Token: CHZ

A Tokenized Voice Platform

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Registrated in: Malta

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Entertainment Sports
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KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries USA
Hard cap 3,066,666,666 CHZ
Tokens for sale 3,066,666,666
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Acceppting ETH
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The chiliZ Platform
A crowd management environment which lets the world’s
billion gamers & 380+ million esports fans
take a meaningful,
active hand in guiding the major decision making events for
their favorite organizations.
Inspired by the “Socios
” team-control models used by football
teams like Real Madrid & FC Barcelona
chiliZ’ blockchain backed solution turns team management
into an entertainment proposition in its own right
, gamifying
voting rights into a trading & re-trading experience in addition to
giving fans a tangible Voice to crowd-manage teams, leagues,
events & game titles.
The chiliZ platform will power the Global Player League
is the first fan-controlled, city-based, globally
scalable esports league
built for today’s gamer and esports
communities, powered by the
chiliZ ($CHZ)

Advisory + Shareholders
White Paper available on
Mediarex’s Advisory Board supports the company in 2 significant areas:
Token Sale execution process & platform growth. This brain-
trust of gaming space expertise, industry networks and marketing power will ensure momentum for chiliZ’ opening Token Sale & ensure
robust platform growth post-Token Sale.
Mor Weizer
CEO, Playtech PLC
Chief Executive Officer &
Director of the world's largest
iGaming supplier, holding a
market cap of over $3.5 Billion.
Stephan Tual
Founder, Atlas Neue & Former
CCO, Ethereum
Former managing director of
Ursium, founder of Atlas Neue &
former CCO of Ethereum.
Sam Li
Head, Strategic Partnerships,
Sina Sports
Former Associate VP of the NBA
& current lead for domestic &
international sports content
acquisition for China's largest
online media portal.
Mickey Kim

Advisory + Shareholders
White Paper available on
Dr DisRespect
Twitch Icon
FPS legend w/ 2+ Million
Twitch followers & two-time
Videogame Champion (1993
& 1994)
Wouter Sleijffers
CEO, Fnatic
Nicolas Maurer
Owner & CEO, Team Vitality
Poker Icon, Esports Star
YouTube Influencer
Leader of one the world's
most popular & competitively
successful esports teams,
Formers VP, Marketing Services,
Esports entrepreneur, founder of
the most popular team in France;
spot inductee into the EU LCS.
World famous Poker pro with
Esports streamer with 2+
over $13.5M in lifetime earnings million YouTube & 900k+ Twitch
& former StarCraft phenom. Also followers. Co-Owner of a
known as Bertrand Grospellier. popular CS:GO skin trading site.
Guillaume Patry
StarCraft World...

chiliZ Roadmap

Q2 2018
Token Sale, Pre-Sale
& Public Token Sale
Q3 2018
MVP Leaderboard
& Team creation
platform launched.
Q4 2018
CHZ token utility
goes live on platform.
Full single team
management available.
Q1 2019
League crowd
management goes live.
Independant Teams
begin using chiliZ
Q2 2019
GPL league goes
live on the chiliZ
Q4 2019
1st yearly GPL multi
game league cycle
concludes. chiliZ
Q1 2020
GPL Season 2 begins.
Additional independent
esports teams are added
to the chiliZ platform apart
from GPL.
Q2 2020
1st Branded esports
league outside the GPL
ecosystem goes live in
the chiliZ environment.
Q3 2020
First traditional sports
team goes live with
‘socios via chiliZ’
Ceyuan Ventures
Ceyuan Ventures Venture Capital Firm

Stanley Choi
Stanley Choi Venture Capitalist

Donald Tang
Donald Tang CEO, Greater China

Xavier Niel
Xavier Niel Telecommunications Tycoon

John Gleasure
John Gleasure Founder, Board Member, Perform Group

Alexandre Dreyfus
Alexandre Dreyfus Chief Executive Officer

Thibaut Pelletier
Thibaut Pelletier Chief Technology Officer

Max Rabinovitch
Max Rabinovitch Chief Strategy Officer

Emma Diskin
Emma Diskin PR & Communications Director

Fiobian Manicolo
Fiobian Manicolo Chief Financial Oficer

Jade Cruickshank
Jade Cruickshank Chief People Officer

Max Orlovsky
Max Orlovsky Head of Gaming Development

Eric Danis
Eric Danis Editor-in-Chief, Platform Content

Marius Mikusauskas
Marius Mikusauskas Head of Back-end Development

Carlos Muray
Carlos Muray Senior Graphic Designer

Hans Kleinsman
Hans Kleinsman Head of Social Media

Roland Boothby
Roland Boothby Head of Player Database Services

Roberto Umana
Roberto Umana Senior Editor, Digital Assets

Richard Sambron
Richard Sambron Head of Video Production

Dorian Michel
Dorian Michel Graphic Designer

Wesley McKenzie
Wesley McKenzie Admin, Player Database Services

Tom Pickering
Tom Pickering Advisor & shoutcaster, esports

Mor Weizer
Advisors Mor Weizer CEO, Playtech PLC

Stephan Tual
Advisors Stephan Tual Founder, Atlas Neue & Former CCO, ETH

Sam Li
Advisors Sam Li Head, Strategic Partnerships, Sina Sports

Mickey Kim
Advisors Mickey Kim Director, Google

Gil Rotem
Advisors Gil Rotem Former Gaming COO, Bet365

Tarquin Henderson
Advisors Tarquin Henderson Former Head, EMEA Gaming Sales, Facebook

Christian Mueller
Advisors Christian Mueller Director, Business Dev., Infront Sports

Morten Pedersen Tonnesen
Advisors Morten Pedersen Tonnesen CEO, Ve Global

Thomas Winter
Advisors Thomas Winter VP, Golden Nugget Interactive

Ludovic Bodin
Advisors Ludovic Bodin Co-Founder, French Tech (Beijing)

Yaniv Levy
Advisors Yaniv Levy Marketing Advisor

Wouter Sleijffers
Advisors Wouter Sleijffers CEO, Fnatic

Nicolas Maurer
Advisors Nicolas Maurer Owner & CEO, Team Vitality

Guillaume Patry
Advisors Guillaume Patry StarCraft World Champion

Kook  Kibong
Advisors Kook Kibong Esports Manager, Blizzard Korea

Hong  Jin-Ho
Advisors Hong Jin-Ho Korean TV Personality, StarCraft Icon

Steve Han
Advisors Steve Han CEO, Blockchain Revolution Partners

Mickey Kim
Mickey Kim
Director, Google
Director, Google Hardware APAC
Director of Asia Pacific Business, Google Hardware
Steve Han
Steve Han
CEO, Blockchain Revolution Partners
Wouter Sleijffers
Wouter Sleijffers
CEO, Fnatic
Advisor Merchant and Publisher side
Yaniv Levy
Yaniv Levy
Marketing Advisor