Token: Deed

Revolutionizing the real estate industry

ICO dates
Start date: 2018-02-19
End date: 2018-04-19

Registrated in: USA

Platform: Ethereum
Type: ERC20


Deedcoin categories
Real estate
Deedcoin token sale
KYC passing required Yes | Whitelist Yes | Restriction for countries No
Tokens for sale 70,000,000
Token distribution in ICO
Price 1.50 USD = 1 Deed
Acceppting ETH
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- Abstract -
Deedcoin ( brings blockchain to the real estate sector in ways which benefit
everyone. Deedcoin decentralizes control in the real estate industry to reduce costs and bring a true free market to
and industry, in the same way Bitcoin changed banking forever. By bringing agents and customers into a new direct
economy, Deedcoin streamlines real estate to benefit customers, agents, and the future of the $700B real estate
Easy to use, Deedcoin's patent pending (App. No. 62/552,038) platform is already live at
simply replaces the way customers find their next real estate agent. Instead of choosing a random 6% commission
agent, customers access our platform, input their property information, and link up with their local Deedcoin agent for
1% commission. Deedcoin customers use DEED to decide the commission or rebate before linking with the Deedcoin
agent. Deedcoin integrates fully with the existing real estate infrastructur...

Token Launch Overview
SOFT CAP: ($10 Million)
GOAL 1: Optimal Launch ($30 Million)
GOAL 2: International Launch to 5 Countries ($50 Million)
GOAL 3: Gen 3 MLS Creation ($15 Million)

- Table of Contents -
1. Introducing Deedcoin
2. SEC Compliance
3. Using Deedcoin
4. Market Metrics
5. Token Launch Plan
6. Next Generation Agency
7. Deedcoin Code and Interface
8. International Expansion
9. Gen3 Open MLS

Section 1: Introducing Deedcoin
Deedcoin Introduction
Real Estate can be complicated and Deedcoin wants to educate future users on all aspects of our platform. This
introduction will help readers gain an understanding of what we are doing at Deedcoin before you get farther along:
Normally, to sell a house, the SELLER pays 6% as commission and this goes to two Realtors, 3% to the Sellers agent
and 3% to the buyers agent.
When a SELLER uses Deedcoin, he uses a Deedcoin partnered agent, so he only has to pay his agent 1%.
If this seller accepts an offer from a buyer that is not using a Deedcoin agent, he must still pay that
buyer’s agent the normal 3%. This makes a total of 4% using 20 Deedcoin (quantity explained
below) which is substantial savings.
If this seller accepts an offer from a buyer that is using a Deedcoin agent, the two Deedcoin agents
share that 1%, meaning he has to pay the buyers agent NOTHING. This makes a total of 1%
commission using 50 Deedcoi...

Section 1: Introducing Deedcoin
Because Deedcoin provides savings by eliminating percentages, larger value properties owners save more per
Deedcoin than lower value properties. On the average property value of $225,000, each Deedcoin saves approximately
$190. Additionally, a programmed formula automatically prorates the amount of Deedcoin needed to achieve full
savings downwards as a contingency should the exchange price ever make Deedcoin cost prohibitive for new users
with lower cost properties. This keeps Deedcoin useable to purchase savings on real estate services in perpetuity.
Deedcoin is already useable on
With Deedcoin, home buyers can buy ANY house and simply redirect the regular market commission to their pocket.
Home sellers can hire agents to list their house on the MLS, run open houses, perform drone photography, provide
lockboxes, and provide full service support for rates at 1% because Deedcoin is not discount service, it is a discount
ON services. Deedcoin agents are no...

Section 1: Introducing Deedcoin
Deedcoin Redirects Commission
To simplify the Deedcoin system, a user needs to understand that market commissions that
normally go to an agent are redirected to their pocket. Where commissions exist, Deedcoin can
capture them. Where potential future commissions exist, Deedcoin eliminates them.
Deedcoin Launching 70 Million Tokens to Public Between SAFT
and Regular Deedcoin
All residential and commercial real estate transactions in the U.S. last year totaled 7 million
transactions. Deedcoin has chosen to launch up to 70 Millions tokens to assure new users always
have tokens to purchase. Should Deedcoin complete a full sale of all tokens, the 70 Million tokens
divided by 50 tokens per transaction allows for enough Deedcoin in circulation to support 1.4
million transactions occurring in the network. Remember Deedcoin retains agents, so Deedcoin
sits for periods of time in limbo while transactions close in the real world.
Deedcoin Token Launch Pricing a...

Section 1: Introducing Deedcoin
Deedcoin for Everyone
Deedcoin is a better option for everyone involved in a real estate transaction. We recommend all
purchasers to remember to help their friends and family. Should a Deedcoin holder hear that someone
close to them in their day to day life is buying or selling a property, let them know about Deedcoin. If
you have Deedcoin, your are free to transfer some to a new member to help them save money or earn a
rebate for their property transaction.

Section 1: Introducing Deedcoin
Deedcoin for Home Buyers
The Deedcoin network creates an opportunity for buyers to receive rebates at closing when buying
any property listed by the seller with a conventional agent. Sellers that do not use Deedcoin yet are
paying their agents high commissions. With Deedcoin, a property buyer can convert these
commissions into closing cost rebates, saving the buyer up to 2% of the price of the property.
Because each Deedcoin equals 0.1% of commission, only 20 Deedcoin would be required to get the
maximum rebate on an average home listing.

Deedcoin Roadmap

Idea Creation.Trademarks.Patent Application.Website Design.

Token Prep.Website Production.Blockchain Development. Whitepaper.
Broker Onboarding. Usable Network.Audit. Legal. Testing. Smart contract live.
FEB, 2018 - APRIL, 2018
Presale open. Platform enhancement.
APRIL, 2018
Establish Headquarters. Hiring tech teams.
MAY - JUNE, 2018
Training of transaction coordinators. Cloud based transaction software implemented. Final Token sale.
JULY 2018
National broker cloud training. Final testing of all new systems.
AUGUST, 2018
Enhanced systems network completed.
International network expansion to five high-commission countries.
Launch of Generation 3 Blockchain MLS.
Matthew Herrick
Matthew Herrick Director of Product

Charles Wismer
Charles Wismer Business Coordinator

Thomas Spangler
Thomas Spangler Platform Designer

Phillip Mrzyglocki
Phillip Mrzyglocki Media Director

Matthew Mckibbin
Matthew Mckibbin Strategic Partner

Ted Moskovitz
Ted Moskovitz SEC Compliance Councel

Tiffany Madison
Tiffany Madison Solutions Strategist

Benji Rabhan
Benji Rabhan Business Development

Justin Snyder
Justin Snyder Regulatory Affairs

Simone Giacomelli
Simone Giacomelli Blockchain Developer

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Justin Snyder
Justin Snyder
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Benji Rabhan
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Tiffany Madison
Tiffany Madison
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Ted Moskovitz
SEC Compliance Councel
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Thomas Spangler
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