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ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-21
End date: 2018-03-23

Registrated in: Georgia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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CoinMetro categories
Platform Investment Cryptocurrency Business services
CoinMetro token sale
KYC passing required No | Whitelist No | Restriction for countries No
Tokens for sale 250,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 XCM = 0.03 EUR
Acceppting ETH
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Legal Disclaimer
This whitepaper is for information purposes
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CoinMetro shall have no liability for damages
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or reliance on the contents of this
whitepaper. This whitepaper may contain
references to third-party data and industry
publications. As far as CoinMetro is aware, the

with. COIN (XCM) Tokens could be impacted
by regulatory action, including potential
restrictions on the ownership, use, or
possession of such tokens. Regulators or
other competent authorities may demand
that CoinMetro revises the mechanics and
functionality of COIN (XCM) Tokens to comply
with regulatory requirements or other
governmental or business obligations.
Nevertheless, CoinMetro believe they have
taken commercially reasonable steps to
ensure that its planned mechanics are proper
and in compliance with currently considered
CoinMetro is in the process of undertaking
further legal and regulatory analysis of the
intended functionality and mechanics of
COIN (XCM) Tokens. Following the conclusion
of this analysis, we may be required to
amend the intended functionality of COIN
(XCM) Tokens in order to ensure compliance
with any legal or regulatory obligations that
apply to us. We shall update this Whitepaper

1. Abstract
2. Background
2.1 Problems with existing exchange environment
2.2 Problems with existing ICO environment
2.3 Team experience
2.4 FXPIG: Our Strategic Partner
2.5 Registration, Licensing, and Regulations (Multiple Jurisdictions)
3. CoinMetro Ecosystem
3.1 Summary
3.2 CoinMetro Exchange
3.2.1 Direct Payment Process - Cryptocurrency and Fiat Support
3.2.2 Trading GUI
3.2.3 Cryptocurrency Wallet - Supported Cryptocurrencies
3.2.4 CoinMetro Debit Card
3.2.5 Lending
3.2.6 Leverage
3.2.7 Risk Limitation
3.2.8 Exchange Fee Structure (Bonus)
3.2.9 Ecosystem growth
3.2.10 Decentralization and Atomic Swaps
3.3 Innovative Investment Platform
3.3.1 Tokenized Asset Management (TAM)
3.3.2 Curated Digital Asset Diversification: (ETCF - Electronically Traded Crypto Fund)
3.4 ICO Express Platform
3.4.1 Turnkey ICO Solution
3.4.2 Easy DAO Registration
3.4.3 Fiat and Cryptocurrency Deposits
3.4.4 Smart ...

1. Abstract
The digital economy is maturing and
blockchain technology is changing the way
we do business. The financial sector is leading
the way in blockchain and digital assets.
While some potential uses of blockchain
technology may be years away, the digital
economy is already here. The industry needs
a bridge between traditional and emerging
asset classes. Experienced traders have
teamed up with experienced developers to
build this bridge.
Designed for mainstream adoption, the
CoinMetro platform will be an all-in-one
solution for crypto geared towards
maximizing client value. We will deliver a
rock-solid, user-focused framework that offers
unparalleled mobility between blockchain-
based digital assets and traditional markets.
The CoinMetro Ecosystem will include (i) a
fast, intuitive exchange, (ii) a feature-rich
trading platform offering unique digital asset
investment opportunities, and (iii) a turnkey
ICO Express so...

2. Background
2.1 Problems with existing exchange environment
Harvard Business Review published an article
in 2017 analyzing the potential for blockchain
technology to break into the mainstream.
While noting that, “ services
companies are already well down the road to
blockchain adoption,” the study cites an
overall lack of usability as the single largest
barrier to widespread public adoption.
Companies, it concludes, must “...focus on
replacements that won't require end users to
change their behavior much but present
alternatives to expensive or unattractive
solutions. To get traction, substitutes must
deliver functionality as good as a traditional
solution‟s and must be easy for the
ecosystem to absorb and adopt.”
“Easy” is not the first word that comes to
mind when considering the current
exchange landscape surrounding digital
assets. More often than not, users must use
one service to exchange fiat fo...

managing liquidity, analyzing markets, building relationships, and running companies. The
potential we see for blockchain technology today is not to subvert existing industries, but rather to
advance them through integration, accessibility, and mass adoption.
2.3 Team experience
Each core member of the CoinMetro team comes from an enterprise-level background in the
financial sector and related fields. Our vision is based on the foundation of having already built a
successful business in this space, and the desire to create a bridge between existing institutions
and the digital asset ecosystem. While blockchain technology is undoubtedly going to change the
way we do business across many industries, we believe that basic business principles still apply
when developing consumer applications in the blockchain space.
Cambridge University‟s 2017 Global Cryptocurrency Benchmarking Study, by Dr. Garrick Hileman &
Michel Rauchs, concludes that “...for cryptocurrencies to be useful to users they cannot live...

bodies: the CTFC in the USA, the FCA in the UK, the ASIC in Australia, and CySEC in Cyprus. The
latter houses more FX Brokers than the other three combined. We expect that regulation of
cryptocurrencies will come in a similar wave. As recent research from one international consulting
firm concluded, “Future controls on cryptocurrencies are generally trending towards tightened
regulation that focuses on requiring exchange licensing and validation as well as AML, KYC, and
other money transmission protections.”
Companies that are unfamiliar or inexperienced with these
processes will face challenges moving forward. CoinMetro intends to comply with laws and
regulations applicable to it in the relevant jurisdictions.
For more information pertaining to FXPIG‟s busin
ess model, its current relative financials, and a
brief view at its predicted growth over the next five years, please see „FXPIG Appendix 1.‟
2.5 Registration, Licensing, and Regulations (Multiple Jurisdictions)
Hileman &...

3. CoinMetro Ecosystem
3.1 Summary
Featuring a simple interface designed for mainstream adoption, the CoinMetro platform plans to
serve as a conduit between traditional finance and the digital asset economy. CoinMetro‟s
multifaceted ecosystem will streamline three major components of the digital economy, offering:
(i) an exchange, (ii) a trading platform, and (iii) a complete ICO Express framework.
Working in tandem with FXPIG, CoinMetro plans to offer a wide range of services previously
unavailable from a single entity. A scalable, user-focused environment will let new traders invest in
cryptocurrencies with a few clicks on the exchange, while our trading platform will be equipped
with a robust tool-set, designed to meet the needs of professional investors. Our vision for the
CoinMetro ecosystem encourages growth and collaboration, intending to provide companies with
a turnkey ICO Express solution to undergird project development.
By establishing stable banking relationships CoinMetro aspires to...

CoinMetro Roadmap

October 2017
Initial eMoney Licensing
Georgia eMoney registration
Start of Development
December 2017
Pre-Token Sale
February 2018
Token Sale
March 2018
FXPIG Blockchain development starts
Exchange Beta Launch
April 2018
COIN tradable at CoinMetro
Secondary Licensing
May 2018
CoinMetro Liquidity at FXPIG
June 2018
COIN accepted at FXPIG
July 2018
ICO Express Launch
CM Debit Card Launch
Virtual and physical cards available, possible inclusion of NFC virtual cards
Full PSP Services Launched
October 2018
TAM Platform Launch
Crypto ETF Launch
New Licenses Acquired
CM & FXPIG Shared dev
Reuben Godfrey
Advisors Reuben Godfrey

James Waugh
Advisors James Waugh

Evan Griffin
Advisors Evan Griffin

Kevin Murcko
Team Kevin Murcko CEO

Timur Khakimov
Team Timur Khakimov Lead Developer

Anton Corbin
Team Anton Corbin Senior Blockchain Developer

Rory Baxter
Team Rory Baxter Senior WebApp Developer

DunHao Zhuang
Team DunHao Zhuang Senior Front End Developer

Giovanni Ziccardi
Team Giovanni Ziccardi Marketing Team Leader

Biljana Kukeska
Team Biljana Kukeska Senior Social Media Specialist

Mikko Kauhanen
Team Mikko Kauhanen Senior Digital Growth Specialist

Sylvain Legay
Team Sylvain Legay CFO

Kevin Murcko
Kevin Murcko
Senior Economic
Timur Latypoff
Timur Latypoff
CEO, TakeProfit Technology
Brokers and Exchanges Integration Lead
Reuben Godfrey
Reuben Godfrey
Advisor, PR, global scaling
Blockchain Advisor
Blockchain Association of Ireland Business Development, Director, Co-founder
Co-Founder Blockchain Association of Ireland
Community advisor
Business developer in Atlantic Region
co-founder the Blockchain Association of Ireland
Co-founder the Blockchain Association of Ireland, Ireland's Crypto Coast
European Operations Manager
Senior Advisor
Co-Founder, Blockchain Association of Ireland and Irish Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia
Advisor, Ireland