Token: POLL

The First Blockchain Voting Poll System

PreICO dates
Start date: 9th Sep 2017
End date: 2nd Oct 2017

ICO dates
Start date: 2017-10-02
End date: 2017-10-26

Registrated in: Australia

Platform: Ethereum

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ClearPoll categories
Platform Other
ClearPoll token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 1000000 POLL
Hard cap 10000000 POLL
Tokens for sale 10,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 0.13 USD
Price in PreICO 1 ETH = 2600-3000 POLL
Acceppting ETH
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Random whitepaper excerpts

In recent times, public opinion data has been manipulated to suit various political, social
and corporate agendas.
Opinion polls reported on many issues are wildly inaccurate. These fabricated or heavily
biased opinion polls are designed to alter real public opinions. People are not being
provided with an accurate picture of what the general public really wants.
ClearPoll aims to provide more accurate public opinion data. We do this by allowing
wider participation, by making polls easily accessible via our ClearPoll app. We allow
our users to vote on topics, and then the topics with the most votes become active
polls for everyone to vote on. That means that people are deciding what matters to
them most, and then people are voting on that issue. There is no one person or
corporation making decisions on which questions are asked, or which poll results are
made public. It is an incredibly transparent and accurate way of gauging public opinion.

ClearPoll will redefine how public opinion is measured and reported. This will have a
strong influence on mainstream media. It will be far more difficult to persuade the
general public to think and feel a certain way, when we can all observe the data that
ClearPoll, the new consensus in accurate and current public opinion, will provide.
As well as encouraging a more transparent and accurate media, the data provided by
ClearPoll will allow corporations, governments and other groups to properly strategise
and respond to accurate public opinion data. If a government does not understand what
its people want, it cannot possibly provide the best solution.
ClearPoll will make it easy for everyone to quickly find accurate public opinion data. It
will provide a clear picture of not only what people want, but perhaps why they want it.
“Government is
organized opinion.
Where there is little
or no public opinion,
there is likely to be bad
government.” <...

In November 2016, various mainstream media outlets were reporting that Hillary Clinton
had over 99% chance of winning the election and becoming the next President of the
United States. This was based on “opinion polls” which were clearly not an accurate
depiction of what all Americans were thinking at the time. These opinion polls are often
sponsored by an organisation invested in the result, and can be designed to alter real
public opinion. Less than 48 hours after some of these headlines were published, Donald
Trump won the election in what could only be called a landslide.
Had ClearPoll existed at the time, it would have been very easy to see that it was
at least a close race, and more voters would have been encouraged to participate,
potentially affecting the outcome. Many voters failed to vote at all, due to the latest
data suggesting their votes were not likely to make a difference to the result. This is
an example of how reporting inaccurate public opinion data can make ...

ClearPoll is designed primarily as a mobile application, however we also plan on delivering
a desktop browser platform, plus a ClearPoll Plus subscription based advanced metrics
The mobile app works in a very simple way. It is designed so that the widest possible
audience can successfully use it. We don’t want to limit the voting demographic to
people with technical skills.
Users will download from all of the major app stores, across Android and iOS. They can
then install the app, and create an account. Accounts are not stored on the blockchain,
only votes and poll results are.
The user can easily search for polls by keyword, or they can browse by categories. Poll
categories include politics, human rights, entertainment, sport and more. The user can
easily filter down from global polls to national or even local. When the user finds a poll
that they care about, they can vote.
Their vote is se...

If a poll does not exist for an issue that means a lot to the user, they can suggest it as
a topic. Other users then vote on their topic, based on whether or not they would like
to see it become an active poll. This system means that not only do people decide the
outcome of polls, but they also decide what is important in the first place. Topics that
have the most votes (at least top half of the ranking) after 24 hours will become active
polls. For example if there are 20 topics suggested, and your topic is in the top 10 when
its 24 hours expires, it will become an active poll. This system allows more important
or urgent issues to leapfrog a topic and become an active poll. Unsuccessful topics can
always be resubmitted another time.
“One cannot wage
war under present
conditions without
the support of public
opinion, which is
tremendously molded
by the press and other
forms of propaganda.”

We understand that social sharing is essential in raising public awareness, and it is
something people do by choice. ClearPoll offers the option of sharing your latest vote, as
well as sharing an entire poll, across major social networks, including:
Each poll has a unique identifying number, for example #2408, which makes it easy for a
user to search for that specific active or historical poll. The unique number system creates
a great opportunity for more sharing, such as wearing a poll result on merchandise.
Imagine a group of people wearing “#2408” tees to a protest. Their message is loud and
clear, the people have spoken on their issue and it’s easy for you to find those results.
Social media has
become the method
of choice for people
to share what they
stand for.
ClearPoll will utilise
this, plus create new
ways to help people
be heard.

As well as creating the ClearPoll app, we will develop a desktop version of ClearPoll. Users
can login and easily view the latest polls they have voted on, as well as share each one.
They can view final poll results and statistics on how their opinion measured up. They
can also view upcoming social events near them, and easily shop for merchandise.
The desktop platform is a hub for user account activity, whereas the app is designed
primarily for voting. Users cannot vote by desktop, they can only vote via the mobile app.
The desktop platform can not send transactions to the blockchain, however it does
source data from the blockchain.
“The American people
should be made aware
of the trend toward
monopolization of the
great public information
vehicles and the
concentration of more
and more power over
public opinion in fewer
and fewer hands.”
We aim to provide a...

Most users of the ClearPoll app will be able to view a lot of interesting data, such as
votes by the hour, and location based results. However, we plan to provide an additional
service which we call ClearPoll Plus. This advanced service will allow individuals or
corporations to subscribe to advanced metrics. They will be able to view and filter data
including age, gender, location down to city or even suburb level, as well as much more.
This data will serve as an extremely powerful and valuable tool for market research as
well as journalism, or just for a greater understanding of public opinion trends. The data
is not personal data, there are no names, addresses or any other identifying metrics. It
is cumulative data.
The only way to subscribe to ClearPoll Plus, is by purchasing with ClearPoll tokens
(POLL). This will create a high demand for the tokens, theoretically increasing their
Individual or corporation
purchases POLL tokens

ClearPoll Roadmap

September 2017
PRE-ICO Stages • September 9 - October 2
October 2017
ICO Stages Commence October 2 and ends October 26
November 2017
Generate POLL tokens and distribute to all investors via their ETH address. Early Nov. Submit applications to list POLL on exchanges including Bittrex, Binance & Cryptopia. Commence development of ClearPoll app, ClearPoll Plus and desktop version.
December 2017
Finalise UX design of ClearPoll app, desktop version and ClearPoll Plus. Begin marketing to build interest for launch. Continue development. Begin signing up alpha testers
March 2018
Develop node software, a system for users to become nodes and earn rewards.
April 2018
Finalise development of ClearPoll app, ClearPoll Plus and desktop version. Conduct testing via alpha testers.
May 2018
Process feedback and make any required changes. Take applications for nodes, select appropriate candidates and supply software.
June 2018
Prepare final submissions to iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.
July 2018
Commence launch marketing and maintenance.
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