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ICO dates
Start date: 2018-08-15
End date:

Registrated in: Estonia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


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Citowise token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries Cuba, Myanmar, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Ivory Coast
Soft cap 20,000 ETH
Hard cap 90,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 245,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Minimal investment 10 ETH
Acceppting BTC, ETH
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Executive Summary
Citowise provides tools for corporate and private users to interact with blockchain networks. For private
users, Citowise provides a safe, simple and reliable cryptocurrency mobile application. For business
customers, Citowise offers a crypto payment processing gateway and company administrative and
operating services including corporate registration of a company in foreign jurisdictions. For crypto
startups, Citowise provides a unique ICO placement platform, and, a broad range of related consulting
services for legal, marketing and technical solutions.
The mobile crypto wallet is Citowise’s most popular product. It is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet for
private and business customers which solves a lot of the problems that slows down the mainstream
adoption and global use of cryptocurrencies, it is arguably and is recognized as such by the industry,
the most complete, versatile and safest wallet around.
The main problems that affect the industry growth include:
• The complexity...

• A way to safely participate in ICOs with hardware wallets with multiple cryptocurrencies

isting on the platform for ICOs that has passed a strict due diligence process
conducted by the Citowise team
• A payment processing gateway that allows payment for services in coins or tokens
The Citowise wallet is already live and has over 40,000 active users. Most of the
functionalities listed above are already working while the rest will be integrated
shortly after the ICO.
Citowise planned ICO timeline is as follows
(The following details, may reasonably vary):
phase name
lower boundary
of a stage
15.06 - 15.07
10 ETH
9,000 ETH
60% - 80%
Public ICO
15.08 - 15.09
15.10 - 15.12
0.5 ETH
0.01 ETH
19,000 ETH
62,000 ETH
30% - 50%
0% -25%
The Citowise token will ...

Citowise Developments OÜ is a company that is registered in the Republic of Estonia
and has been operating since 2017. There are currently 15 members in the team, half
of which are developers. Unlike other competitors who may have conducted a
successful ICO but are only in the planning stage of their product, we have already
launched a world-class cryptocurrency wallet that is live on both iOS and Android
and was downloaded over 80,000 times. Citowise managed to accomplish all of this
in just one year of operation.
Citowise the most notable achievements include:
• Citowise recently became and still remains the number one wallet on the world
famous website
• The Citowise mobile app is the only safe solution in the world that allows
participating in ICOs with the use of hard wallets such as Trezor and Ledger
• Over 80,000 downloads and over 40,000 active users
• The
itowise project won 3rd place out of 40 nominees who participated in the

The growth of the blockchain ecosystem and its related can be compared at least to that of
the mobile app industry back when the first smartphones were emerging. While it may still be
considered to be in its infant stage, there are already many different tools, complicated and
new behavior patterns, different blockchains, different protocols that result in lack of
apparent clarity for the user. Quality, accessible, well-polished, and most importantly
user-friendly tools and solutions are rare and far between.
We believe that amongst these options, there is still a lack for a universal product that is both
safe and easy to use for a non-technical person, or, man in street. The key objective of such a
product is to provide advanced functionality for those who want to get the most out of their
Because, nothing similar could be found in the market at large, we began the journey of
developing our very own universal, blockchain product from scratch. Citowise started with a

Blockchain - Difficult to operate
Blockchain is without a doubt is the most revolutionary concept since the inception of
the internet, it is still a relatively unexplored technology on a global scale. There is no
doubt that the blockchain is here to stay, however in order to improve its global
adoption, consumers need to be educated, and the use of blockchain products
needs to become significantly more accessible and user-friendly.
Blockchain Technology Revenue Pool ($ billions)
2020-30 GADR
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030
Business Cross Border
5% of lost revenue to
be captured by
blockchain startups
Capital Markets
Title Insurance
20% of all Remittance
revenue in blockchain

Cryptocurrency - Challenging to Access and to Use
Even Though it appears Cryptocurrencies are one of the most trending topics
worldwide, they are still relatively inaccessible and complicated to obtain.
One of the most cost-effective ways to buy cryptocurrencies is on a
Crypto-Exchange. However, in order to do this, a user must pass a multi-tier
identification processes including the scanning of personal documents, proof of
address and much more. There are a large number of exchanges offering their
services to users and the current prices, as well as fees may drastically vary between
exchanges. A user needs to repeat this tedious but necessary identification process
on many different exchanges in order to purchase crypto at the best available rate.
A quicker, smoother, easier and more cost-effective way to accomplish this, is to buy
cryptocurrencies through a third party provider. Certain apps offer to purchase
different cryptocurrencies directly from the application using a credit/debit card or a ...

Cryptocurrency - Challenging to use
Once a customer has succeeded in accessing cryptocurrencies, he faces a whole set
of new challenges.
The first challenge is to store cryptocurrency securely. There are many different kinds
of cryptocurrencies and a user needs to store them in the most private and secure
way possible.
Aside from storage, a user wants to send and receive cryptocurrencies without
having any technical expertise, as easily as sending an email there is no customer
value in overcomplicating what should be a smooth processes.
The next challenges is there are almost no merchants today willing to directly accept
cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for goods and services. Today's solutions
force users to go through a cumbersome process of converting their cryptos into fiat,
via an exchange and then withdrawing it from a bank account. This process is costly,
time consuming and forces significant involvement from the user’s side.
For cryptocurrency to be more than just a sp...

Problems of Fundraising
One of the most popular and efficient means by which innovative companies can
realize their projects today is by raising funds via an ICO .
While ICOs saw a phenomenal growth in 2017, a change in regulations, a string of
immature unsuccessful projects and the rise in scam projects has made it more
challenging for companies to raise resources via an ICO. Not only are there fewer
participants, the remaining market participants are looking for new ways to ensure
they have either conducted strict due diligence or got a recommendation from
trusted source who can vet and validate the claims of the ICO. A few harmful or scam
ICOs have ended up hurting the entire industry and spread a sentiment of suspicion
for all ICOs. Thus potentially hurt fundraising of blockchain projects which are both
revolutionary in its principles.
Funds raised in 2018
Total raised:
Number of ICOs:
USD raised

Citowise Roadmap

November 2018
• Wallet supports Waves
• Escrow available in the wallet (Bitcoin)
• Launch of beta version of marketplace
December 2018
• Production-ready marketplace
• Finish of ICO campaign
1st quartile 2019
• Wallet supports Stellarium
• Participate in listed ICOs with Ripple
• Citowise debit cards
• Wallet supports NEO, EOS, Credits, Stellar, Ripple, Monero
• More than 200 000 ordered debit card in EU and Asia
• Payment gateway supports EOS, Credits, Stellar
• More than 1 000 000 Citowise wallet active users
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