CYO Token
CYO Token
Token: CYO

German CleanTech company. Global plastic waste - and its solution. Ready to scale. ICO for CYO token coming up.

PreICO dates
Start date: 2018-09-19
End date: 2018-10-15

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-10-15
End date: 2019-01-15

Registrated in: Germany

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC721


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Energy Infrastructure Smart Contract
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Soft cap 3750000
Hard cap 48750000
Tokens for sale 22,500,000
Price in PreICO 1 CYO = 1.50 EUR
Acceppting BTC,ETH
CLEAN LOOP technology is able to divide compound plastics in a nearly residue-free way and offers the plastic industry a more ecological as well as economical option - and this at 'close to prime' quality. CleanTech - made in Germany.

Plastic pollution is a massive global problem. In Memmingen, Germany, for some years now a highly relevant innovation to provide part of the solution had been in development and is now ready to go to market and to scale. The funds of the ICO will be used to help this solution to spread more widely and in more use cases within a short amount of time.

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cleyond AG

Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The CLEAN LOOP Technology
Technical Details
Quality Management and Intellectual Property
Business Model
Principle: “Back to Prime”
Procurement perspective
Licensee Perspective
Capacity Planning
Main scaling leverage: Licensing
From Pilot to Market Entry: Go2Market
Business Milestones
ICO Milestones
Economical KPIs
Environmental KPIs
Experienced & Diverse Team
About the Management Team
Supporting Partners
Financial Situation & Early Stage Investors
cleyond AG
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CYO. The Plastic CleanTech token
So why do an ICO after all?
The CYO Token for the Circular Economy
CYO token: Your buy-in to future licenses
Available currencies to buy CYO tokens
Blockchain Factor: Branding Plastic Waste
Reduction Heros as such
Pre- and Main-Sale: Release Dates
How many tokens will be available
Token Split
CYO token Sales Prices
Token Tech Facts
Smart Contract interlinked with milestones
Bug Bounty Program
Minting of CYO tokens
Early investor incentives
One Hero takes it all: Who will dare it?
Affiliate Buying Mechanism
Buy CYO tokens: 7 Simple Steps
Interesting Links
Ecological point of view
Economical point of view
Other information
cleyond AG
Alpenstraße 70 / 87700 Memmingen / Germany​
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A real problem to solve
Plastic waste and its harmful effects are in the media everywhere these days.
Primarily since the beginning of this year, the awareness has spread: Single use
plastics are terrible - especially if their recycling is not handled responsibly. However,
the problem is not as new as it seems - also shown in the key picture of this ICO
campaign. The surfer riding the wave of waste stems from 2012.
The obvious solution would be not to use plastics at all. On the flipside, plastic is
being used so much precisely because it’s got some fabulous advantages: It’s
incredibly flexible in its use and forms as well as very durable. It also allows us to buy
hygienically packed food such as meat.
Against this backdrop, plastics processing companies are facing two significant
challenges these days:

The ​new EU packaging law demands twice the amounts of plastic waste to be
recycled by 2020:

3% instead of 36% = almost double!


granulates used for the production of, i.e. yoghurt cups and they are now under more
pressure than ever to procure the more eco-friendly alternative if economically
Up to now, the endeavour to procure more green alternatives proved unrealistic due
to qualitative lacks of the available recycled granulates as well as too-small
production capacities. More ecological but still economical solutions for the
processing of production waste need to be found - asap.
In the very same year that the waste wave surfer was shot by photographer Zak
Noyle, at Memmingen (Germany) a research and development team had started out
to develop a solution.
It’s been named the CLEAN LOOP technology. Now ready to go to market, scale and
explore even more high-quality recycling solutions, the team decided to make this
opportunity globally available through an ICO.
You and your participation in the CYO token sale can help to get this done faster.
cleyond AG
Alpenstraße 70 / 87700 Memmingen / ...

The CLEAN LOOP Technology
Memmingen, Germany.
Since 2012, the engineering team of Sepaplast GmbH had
been developing an innovative technology. This CleanTech technology splits
Polyethylene/Polyamide films back into their original components Polyethylene as
well as Polyamide in a nearly residue-free and economical way. It then returns them
as so-called “recyclates” to the commodity cycle as a high-quality raw material.
In a risk-assessed asset deal, the team behind the cleyond AG was able to take over
the essential intellectual and physical property in the form of:

the plant itself

the procedural competence

as well as the major know-how carriers

the facilities as well as the operative team
The main idea behind the technology had been lingering in the market for some years
already and was even publicly known. What cleyond succeeded in after five years,
over 10 Mio. € invested as well as 40.000 working hours and over 700 exper...

Cleantech in Action
So far, compound plastics such as PA/PE films left over as production waste posed a
real problem: They were still clean, though not useable anymore, and the only
alternatives would have been:
a) To shred it - and produce low quality granulate
b) Sell it - and have it burned
Therefore the idea was: “What if we would find a way for this compound material to
be split into its original components Polyethylene (PE) and Polyamide (PA) again -
and then be able to create high quality granulates from it, instead?” The research and
development process was far from easy - a lot of challenges came up on the way and
had to be tackled:

How can we make sure that the nearly 2km of pipes don’t get clogged during
the process?

How will the solvent be removed from the Polyethylene material so it will have
a high quality?

How will the plant be able to sustain the necessary high temperature during
the whole process?
cleyond ...

CYO Token Roadmap

Business Milestones - Production
June 2018 Ultimate investments in scaling measures End of 2018 First monthly productions on normal level - 600 T Approach 2nd facilty 2019 Start facility II (840T/month) // 10.080 T p.a. Start construction of 3rd facility 2022 6 facilities in EU
Business Milestones - Market
June 2018 Ramp-up purchasing and sales activies. First clients / Turnover / proof of concept. End of 2018 Further ramp-up of sales activities 2019 Advance from commodity to quality product 2022 2 further processing versions run successful
Business Milestones - Finance
June 2018 3rd capital increase End of 2018 4th capital increase + ICO CYO Token = Financial base is set 2019 From Start 3rd facility Financing by Cashflow
Business Milestones - Strategy
June 2018 Final draft of business model End of 2018 Active quality improvement 2019 More detailed thoughts on expansion. Plan licensing model 2022 Licensing business operative. Active shaping of the ecological polymer recycling market.
ICO Milestones
The ICO of CYO token was officially announced last July 16th 2018. A pre-sale with a special pricing offer will take place from September 19, 2018 till October 15, 2018. Another communication period followed by the main sale will take place from October 15, 2018 to January 15, 2019. This period also allows for CSR departments to consider the opport
Jürgen Pfister
Jürgen Pfister Head of Supervisory Board

Tamer Baliklavayan
Tamer Baliklavayan Head of Procurement

Hans-Jürgen Gnam
Hans-Jürgen Gnam Bio-Chem and Waste Stream Management Expert

Renè Gloor
Renè Gloor Special Engineering

Hagen Hübel
Advisor Hagen Hübel Blockchain / Token Platform / Smart Contract

Kristin Reinbach
Advisor Kristin Reinbach Go2Market / Branding / UX/UI / MarCom

Tobias Braun
Advisor Tobias Braun Financial