Token: CTK

Hybrid blockchain for enterprise

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-08
End date: 2018-03-23

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC 20

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Big Data Platform
Cryptyk token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries USA, Brazil, China, Canada
Soft cap 3000000 USD
Hard cap 28,000,000 USD
Tokens for sale 250,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1 CTK = 0.125 USD
Price in PreICO 1 CTK = 0.10 USD
Minimal investment 50,000 USD; 5 BTC; 50 ETH
Acceppting ETH, BTC, USD
Bonus in ICO 10% bonus in first week of Pre Sale 10% bonus in first week of Public Sale 5% bonus in second week of Public Sale
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1. Introduction
Enterprises are increasingly storing more of their confidential data online via cloud storage
vendors. They are also increasingly using online applications that run on the cloud to create, collect,
manage, use and sell information for business management operations. The advantages of the cloud to any
business or enterprise include greater employee mobility, reduced operational costs and the elimination of
capital expenses for storage hardware. However the biggest risk, largest cost and major operational
concern involved in migrating an enterprise to the cloud is security. While cloud storage costs may have
dropped to very low commodity level pricing (around $5 - $10 per TB / user / month), enterprise-class
security remains an expensive premium priced service (around $40 - $80 / user / month). Moreover, cloud
security technologies are very incomplete and imperfect solutions. This explains why global cyber-
security losses are now approaching $1 trillion annually
despite a global c...

Anti-Virus and Spyware Software that scan for hazardous black-listed viruses, malware and
ransomware, and

Encryption and tokenization tools such that use cryptographic data encoding algorithms with
public/private keys to protect and audit data-at-rest and data-in-motion assets.
The total cost of a complete enterprise-class security solution for cloud applications can typically
vary from between $40 and $80 / user / month and this is the major cost factor when determining cloud
adoption strategy
. Nonetheless, most large enterprises who adopt these conventional cloud security
solutions will still suffer significant losses due to security breaches every year.
In contrast to conventional centralized enterprise security and storage technologies, the
CRYPTYK platform presented here describes a decentralized data management architecture designed for
highly secure, scalable control of data storage, data management, file sharing, file editing, user access,
emails, and data ...

Consequently, this spreads the wider adoption throughout the business and enterprise community via
follow-up adoption by their individual customers or public consumers. This is an example of the network
effect of a crypto-economy that aligns both participant incentives with technology growth to realize viral
adoption and customer migration.
The CRYPTYK ecosystem incentivizes enterprise customers with a complete security solution,
simpler deployment, easier management and lower overall costs. The platform addresses the security
problem at the fundamental data storage level itself, thereby not requiring the complex, piecemeal, after-
thought approaches of conventional security and storage solutions. Security encryption is written into the
decentralized storage process for passive protection of file storage. There are also inherent benefits for the
enterprises’ customers (ie: the individual public consumer) with limited free storage and security services
provided by the enterprise. The ecosystem further incentivi...

Specifically, as detailed in Figure 1, the CRYPTYK platform comprises of (A) a decentralized,
multi-vendor cloud storage platform called VAULT for encrypted file storage and file sharing, (B) a
decentralized blockchain platform called PASSPORT for immutable storage of all user access sessions
and file transactions, (C) a decentralized database map for storage of file encryption keys, transaction data
and audit logs, (D) a user control interface called COMMAND for managing file storage / sharing, security
policies, user access and file permissions, and (E) a central security engine and backend called SENTRY
for the integration of all platform components and the enforcement of security policies, user access
controls, file settings, participant incentives and the Cryptyk Token ecosystem.
All three decentralized storage platforms (multi-cloud, blockchain and database) interact with each
other via the SENTRY security engine to perform complementary tasks for the benefit of all participants
in the CRYPTYK ecosystem. T...

smaller the potential attack surface of the storage platform. The attack surface is usually defined as the
sum of all possible attack vectors (or cyber-security threats). Let us first define the
attack surface
) of a storage platform with
nodes as the attack surface given as a normalized fraction of the
maximum possible attack surface (ie: equal to 1). Let us also assume that the relative attack surface for all
five individual attack vectors against a single storage node (ie
: n
= 1) are identical, as follows:
(maximum) = AS
(a+b+c+d+e) = 1
(a) = AS
(b) = AS
(c) = AS
(d) = AS
(e) = 0.2
Now let us take the simple example of a single source storage vendor that is fully protected against
all potential attack vectors except from external threats. In this case;
(a) = 0.2 and AS
(b) = AS <...

increasing node number for this example of AS
= 50%. A dramatic reduction of the relative attack surface
to less than 4% can be achieved with the use of only 5 storage nodes. The relative attack surface drops
further to around 0.1% for 10 nodes, and to less than 0.0001% for 100 nodes. Beyond 100 storage nodes
the attack surface becomes infinitesimally small approaching zero.
Consequently, the vast majority of potential reduction in a decentralized platforms attack surface
can be achieved with a limited amount of decentralization using a relatively small number of distributed
independent storage nodes (ie:
= 5 – 10). Critical to the design of the CRYPTYK cloud storage platform
(ie: VAULT) is the large improvement in security levels that is possible with only 5 to 10 storage nodes.
2(b). Latency in Decentralized Systems
Conventional centralized storage platforms such as Google Drive, Amazon S3 and iCloud and
other content delivery networks exhibit very low access latency while ...

decentralized blockchain based platforms (typically 10-20 seconds or more) make them highly unsuitable
for most individual online file management, sharing and editing applications. Furthermore, most
enterprises require seamless fast management of all file storage, editing and sharing applications between
hundreds or thousands of employees, clients and customers. Consequently, using a blockchain based
storage platform in an enterprise environment becomes impractical and cumbersome for the user.
Figure 2b (right) plots the measured
access latencies of various commercial
storage platforms versus node number
Blockchain platforms require verification of
all actions via multiple confirming iterations
of a consensus driven engine and involve a
large number of participating storage nodes
(ie: 20 – 10,000 nodes). Moreover, as user
adoption of a blockchain platform scales to
Figure 2b: Latency vs Node Number
Latency (seconds)

these dedicated single vendor cloud platforms are ideal for user-friendly file management and editing
applications. However, these centralized storage platforms are also characterized by large attack vectors
and poor security profiles. Ideally, a decentralized platform with high scalable throughput, reduced attack
surface and low access latency is desired for most enterprise-class file storage applications. By comparing
Figure 2a (Attack Surface versus Node Number) with Figure 2b (Latency versus Node Number) we can
identify that the sweet spot for compromise between minimal attack surface and low latency is for a node
number around 5 storage nodes (labelled *Sweet Spot in Figure 2b). For this relatively low order of
decentralization the attack surface is still reduced by over 90% while the latency is also very low (ie: 200-
300 msec). Hence a 5-node storage platform appears an ideal compromise between performance and
security for enterprise-class applications. However, consensus driven blockchain platforms typically

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Q4 2015
$250k Angel Investment
Prototype Design + Build
Q2 2017
Prototype Test & Analysis
Q4 2017
Product Design + White Paper
Q1 2018
CTK Token Sale Event
Q1 2019
Product Build + Alliance Trials
Q2 2019
Final Product Launch
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