically
allocated evenly to all properties with
remaining allocation capacity. This process
is called the allocation conclusion.
o In the event that a listed property is not fully
allocated before it is distributing profit to
investors, the unallocated investment profit will be
temporarily held until additional CHL is allocated to
the property. When an investor allocates CHL to an
investment property that has unallocated investment
profit, that user will receive a porti...

Chelle Coin Presented by Chelle Corporation
Property A. If a person comes along and
allocates 100 CHL coins to this property,
they will receive 10% of the total residual
income history from the unclaimed residual
income pool. This is true until investors
actively allocate their CHL to the property
until it has reached its allocation capacity,
or it reaches its allocation capacity during
the allocation conclusion.
▪ If an investor wants to receive confirmation
regarding the real estate properties in which
they have partial ownership, he/she will
send a request to the data storage and
collect the documentation for this real
estate via his DApp
o To prevent accidental allocation of CHL, investors
will have multiple confirmation windows before CHL
allocation is confirmed. When CHL is allocated it
cannot be recalled, it is burned by the firm as it no
longer has any use or utility.

Each user can sell their Ownership rights to th...

Chelle Coin Presented by Chelle Corporation
Marketplace liquidity. These can be purchased with BTC,
ETH and the platform token.
o This is done by using ERC721 tokens to represent a
users income stream
o Residual income is paid out in the platform’s native
ERC20 token. The income stream (how much ERC20 token
each investor will receive from each each property) is
represented by an ERC721 token. ERC721 tokens can be
created limitlessly. When a user initiates a sale for a
fraction of their income stream, their ERC721 token
representing the income stream is burned and two parts
(equal to the sum of the whole) are created with no
fees. The user retains the portion they want and sell
the portion they no longer want.

Chelle Corp receives all necessary data for the required
documentation on the purchased real estate

Platform sends data to Chelle’s data storage and also stores
the hash data of needed documents on Chelle smart contract.
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