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Crypto analytics based on AI

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Start date: 2018-03-26
End date: 2018-04-26

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Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange.
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Goal: 17,000,000 USD
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Dominium Blockchain – The one-stop-platform for everything to do with property anywhere in the world!
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Soft cap 15,000,000 USD
Hard cap 19,200,000 USD
Tokens for sale 50,000,000
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1 Motivation
The rapid development in the crypto-asset sector of economy within the last two years has
opened a large number of opportunities. It did not only lead to a new, reliable and independent
ecosystem of money transfers, but also provided efficient and creative alternatives to classical
economics. For example, initial coin offerings (ICOs) that appeared just several months ago are
now a brand-new and successful way of funding, which makes starting a real-world business from
a breakthrough idea easier than it ever was before. Comparing 2016 with the first three quarters
of 2017, the number of ICOs went up more than 3 times to 154 and the volume invested soared
more than 20 times to more than $2 billion [1].
The crypto-market volume (in terms of capitalization and transaction volume) continues to
grow, without showing almost any signs of slowdown, and when the market faces obstacles, it
immediately finds new ways of overcoming them. The reasons for that come from popularity of
the new mark...

Figure 2: Ethereum transaction trend.
The volume of transactions with Bitcoin a year ago amounted to about $ 160 million a
day, and today more $ 4.6 billion a day (see Fig. 3) [5].
Figure 3: Transaction volume of Bitcoin in USD per day.

Strong interest from banks and other major financial institutions such as MasterCard.
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (the largest bank in Japan), the Central Bank of Canada,
the People’s Bank of China and some other central banks have reported an intention to
issue their own crypto-assets in the near future. Even Goldman Sachs received a patent
for the settlement and clearing system SETLcoin based on their own crypto-asset.
However even with such impressive terms of growth, the crypto-market is still not efficient.
The evaluation of the market shows significant volatility (big jumps in value can occur in short
periods of time), which can be attributed to a lack of knowledge and methods for the correct
estimation of its value. Due to the above mentioned...

At the same time, high volatility also means high potential profits and, hence, the strong interest
from retail investors, who are willing to take on the accompanied risks. For example, just in the
first two quarters of 2017 prices of Ethereum and Bitcoin in dollars have increased by 3500 %
and 165 % respectively (see Fig. 4) [6].
Figure 4: Performance in 2017 for the top 2 digital currencies versus traditional assets.
Due to this instability, newcomers may be hesitant to join the market as they prefer to avoid
such risks. However, the inflow of new participants is vital to the growth and stabilization of this
sector. This is especially important nowadays when old methods, such as quantitative easing
and tightening and fiat monetary policies, are not efficient in helping the growth of the global
economy. In the other hands the new ways of crowd-funding has opened the new world of oppor-
tunities for growth. For example, the more stable the market is, the more people are attracted
to join it as means o...

2 Concept
By summarizing the previous section we can formulate the problem which has to be tackled and
the solution which
Efficient and stable markets are a plus for everyone: that was proved on conventional
markets. crypto-assets have made an important step to becoming a new economy, in particular
by providing better means of financing entrepreneurial projects. The markets in crypto-assets
are of great interest for all market participants, however the lack of stability prevents these
markets from reaching their full potential and threatens to impose regulations onto them. Sta-
bility can be provided by traders and investors who post liquidity, but in these new markets,
traders are more cautious of taking liquidity risks, due to a lack of reliable forecast models and
understanding of market dynamics.
Our goal is to increase safety and reliability of crypto-markets, since it is so vital for
the new economy they are helping to bui...

As a first step we finalize the
algorithm that is focused on predicting changes in the
valuation of crypto-assets (including the ICO tokens) both with respect to the fiat currencies
and to each other. Due to the fact that crypto-markets are very new, the factors that drive
prices are coming from very different sources, so the algorithm uses the method of Artificial
Intelligence (AI) such as Machine Learning (ML), and specifically Deep Learning (DL), in order
to combine quantitative (e.g. prices) and non-quantitative (e.g. news) data to come with a
stable and reliable prediction. The collection of data and its processing is done real-time, and
leads to predictions time horizons ranging from minutes to days. These predictions can be used
by any customer of the
platform either for private purposes (personal investments),
or for building a trading strategy and create a fund on
Auto-trading module

Analysis of the market shows the absence of a similar analytical platform in the
market of crypto-assets. Along with the usual services of providing historical data and short-term
forecasts based exclusively on such data,
offers a number of qualitative differences
and advantages:

The forecasts of other platforms are often short-term, and hence are used to manage private
funds, rather than to provide information to a wider range of users.

Other platforms mostly take into account only quantitative market data, while the
platform takes into account data from several important sources including social
networks, macroeconomic indicators, opinions of leading analysts, etc.

will not only have a leading team of data scientists with strong AI skills, but also
will provide a platform for contests, where academics can try tackling practical problems
in ML and DL within the fast developing an...

Figure 6: Monetization structure.
also plans some revenue from non-core activities, e.g. wallet services for customers of
the fund managers, advertisement of tested and reliable products from cooperation partners etc.
is expecting to reach the amount of 88.000 users by the year 2021 with the average
revenue per user (ARPU) of 1.084 $.
revenue forecast is represented on Fig. 7
Figure 7: Revenue forecast.
There are three areas of monetization forecasted for the year 2021:

Platform revenues (basic and premium) 94%

000 $

Advertising revenues 5%

000 $

Closed funds infrastructure revenues 1%

000 $

Token Production
Fund-raising and release of
utility tokens is intended to finance the development of
the platform and to attract the best talent to make the product as reliable as possible. A part
of funds will be used for marketing efforts and advertising the project.
token will be
used to pay for any services that the platform has. Since those services are provided in layers
(forecasting system, AI community collaboration, private funds platform etc.), raising close to
hard cap only means that
will be able to launch faster all of them. Raising a smaller
amount will still enable
to launch the services one by one, only the development time
is going to take longer. For this reason, we do not introduce a soft cap. Any amount raised will
directed at product development.
The ITO will start during second quarter of 2018. A total of 66.000.000
tokens will
be provided. The cost of 1

Cryptics Roadmap

December 2016 - Idea and research
- Development of the Cryptics idea
- Research work
- Data collection
Q1-Q2 2017 - Start of the development
- Testing the mathematical models
- ML&DL testing on collected data
- First forecasts
- Adding the news and social data sources
- Team hiring
- AI conception
Q3-Q4 2017 - ICO
- Token and wallet development on Etherium basis
- Enlarge the team with experts in ML&DL, UX, Marketing, Business Development
- Prepare ICO (Whitepaper, Website, Marketing)
- PreICO in Nov. 2017
- Hello World for the MvP in Nov. 2017
- ICO in Dec. 2017
2018 - Production
- AI development for forecast improvements
- Launch portfolio feature
- Marketing activities over the world
- Attracting AI experts groups on a competitive basis
- Cryptics tokens as payment for forecast service
2019 - Automatization & funds
- Full bot's integration for all market transactions
- Development of the decentralized funds infrastructure
- Automatically portfolio management based on KPI forecast
Q1-Q2 2020 - Expand
- Full version is ready and starting next level of development
- Adding more real-time signals from media to increase the speed of forecasts to real world meanings
- Over 30 000 transactions per month based on forecasts
Q3-Q4 2020 - Decentralized funds
- Launch of the dezentralized funds managed by Cryptics users
- Based on AI forecasts and auto-management
- Earning on forecasts, fund infrastructure and marketing for the funds
Alex Voronetsky

Sergei Holmeckis

Yaroslaw Homenko
Yaroslaw Homenko DATA SCIENTIST

Ilya Tkachev
Ilya Tkachev HEAD OF R&D

Dmitry Shcherbakov
Dmitry Shcherbakov DATA SCIENTIST