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Registrated in: Slovenia

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20

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Soft cap 1000 ETH
Hard cap 40000 ETH
Price 3000 CPT = 1 ETH
Minimal investment 0.1 ETH
Acceppting ETH, BTC
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Table of Content
Abstract 2
Introduction 3
Goals and Objectives 4
Target Users 5
Professional Traders
Traders (beginners) 6
Target Traders 6
CoinPennant Platform 7
Overview 7
Social Network 8
Inclusion of Professional Traders
CopyTrading 8
Technical Indicators and Chart Patterns
Marketplace 10
Notifications on Technical Analysis
1 1
CoinPennant Token (CPT) 12
CoinPennant Crowdsale 14
Crowdsale Details 15
Presale of Tokens 17
Additionally Distributed Tokens (55%) 18
Crowdsale Funds Distribution 19
Roadmap 22
Conclusion 23
CoinPennant white paper

There is no denying that the cryptocurrency market has gained a lot of
popularity recently and at the same time the market is still growing. People
are trading with cryptocurrencies as never before as there are incredible
opportunities for traders, entrepreneurs and startups.
Making the right trading move in the right time is difficult because rates of all
cryptocurrencies are falling and raising daily.
Some traders are following specific people who are providing them with
market analysis. These provide them with trading advice on when to trade
with a specific cryptocurrency. There are a lot of people offering such services
for a fee and good professionals are hard to find.
Some market specialists perform technical analysis based on chart patterns.
Technical analysis based on chart patterns is widely used for in stocks, but not
yet in the cryptocurrencies’ markets to such an extent or automatically.
CoinPennant will address these distributes and will introduce a collaborati...

There is a huge number of cryptocurrencies available that are traded on
several trading platforms. Because of this variety of possibilities, it is difficult to
choose the right trading opportunity without a deeper knowledge of market
status. Trading platforms provide mostly the value and trend of currencies.
This information alone is not enough to identify a good trading opportunity.
Younger traders follow patterns along with other advice from more seasoned
traders. Good and reliable professionals are hard to find and some demand a
lot of money for their services.
This is where CoinPennant provides a solution for the best trading
CoinPennant white paper
page 3

Goals and Objectives
The CoinPennant platform will introduce a social network where beginners
and professionals will be able to collaborate more efficiently. Primarily based
on subscriptions, professional traders will be able to provide beginners
with information on trading opportunities. Additionally, CoinPennant will
automatically perform and evaluate chart patterns and trigger notifications
to the subscribers.
Our goals are:
Technical analysis
- Perform technical analysis of several cryptocurrencies
and provide notifications on these detections.
Social Network
- A social network will allow traders to collaborate to identify
the trading opportunities.
Copy trading
- Users will be able to subscribe to notifications for these
predictions and to obtain information on trading opportunities.
- A subscription-based business model will allow users to get the
latest information about the selected cryptocurrency from professionals and

Target users
CoinPennant will provide new opportunities for beginner and professional
traders. The following sections present how professional and beginner traders
can collaborate.
CoinPennant Marketplace
& Social Network
Professional Traders
Professional traders will provide the subscribers with information on
cryptocurrency markets with their expertise mostly to allow them to perform
copy trading and trading recommendations.
Everyone will be able to define their crypto-portfolio to provide the crucial
information about their services to potential subscriptions from traders.
The platform offers all traders the results of technical analyses, volume changes
and technical indicators at one place. A professional can use this information
to provide trading tips for other beginner traders. CoinPennant finally awards
successful trading tips.
Word of mouth in the traders’ community will attract new peopl...

Traders (beginners)
Traders will be able to subscribe on the feeds and tips of professional traders.
The CoinPennant platform will send notifications with tips distributed by
professional traders. Reviews and feedbacks will be possible and made
Secondly, they will be able to subscribe on different packages of technical
indicator results (e.g. basic, intermediate and professional). Technical analyses,
pattern recognitions and volume changes will be performed continuously
by the system and the system will provide information on these results to all
Target Traders
CoinPennant will attract professional traders to join and collaborate on the
platform by rewarding them for successfully provided tips.
Beginner traders can subscribe on notifications regarding technical analysis
and volume changes. They can follow professional traders and copy their
Both group of users can successfully collaborate on the platform and profit on
successful trades...

CoinPennant is a collaborative platform for beginners and professional
traders, enabling them to identify the ideal trading opportunities.
CoinPennant will provide several possibilities for you to be informed of future
trading opportunities. The platform will provide a customizable management
overview of all crypto assets for the subscriber. Professional traders will also
be provided with a management overview of all their subscribers, it will offer
an advanced messaging system dashboard and a detailed overview over their
favorite cryptocurrencies.
The platform will include information on volume changes, distribute
notification about bigger volume changes, identify oversold/ overbought
markets (RSI), crossing averages, detect of strong support lines, and will
present all results on a customizable management overview page.
CoinPennant white paper
page 7

Social Network
A social network will connect beginner and professional traders to collaborate
in an efficient way. CoinPennant will use several techniques to identify efficient
trades. What traders are looking for in an expert is a regular communication and
a reliable identification on trading opportunities. A feedback on notifications
will be possible which means if the professional trader made a profitable tip,
it will be easily identified and rated.
The platform will provide social platform so the community will give feedback
to traders. CoinPennant is not liable on labeling users as professionals, the
community will.
Inclusion of Professional Traders
Traders will recieve tips and additional information on trading opportunities
by professional traders. CoinPennant will attract those with an informative
overview over crypto assets, including the results of several technical
analyses and techniques. This information will allow them to identify trading
opportunities and will pr...

CoinPennant Roadmap

Quarter 3, 2017
Concept development and marketing planning
Research, regulatory compliance
Quarter 4, 2017
Beta application
Minimal visible product
Basic indicators are included (e.g. significant volume changes)
Quarter 1, 2018
Notifications on volume changes
Significant volume change identification in the last candles
Volume change correlation detection
Quarter 2, 2018
Basic social network
Basic chart pattern identification based on data of one exchange platform
Basic Mobile App
Portfolio overview
Quarter 3, 2018
Additional enhanced chart pattern identification
Inclusion of several exchange platforms in order to provide more precise chart pattern results
Subscription support integrated into the social network
Quarter 4, 2018
Expanded social network functionality
Copy trade functionality
Provide an API for B2B integration
Quarter 1, 2019
Copy trading support from the mobile application
Social platform support from the mobile application
Supported comparisons between investors for easier investment decisions
Quarter 2, 2019
The complete CoinPennant solution is provided
Wesley Pryor
Advisors Wesley Pryor Advisor, Professional trader

Boris Kozlevčar
Advisors Boris Kozlevčar Legal Advisor

Samo Mušič
Team Samo Mušič CEO

Črt Gerlec
Team Črt Gerlec CTO

Mitja Bombač
Team Mitja Bombač Lead Software, Blockchain Developer

Tomaž Korelič
Team Tomaž Korelič Lead Developer

Andrej Vidmar
Team Andrej Vidmar Advisor, Business Development

Boris Kozlevcar
Boris Kozlevcar
Managing Partner at LAW FIRM JK Group Ltd.