Token: CNVT

Cannabis Logistics Powered By Ethereum

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-08-30
End date: 2018-09-06

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-09-30
End date: 2018-10-10

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC223


Conventment categories
Smart Contract Platform Manufacturing Communication Business services Big Data Software
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KYC passing required No | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Soft cap 9,200 ETH
Hard cap 47,000 ETH
Tokens for sale 75,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Minimal investment N/A
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Table of Contents
What is Conventment?
The Cannabis Market
The Problem & Solution
Benefits of Conventment
Conventment DLA Center
Medical Industry
Business Model
CNVT Token
M ilest o n es
Core Management

What is Conventment?
Con ven t m en t is an IoT-based secu r it y an d logist ics
plat f or m bu ilt f or t h e legal can n abis in du st r y.
With the international market for legal cannabis rapidly expanding, businesses
and organizations are continuously working to keep up with consumer demand.
Growth in the legal cannabis market isn't expected to slow down anytime soon and
it's important to focus on how distributors can improve their speed to market
rather than simply growing more cannabis. From growth to final sale and
everything in between, businesses will require a platform that's able to streamline
a large number of time-consuming processes in order to meet the needs of
consumers quickly.
Conventment is being built with scalability and productivity in mind. Utilizing
advanced technologies such as Ethereum, Python, and IoT middleware,
Conventment aims to become the 'Internet of Cannabis Logistics' by connecting
businesses in the legal cannabis industry. Businesses using Conventm...

The Cannabis Market
The legal cannabis industry is currently projected to hit $57 billion worldwide and
$25 billion in the USA alone by 2027. Reports and studies are being steadily
released which support the positive effects of cannabis such as the effectiveness of
being a form of medication for a surprisingly large number of illnesses. With the
widespread awareness in the media about the potential benefits of cannabis, the
demand has grown dramatically over the last few years and investors are paying
close attention.
According to the fifth edition of the Marijuana Business Factbook from Marijuana
Business Daily, demand for legal cannabis in the USA alone surpassed actual sales
of ice cream and movie tickets in 2016. It's important to remember that this is just
cannabis demand, not actual money taken in. With such a large market waiting to
be fully tapped into, investors are seizing the opportunity by funding grow
operations and dispensaries. Although the mark...

The Problem & Solution
While the legal cannabis industry is currently thriving, many of the processes
behind making cannabis readily available for consumers can be extremely
time-consuming. Aside from the unavoidable long length of time that it takes to
grow cannabis, the time it takes for a batch to be approved for consumption can
also vary. Communication between businesses is extremely slow which is a large
reason for such delays.
Right now, most businesses in the cannabis industry go through completely
separate channels in order to obtain or sell cannabis. Aside from shipment
tracking and updates, businesses don't have any kind of B2B platform that's truly
connected. By connecting grow centers, product manufacturers and shops
through a universal platform that eliminates multiple time-wasting processes,
businesses and organizations in the cannabis industry will be able to thrive
without barriers.
This is where Conventment comes into play. By allow...

Benefits of Conventment
- Easily accessible via most devices
- Real-time data analytics
- Existing data conversion
- Data stored on the Ethereum blockchain with zero downtime
- Tamper-proof data
- DLA Center as an advanced B2B solution
- B2B contract bidding
- Separate secure CDWSN networks
- Automatic & streamlined tracking of inventory
- Real-time statistics & enhanced oversight
- Digital 'paper trail' for each process
- Automatic daily/weekly/monthly/annual audit trails
- Management of patients/customers
- Decreased risk of human error
- Simplified spending management and increased profitability
- Utilizes Zerynth IoT middleware
- Compatible with existing SQL servers/databases
- Compatible with a large number of MCUs
- Payment system built for the future
- Secure transactons
- Built for the future of healthcare
While eliminating a large number of loss prevention issues and simplifying a ...

How does Conventment Work?
Conventment works by connecting distributors, manufacturers and dispensaries to
a network that enables businesses and organizations in the legal cannabis industry
to have complete control of inventory and tracking while also allowing real-time
B2B communications. Businesses connect through the Conventment Distributed
Ledger Alliance (DLA) Center. With the DLA Center, businesses can request new
shipments faster, view inventory of specific supplies and have access to testing
details among all general batch info.
Conventment takes advantage of the Ethereum blockchain network which has
proven to be extremely efficient when it comes to protecting secure and sensitive
data. Conventment also takes advantage of Zerynth IoT middleware in order to
have an interconnected network of all inventory and batch statistics.
Conventment DLA Center
All organizations and businesses in the legal cannabis industry that utilize
Conventment will be re...

In order to have access to the DLA Center, a business or organization must display
their inventory after connecting to one of the 3 Conventment Distributed Wireless
Statistic Networks (CDWSN) and agreeing to the DLA Terms of Service. With
different sensor networks to connected to the DLA Center, product manufacturers,
dispensaries, shops and grow centers can all communicate and cooperate with one
another in real-time.
When an item or product is tagged with an RFID or NFC sensor, it im m ediately
registers with the appropriate CDWSN. Statistics for tagged items can be viewed in
the DLA Center which include vital information such as temperature, humidity,
contamination testing, THC/CBD content, shipping details, payment details and
other important vitals. In shops, the DLA Center is also used for payments and
billing which will allow for a range of payment options such as physical currency,
digital currency, debit cards, credit cards and more.

Easily accessible from most devices
Once becoming a part of the DLA, the DLA Center can easily be accessed from most
devices with an Internet connection. This includes most laptops and tablets.
Smartphone connectivity is possible but is not recommended with the Alpha
version of the DLA Center. Every sensor-connected batch and product within an
organization can be viewed with the click of a mouse or touch of a screen. For grow
center employees, the temperature and humidity of all current batches can be
viewed and analyzed. For manufacturers and grow centers, the DLA Center can be
used to view available opportunities. B2B communication services between
employees and other businesses will eliminate the need for time-wasting email
trails or the need of multiple applications throughout various different services.
Everything that an employee in the legal cannabis industry needs is available in the
Conventment DLA Center.
Access to alpha and beta versions of the DLA ...