Token: CLB

Decentralized Universal Security Platform

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-08-16
End date: 2018-08-22

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-09-06
End date: 2018-09-12

Registrated in: Singapore

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


Cloudbric categories
Artificial Intelligence Big Data Platform
Cloudbric token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries China,USA
Tokens for sale 540,000,000
Token distribution in ICO

Cloudbric is an award-winning web security vendor based out of Singapore with over 10,000 registered members, 50+ global partners/resellers, and 25 active data centers. Cloudbric will look to expand its security capabilities with the debut of its new patent pending deep learning technology, VISION, as well as the launch of a decentralized security ecosystem.

In order to achieve this goal, Cloudbric will focus on the development of two (2) major projects. The first will be the launch of a new universal security platform that will provide all users access to an easy-to-use consolidated system for web security (Web Application Firewall, DDoS protection, and SSL encryption), mobile device security (malware protection, anti-virus, and anti-spam), as well as cryptocurrency asset protection (secure CLB wallet and crypto fraud prevention). Users who utilize Cloudbric services will have the power to advance Cloudbric's deep learning engine through the contribution of anonymous cyberattack logs, which will increase the overall intelligence and accuracy (lower false positives) of Cloudbric security for the wider community. Cloudbric will also implement a rewards-based system to allow users to earn free CLB tokens for their active contributions.

The second project in development will be the launch of a new decentralized security database. All information compiled by the Cloudbric community will be made open and accessible as free to use tools on Cloudbric Labs (beta version available on Cloudbric hopes to build the world's largest comprehensive cybersecurity threat database to help spur innovation and more widespread adoption of security back to the community. Partnering organizations, security vendors, or governmental agencies may utilize Cloudbric's data sets to build their own proprietary tools and products through the purchase of custom APIs.

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Current Cybersecurity Reality
Issues Facing End Users
Oversaturation of Security Solutions
Centralized Threat Intelligence Data
Uncertainty of Security Performance
Proposed Solution
Security Efficiency
Data Transparency
User Trust
Cloudbric Background
Establishment of Cloudbric Corporation
Reverse ICO Formation
Cloudbric Decentralized Application (DApp)
Executive Team
Core Security Technology
Cloudbric Security Rewards Program
Decentralization of Threat Intelligence
Token Distribution Plan
Token Structure & Allocation
Use of Proceeds
Token Utilization
Secure Web Alliance
Cloudbric Reverse ICO Whitepaper

Cloudbric Reverse ICO Whitepaper
Current Cybersecurity Reality
As the world shifts to a more interconnected and internet driven society, the need to secure private online data is
becoming increasingly paramount. The open flow of information between various online channels makes both users
and organizations highly vulnerable to cyber hacking. Critical online data breaches are now reaching record highs
millions of personal records being stolen
each and every year.
Cyber attacks are also expanding their reach into new and emerging markets, such as cryptocurrency assets and
exchanges. In the past year alone, multiple cryptocurrency funds,
worth over hundreds of millions,
were hijacked by
online criminals. This makes protection for digital assets found within the cryptocurrency market a new top priority
for all users.
In order to counteract the growing cybersecurity concern, users must take action by safeguarding private data
flowing across all communications protocols (i.e...

Cloudbric Reverse ICO Whitepaper
For many users, cybersecurity is a very foreign and complicated subject. This leads to vendors taking advantage of
users’ lack of knowledge by flooding the market with an overabundance of distinct security solutions. Security
providers should no longer look to profit off user naivety and instead should focus on building consolidated
solutions that allows users to truly feel secure online.
Centralized Threat Intelligence Data
Another issue present in the information security market is the lack of transparency over threat intelligence data.
By providing servicing to end users, cybersecurity vendors are able to collect vast amounts of emerging cyber
threat information, such as attack patterns and behaviors, malicious IP addresses, identification of malware
infected files, etc. However, threat intelligence data compiled through security servicing is not made accessible for
public use.
Vendors typically privatize this information and use it for their own personal gain. For in...

Proposed Solution
Cloudbric Reverse ICO Whitepaper
Cloudbric’s primary mission is to revolutionize the cybersecurity market by making information security open and
accessible to all users through the introduction of a new Decentralized Universal Security Platform. This free
universal security platform will provide an all-inclusive suite of cybersecurity solutions, as well as the
decentralization of all user generated threat information to the blockchain.
Furthermore, users who contribute to the growth of Cloudbric’s self-developed artificial intelligence security
technology and/or resource communities will be compensated with complimentary Cloudbric cryptocurrency
tokens known as CLB. CLB tokens can be redeemed for exclusive offers from Cloudbric’s extensive partnership
network, as well as transfer to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. In order to achieve this goal, Cloudbric will focus
its efforts on instilling security efficiency, data transparency, and user trust to the market.
Security Efficienc...

Cloudbric Reverse ICO Whitepaper
Cloudbric’s universal security platform will also be powered by an innovative artificial intelligence based deep
learning module. This technology will enable users to contribute towards the advanced learning and cyber attack
detection capabilities of the very technology that powers their online data protection.
More specifically, by utilizing Cloudbric security solutions, users will have the opportunity to feed attack data back
into the overall Cloudbric deep learning system for more accurate security intelligence. Users will also be
compensated with complimentary CLB tokens for their deep learning advancement contributions through the
Cloudbric Security Rewards Program.
Data Transparency
All cyber attack information (i.e. attack pattern recognition, malicious IP detection, spam URL listings, etc.)
detected and filtered by the Cloudbric deep learning system will be recorded to the blockchain and made accessible
through interactive security research tools found in Cloudbr...

Cloudbric Reverse ICO Whitepaper
Cloudbric Background
In early FY 2015, Cloudbric started as an in-house venture of Penta Security Systems, Inc., the no. 1 enterprise
web security and data encryption firm in South Korea and the APAC region. Cloudbric was initially released as a
cloud based Security-as-a-Service offering of Penta Security’s market leading hardware appliance Web Application
Firewall (WAF) known as WAPPLES.
Cloudbric quickly began to carve a strong niche market by targeting small and medium businesses, as well as
general website owners, interested in utilizing an all-inclusive WAF solution. Cloudbric’s solution helped first time
users become more acclimated to the idea of cybersecurity by offering an enterprise level solution that truly
catered to their needs.
Establishment of Cloudbric Corporation
Within two years of operations, Cloudbric experienced considerable growth through sales and user acquisitions.
Some notable accomplishments include: opening 28 international POPs or ser...

Reverse ICO Formation
Cloudbric Reverse ICO Whitepaper
Cloudbric’s motivation to launch a Reverse ICO is to empower all users to become the primary drivers of
cybersecurity advancement and spark much needed change throughout the market. Enterprise vendors should no
longer be the sole guardians of cyber threat intelligence information generated by their loyal customers. Instead,
valuable cyber attack data should be open to all users to help strengthen overall cybersecurity awareness and
Also, users who contribute towards a more secure and trusted online environment should be fairly compensated
for their work on behalf of the security community. This will help push for the widespread adoption of
cybersecurity solutions and best practices.
Cloudbric Decentralized Application (DApp)
One of the early milestones of the Cloudbric Reverse ICO will be to develop a new security based Decentralized
Application (DApp) on top of a preexisting blockchain infrastructure. The creation of the new Clou...

Cloudbric Reverse ICO Whitepaper
Executive Team
The Cloudbric executive team brings close to 50 years of collective information security experience and helped
pioneer the cybersecurity market in South Korea.
Core Security Technology
Although Cloudbric established its roots as an elite website security vendor, the need
to provide a more expansive range of data protection to users helped fuel Cloudbric’s
plans to develop a new universal security platform.
Cloudbric will soon offer users the ability to secure private information through
upgraded website security servicing, as well as an introduction to mobile/PC end-point
device security.
At the heart of Cloudbric’s revamped website security technology will be the integration of an artificial intelligence
based deep learning engine. Cloudbric’s self-developed deep learning module will be powered by a Convolutional
Neural Network (CNN) learning model that extracts patterns of behavior using a diverse set of attack inputs and
data. M...

Cloudbric Roadmap

Mid 2018
Deep Learning technology integration.
Start of Security Rewards program through
threat data contribution begins.
Listing on cryptocurrency exchanges.
Late 2018
Development of Universal Security Platform.
Start of Security Rewards program through
resource community begins.
Early 2019
Initial service launch of Universal SecurityPlatform.
Expansion of Security Rewards Program.
Decentralize security information on
Late 2019
Expansion of Cloudbric’s Universal Security Platform.
Early 2020
Final release of Cloudbric’s Universal Security Platform.
Final expansion of Security Rewards Program.
Late 2020
Begin conceptualization of IoT Security Platform.
TJ Jung
TJ Jung CEO & Founder

Joey Song
Joey Song Chief Operating Officer

Peter Cha
Peter Cha Chief Strategy Officer

Giseung “Tiny” Jo
Giseung “Tiny” Jo Chief Technology Officer

Tai Kim
Tai Kim Chief Product Officer

Min Woo Nam
Min Woo Nam Head of Blockchain Development

Seung Ho Cha
Seung Ho Cha Deep Learning Development

Lee Hae You
Lee Hae You Service Development

Ji Hye Park
Ji Hye Park Cloud & Service Development

Tae Gwang Kim
Tae Gwang Kim Front-End Development

Yong Seok Choi
Yong Seok Choi UX Design

Yuika Hama
Yuika Hama Business Development

YB Choi
YB Choi Public Relations

Victoria Jo
Victoria Jo Communications

Karen Cruz
Karen Cruz Digital Marketing

Jae-Woo Lee
Advisors Jae-Woo Lee Security Advisor

Seokwoo Lee
Advisors Seokwoo Lee Security Advisor

Dennis Kim
Advisors Dennis Kim Security & Blockchain Advisor

Nguyen H. William
Advisors Nguyen H. William Blockchain Advisor

Kazunari Miyazaki
Advisors Kazunari Miyazaki Financial Advisor

Jin Woo Shin
Advisors Jin Woo Shin Machine Learing Advisor

Kyle Riley
Advisors Kyle Riley Blockchain Security Advisor

Dennis Kim
Dennis Kim
Security & Blockchain Advisor
5 yrs in Building Code Consulting, Direct Sales, and Marketing and Business Development